Michelle and Barack: Black, White and Michelle Wearing Red All Over

Win, lose or draw, Barack and Michelle Obama already got the big prize. They’re so adorable it’s sickening! Look at them! They’re too sweet. I’m getting cavities. I swear.

Everybody say “cheese!” But seriously. Michelle’s dress? Love it? Hate it? Let’s all agree, yadda, yadda, yadda, Michelle could wear a Hefty’s Cinch Sack and still be hotter than July, but what about the red dress? For the Snob: Like the color. Like the cut. Like the shoes. Hated the exposed zipper down the back. Wasn’t too crazy about the … what were those? Pins? So this was a mixed bag for me. V-neck dark red dress, hot. Everything else that wasn’t the heels, meh.

Michelle? Holding babies! OMG! Almost as cute as when Hopey McChangy does it! These pictures are from Thursday in New Hampshire where Michelle addressed a rally. Michelle went casual at the rally, so she looked like your average, laid back wife n’ mother combo out to get the groceries, go to a PTA meeting and tell a throng of thousands while her husband is the man with the plan from the Heartland.

4 thoughts on “Michelle and Barack: Black, White and Michelle Wearing Red All Over

  1. I know the Obamas have a great marriage. Just as in the Clinton marriage, however, there may be some fire in it. Michelle is a force to be reckoned with, and Barack probably has to acquiesce a lot of his authority to her in their marriage. Some husbands do this and have long, stable marriages, while others get into these power struggles with their wives and they become miserable and wind up getting divorced. I think Barack and Michelle were lucky to have found each other.

  2. they make a great team. michelle loves to rock a pin (or pins depending on the outfit). sometimes i like them sometimes i dont but..she is still hawt!

  3. i thought michelle looked great in the red dress…perhaps she was trying to show cindy mccain how to rock the red…i’m not to fond of the pins around the neck area…but michelle likes them, so pins will be the new black!

  4. I swear she’s deliberately just being slightly off-kilter in her dressing. She can’t be too glamorous now…they have to actually get to the White House – then she can go Glamour Queen on them.But, as always, I love me some Michelle.And, it was a solid and a bright color!I don’t see a power struggle. Barack treats Michelle like a Queen, and in turn, she treats him like a King. She has his back.

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