Do You Know What Today Is …? (UPDATE: Now with more pictures!)

It’s the Obamas’ 16th wedding anniversary! (And you thought I forgot! And I almost did!)

Barack stopped by Penny’s Flowers in Glenside, Pa. early Friday to buy Michelle the bouquet in honor of their wedding on Oct. 3, 1992. He told an audience at a Pennsylvania rally that he planned to spend his anniversary with the wife in Chicago at a “romantic dinner.”

As Obama took the flowers, wrapped in cellophane, he thanked Darcy: “You did a really nice job. These are beautiful. I like the arrangement and everything. It looks nice.”

But before leaving, Obama was a bit anxious the flowers might wilt during his flight home.

“Now, this should hold OK for the two-hour flight?” he asked the flower shop owner, who said they’d be just fine.

Photos by The Associated Press

8 thoughts on “Do You Know What Today Is …? (UPDATE: Now with more pictures!)

  1. The Obamas are working their love overtime to rinse the “Flavor of Love” nonsense out of our collective consciousness.BourgietopiaBecause “elitist” is the new “uppity”

  2. awww shucks….i want a barack…where do i get one of those? why doesn’t somebody figure that out instead of wasting their time bringing “mantyhose” into existence.

  3. ha. what anon said. off topic slightly…Ms. Snob do you know if Obama is planning to attend the opening of Tyler Perry’s studio in Atlanta today? He was invited.There is crazy controversy over TP firing 4 writers from his series who wanted to be in the WGA (so they could get insurance, etc.) . This could get ugly. Also will the SAG repped actors (his last movie all the leads were SAG) stay away from his films until this is resolved?I hope it’s not true that he fired them for that reason. Not cool.

  4. nyc/caribbean ragazza: If Perry did fire those writers that is a very BET move. (You may recall the Comic View fiasco where they moved the show to avoid paying such monies to the comics who came on the show or following any union rules.)This isn’t surprising though. Network executives have been oppressing reality show writers from unionizing for years now, the most famous being the case with the writers from America’s Next Top Model who the show fired rather than let them join the WGA.It always disappoints me when black people do this knowing how hard it is to make it in the entertainment industry. Joining WGA and SAG are insurance for actors and writers, protecting their interests. But that’s why production companies like Perry’s are so recalcitrant about letting them join.

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