Snapshot Thoughts Before Heading Off to Work

1) Gov. Sarah Palin going dirty with her accusations that Sen. Barack Obama kicks it with crusty, 1960s counter-culture terrorists who are now reformed education specialists and live in his neighborhood. Nice. Guilt by association. Does that mean I get to associate Sen. John McCain, her dream mate, with his various parade of lowlifes? The shady pastor he kissed up to. The Keating 5. Various racists and anti-semites? He’s been in the senate 26 years. That’s a lot of hanging out with the far right fringe to get their votes. Never mind his opposition to a holiday for Rev. Martin Luther King, him condemning “agents of intolerance” just to cuddle up to them for votes. Etc. Etc.

This move is pretty pathetic. I mean, William Ayers? That’s the best they can do? An old reformed hippy? I’m expecting they’re going to bust out the fringe’s greatest hits, including Louis Farrahkan (who Barack also has little to do with and doesn’t know), Rev. Jeremiah Wright (who’s been pretty much MIA after the drama in the spring, but I guess they could break out his greatest hits), Tony Rezko (who he apologized over already for taking the land deal, and went to trial where Obama’s name never came up) and other random nobodies that they’ll slime as “Chicago-style” politics.

I don’t get how the Daly machine is worse that the other political powerhouses throughout major cities and counties across the US. McCain got where he is because he married the daughter of a highly connected billionaire in Arizona. Um … lame! I’m two seconds from dubbing him McLame. If he and Punky Brewster go this route, you read it here first — John McCain’s gone mad with lust for power and is dead inside. Actually. I could argue that this happened the moment he hugged and Bush and Bush gave him the kiss of political life in the party.

Love thy enemy, indeed.

More on that later.

2) That Wall Street collapse? Us Negras did it. Or at least that’s what they’re selling on FOX News. You see, apparently we hood-winked and bamboozled those banks into giving us risky, shitty loans, then brought down the economy. Wow. What a lazy ass way to Blame-A-Negro. Especially since it was not us darkies who suggested that the banks sell our (and many, many white folks) crappy loans, chop them up and sell thim as securities and back them up with some other shady garbage. Last night 60 Minutes scared the crap out of me talking about the financial crisis, saying there maybe more than $60 trillion in shady debt floating around. The United States economy is only worth $14 trillion. Um … who the hell can pay that? We can’t pay that. Lord, please let Steve Kroft be wrong!

More on that later.

3) More Obamamania is a cult.

Oh no! Obama is inspiring Negroes! Dumb it down!

You’ve been shedding too much light, Obama (Dumb it down)
You make’em wanna do right, Obama (Dumb it down)
They’re getting self-esteem, Obama (Dumb it down)
These girls are trying to be queens, Obama (Dumb it down)
They’re trying to graduate from school, Obama (Dumb it down)
They’re starting to think that smart is cool, Obama (Dumb it down)
They’re trying to get up out the hood, Obama (Dumb it down)
I’ll tell you what you should do (Dumb it down)

Thank you, Lupe Fiasco. Still, people are fearsome, why? Because all good, crazy white people know that it is our secret desire to enslave them out of revenge, nationalize all industry and force them in to poverty. Mmmkay. Commented one fearful moppet

All Hail the Dear Leader! If this doesn’t put you in mind of the Hitler Youth, you’re not paying attention. Or, maybe you’re stuck in denial, or brainwashed yourself. Wake up, America! – amkaen

Who cares that this is simple part of a history of military style stepping that exists throughout black Greek culture. This is scary to the ignorant. Thanks for the tip Dorothy.

More on that later.

4) Don’t let this happen to you! (Thanks Vonn)

20 thoughts on “Snapshot Thoughts Before Heading Off to Work

  1. PS After reading a few comments on various right wing message boards people are asking if there is a link between the way their fists are locked and Michelle and Barack’s fist bump. Ah jeez……-Dorothy

  2. Their ship is sinking, so they’re going to get increasingly ugly (desperate) over the next few weeks. I can live with this, though, because Obama is going to win.

  3. I don’t like how some experts are trying to pin the mortgage meltdown rap primarily on black homeowners who, they say, shouldn’t have gotten loans in the first place. Due to the misguided liberal initiatives by Clinton and the Dems, they further argue, banks were forced to hand out these risky loans. Oh, really. There wasn’t any banker greed or tricks involved? This is why I think we badly need a congressional investigation. We need the hard facts–who did what and where. Wall Streeters are looking for a good patsy to get them off the hook, and we shouldn’t be bamboozled again by letting them zoom in on an easy target. I want to know just how many black people actually got loans and defaulted. I’ll bet the farm that it was a relatively low number. This financial mess was white-collar crime on a massive scale and black people aren’t privy to much of that kind of activity. In the whole scheme of things, black people were merely crumb-snatchers in this economic collapse.

  4. item #1: can’t wait for obama to bring up keating 5 and savings and loan scandal….especially appropriate with the economy being what it is…item# 2: if black folks are responsible for the mortgage collapse, how come i see nothing but non black people crying about how they’re losing their houses…last i checked, ed mcmahon was a white man…item #3: i read the funniest post on some site who said if obama wins this election, then “black people will want things”…yes, that’s true…i do want things…we can start with my 40 acres and a mule…and i want quality education, access to affordable healthcare and health food choices in the grocery store…that’s just for starter…item #4: lol…funny and probably someting being worked on as we speak…

  5. I’m sure the gospel prosperity got the better of some people and made them take out these home loans in blind faith. Or perhaps the devil made them do it. In either case, I still want to see some hard numerical data, and not some voodoo figures concorted on Wall Street, that how many of these schleps were black. I noticed the Time column didn’t quote any. I’m tired of hearing all of this anecdotal stuff about black people gaming the system. Puleeze, let me see the real statistics showing the racial breakdown of those who defaulted on their loans. It’s easy to use black people as the scapegoat.

  6. I thought those young men stepping was really moving and inspiring. I wish that would happen on a wider scale. The repubs who have a knee jerk fear of groups of black men who aren’t holding a ball might want to listen, cuz what they were talking about was personal responsibility and full participation in the American dream with no excuses. You’d think they’d like that, but I guess they couldn’t get past the scary militant looking negroes part.

  7. dkan71: That’s what’s really crazy. They were stepping about having dreams and goals and wanting to be upstanding citizens because they were inspired by a black man who became an upstanding citizen and reached for the highest.HOW DARE THEY! Someone give those impressionable youths a basketball and a copy of “Titties and Ass” magazine! We can’t have young black men growing up with a since of PRIDE and SELF-DETERMINATION! My God, no. We just want more black guys in white undershirts running from the police while their pants are falling down on COPS. That makes us feel safe. Educated black people are scary. They do stuff without asking for anything. They just get up and do it themselves and even though we say we want them to do that, we really don’t, because then that would mean we don’t matter and our image of blackness would be shattered.The Uppity Negro: Creflo Dollar is a shame. How can you trust a man whose last name is “dollar?” Jesus would not approve!starrie: I want stuff too. I want better health care. I’m tired of black people dying from stuff white people don’t die from anymore. That shit is getting old and depressing. And, newsflash for whoever wrote that post — black people have been demanding what was owed to them since they got off the boat. Amistad, anyone? Give us our damn “free” already! We wanted shit before Obama, we will still want shit afterward. Ain’t nothing about our current existence fair, simple or easy … yet.

  8. (Oops. I fixed the typos so it’s clearer. Thanx.) I’m sure the prosperity gospel got the better of some people and made them take out these home loans in blind faith. Or perhaps the devil made them do it. In either case, I still want to see some hard numerical data, and not some voodoo figures concorted on Wall Street, that show how many of these schleps were black. I noticed the Time column didn’t quote any. I’m tired of hearing all of this anecdotal stuff about black people gaming the system. Puleeze, let me see the real statistics showing the racial breakdown of those who defaulted on their loans. It’s easy to use black people as the scapegoat.

  9. They always told me black people had power….who knew we could bring this country to a screeching halt???? and after putting into place our master plan we still didnt wind up on top! Did we get this plan from Acme?? Wile E Coyote….super genius!!!!!

  10. Don’t believe the hype. Black people are classically trotted out by the republican party when sh*t hits the fan. When I was a wee little girl during reaganomics, I remember black women being dubbed “welfare-queens” who were “bilking the system”, when really it was corporate thugs and their trickle-down economic policies fueling the downturn. Black folk are always the convenient scapegoat. It’s very similar to what we are seeing now.

  11. Good googly moogly! We no-count, shiftless, wiley nigras is always up to some foolishness that the White Man has to clean up. Seriously, you can’t give us money cause will just spend it on rims. So what did those bleeding heart liberals think would happen if we got some real homeowner money? Do it like a cellphone, just walk away when the bill comes due.Show of hands – how many think this is just the opening salvo to say Obama can’t be trusted as president since anything blacks touch we mess up?BourgietopiaBecause “elitist” is the new “uppity”

  12. I’m a milquetoast white woman from CO that LOVES your blog, got my mom hooked on it to. I’m hoping to bring your wit and wisdom to the mamby-pambys of my tiny universe were it’s taboo to speak politic, can you imagine? So I have ‘tagged’ you. This is totally voluntary. Should you want to play, I’ve posted the rules on my blog. Thank you.

  13. @blacksnob: my hand for my “stuff” will be out on nov 5th, right after obama wins this thing…;)

  14. Danielle, I am responding to your comment about Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes. Have you ever known 60 Minutes to lie?What Kroft was talking about are the “default credit swaps!” I have independent confirmation that they are indeed worth from 16 – 64 TRILLION, more than all the money in the US treasury!Somebody had the great idea of insuring the sub-prime mortgage junk securities bundles, before anyone knew they were junk. This way the buyers of these junk mortgages bundled as securities thought they were doubly protected from loss: First, the junk bonds were RATED PRIME, which the buyer knew might not be true, Second, the junk bonds were INSURED by big companies like AIG.This is what brought down AIG, one the biggest insurance companies – insuring these securities made up of bundled sub-prime mortgages.I believe the government could CANCEL, or OUTLAW the 60 trillion in “default credit swaps” – if it had the will! **** Congratulations on your new p/t job! Yes, I also look forward to seeing you on the Jon Stewart show some day, if we can somehow avert the impending economic depression! ****

  15. sevenofnine: Thanks about the job. And yes, Steve Kroft scared the crap out of me and the parents on that one. $14 to $60 trillion is a giant “WE ARE FUCKED!!!” I almost fell out of my chair. And the fact that the one dude answered a question with the raise of an eyebrow? Not good! NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!BTW, I’m a fan of Star Trek TNG. I don’t recall if I mentioned this before, but nice handle!

  16. @draven7Well you’re right. I need cold hard numbers, then let’s sit down and talk, until then I want to tell them “here’s a cup of STFU to wash down all the BS that was spewing from your mouth.”

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