Michelle All Over Michigan (And Kansas City and Colorado and Florida)

Michelle rocks Saginaw, Mich. Photos by The Associated Press and The Detroit Free Press.

For this look Michelle is wearing a fetching green, wrap-around, wide lapel jacket with a striped purple shirt underneath and skinny, straight leg slacks. She works it and her hair looks great, as usual. I especially like the jacket. The look is very casual and comfortable. The seeming miss-match of colors makes a perfect match, like she wanted to wear all her favorite, most comfortable items at once.

Michelle is the Bionic Campaigning Woman. Where didn’t she go this week? Here she is in Kansas City, Mo. She did the KC rally the same day as her rally in Boulder, Colo. on Oct. 1, so she’s wearing the same outfit (of course). Only it was warmer in Kansas City so she’s knotted the sweater about her shoulders.

Here’s more pictures of Michelle in Boulder, Colo. Photos are by Aurabass, posted at DailyKos and Rush Limbaughtomy. More pictures of the rally are available at both sites.

Michelle makes the “girl, please” face. I image she makes this one a lot in private every time she hears some Republican Party operative or conservative pundit arguing that she, with her working class/Chicago South side roots and Barack’s broke single mom, raised by his grandparents back story that they’re the posh members of the fictitious “arugula middle class.” How dare they be successful, Ivy league educated adults in spite of coming from obscurity. Guess the American dream only counts for the average, not the exceptional.

Michelle from an earlier trip to Pontiac, Michigan (Pictures from The Detroit Free Press) In these pictures she’s wearing one of my favorite outfits on here. It’s a navy blue sheath dress with a trio of flower pins clustered off-center of the collar. She looks amazing in it. I just wish I could see the shoes!

Some pictures from Michelle’s appearance at Florida A&M University by Inika Blair Pierre. She has more from the event on her Facebook photo album.

6 thoughts on “Michelle All Over Michigan (And Kansas City and Colorado and Florida)

  1. Skinny, straight leg slacks can’t just go up and down on Michelle’s body. With those delicious contours, they become hip-huggers. I like it!

  2. A fetching green jacket…..you were making a funny right???? Ummmm I LOVE the first lady but I’m sorry but her fashion sense is a bit lacking in some of these photos. AND for the record………PLEASE stop whom ever is arching your eyebrows. It looks like the JOKER! Again, sorry I had to say it.

  3. I like the purple and green. I liked to see green and pink. A deeper shade of green would work better.I have come to the conclusion that those pieces of jewelery are Michelles security trackers. I don’t know if she was a jewelery person before but it seems the only explanation.

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