Debate Night In Blogland!

Tuesday night my blog play cousin sites, Black and Married With Kids,, ClutchMagazine, Blackness Defined and myself are hosting a live chat of Obama v. McCain II. (The folks at Black and Married with Kids put the chat together on their site.) Feel free to join in as the fun starts 7:30 p.m. CST (8:30 p.m. EST), a half hour before the big show. The chat will take place at Black and Married’s site at

We’ll be watching the debate together and commenting away! You can jump in as well with your quips and comments. The more, the merrier!

4 thoughts on “Debate Night In Blogland!

  1. Will Obama send a shout-out durnig the debates to Hoop Moms and Jamal 40s a la Palin?BourgietopiaBecause “elitist” is the new “uppity”

  2. That sounds fun. I usually fall asleep during the debate and catch the playback. I hope I don’t get too fatigued and participate.

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