You just got schooled Biden-style!

11 thoughts on “You just got schooled Biden-style!

  1. tina fey’s a fucking genius. and i was very impressed with la. gwen ifill censured palin every time she didn’t answer a question, but it was so so subtle, some of the people at the democrats abroad event i watched with here in spain didn’t even get it. they thought ifill was too soft on palin. queen latifah nailed ifill’s disapproval; exaggerated it just enough. i loved this as much as the first!!

  2. What’s truly frightening about Fey’s impersonation is that she really doesn’t have to exaggerate anything or make up shit to say to accurately portray Palin. The real woman is the parody in and of itself.

  3. i knew SNL would do a spoof on the the debate. and they were right about calling it a “tie” please, i knew joe won by the time they got to the 3rd question.this spoof was dead on!

  4. That was a funny skit. I loved it when Tina said, “Do you mine if I call you Joe? Because I practiced a few zingers with the name Joe in it.” What a goofball. Hilarious.

  5. “…creepy accurency…” You are sooooooo right … I usually don’t post any comment but I read your blog everyday.. Danielle, you are a gifted journalist and I always like to read your posts …

  6. When Tina Fey walked out on stage, I actually forgot for a second that she WASN’T Palin (perish the thought). She’s almost TOO good.

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