Updates Will Be Late Tomorrow

I have a new part-time job to attend to that’s early in the morning. (The job is unremarkable in so many ways that it’s not worth mentioning.) Nothing new will get posted until after 4 p.m. (I know! I know!) I’m going to work out a schedule so there will be updates to read by noon. Things will be cool. No worries. Please continue to send me tips and links to keep me abreast on the day’s events.


Danielle Belton aka “The Snob

4 thoughts on “Updates Will Be Late Tomorrow

  1. Hello!What an amazing blog I find! Do you love books? Read anything by rushdie? I would love to return here but hope to see you soon in the meantime…Best wishesRed eyes

  2. Cool, Danielle. By afternoon, I’m usually jonesing for an update. Remember, if you sell out to the establishment, always ask for top dollar.

  3. Yea, don’t let the man get you down or your parents, either, lolYou area great writer! Keeping plugging aways and soon you will be able to tell the man to take a hike =-)

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