The VP Debate: A Few Early Observations

She had two strategies:

1) Never answer the question.

2) Say “Maverick” and “Alaska” as much as possible

Other than that, she proved she could have been in the senate because Gov. Sarah Palin could filibuster her ass off. I also appreciated that she couldn’t say what she would cut from the McCain-Palin plan because she’d only been at this for five weeks and that she agreed with Vice President Dick Cheney that the office of the vice presidency exists in a no-man’s-land between the Senate and the Executive Branch.

Sen. “Mad Dog” Joe Biden, by far, gave the best debate of his life (possibly after taking some Adavan), showing restrait even when he could have scored cheap points of Palin mispronouncing the name of a general and avoiding all questions. Biden actually gave a pretty substantive debate, at least naming what he would cut due to the financial crisis. He went safe with “foreign aid,” but it was better than Palin’s “I’ve only been at this for five weeks.” He also was able to remember that the constitution is pretty specific about the role of the vice president and that it states that the office is in the Executive Branch … you know? In case anyone cares.

Or reads.

I actually enjoyed the debate because Biden is probably the best debater out of the whole foursome and was pretty entertaining to watch. I also enjoyed Palin’s ability to make almost every question about her and her views on energy. Even when Biden was beating up on McCain (which was his main job during the debate) she still spent a good portion of her time trying to remind people how awesome she is, how she’s never changed her mind or regretted anything and that she is soooo totally ready.

For reals. So stop doubting the baracuda and break out the ticker tape parade. She’s engraved the name plates and is ready to lead from DAY ONE, people! Even the gays! She totally respects your civil rights too, whoo hoo!

27 thoughts on “The VP Debate: A Few Early Observations

  1. Um, so, yeah, I totally agree with you. She didn’t crash and burn, although I didn’t think she would, but she evaded questions and used empty rhetoric like the best of Republicans. But Biden is the shit.

  2. Biden really is the best debator of the four … he could actually teach Obama a thing or two. Palin seemed to forget she was part of a ticket and it’s not all about her. She tried her hardest to stick to her cue cards and talking points though.

  3. I agree with you, Snob. IMO, Palin had a decent strategy and she performed well with sticking to her rehearsed talking points, but Biden did an impeccable job answering the questions and using the facts. So I’d give Palin somewhere around a B to B+ range on performance and Biden gets an A+ on substance.

  4. Palin was cool. You can tell she practiced a lot but she pulled it off to the best of her ability. Good job to her.But Biden brought the heat tonight. Good man! I’d love to see him debate McCain more so than Obama. Is that a bad thing?

  5. That folky charm Palin was trying to ooze didn’t work with me. I figured she was going to return to her old wild cat ways and claw her at Uncle Joe, who managed to tame that pussy with his whip. I can’t believe that we may have a black president. I’m happy and concerned at the same time. I hope Obama does good because I don’t see things getting better. I may be wrong, but I doubt it. Peace, love and light always.

  6. I thought JB did a pretty good job, but I did catch every one of the 5 of us in the room at least once going “Can’t we just get Gwen to be the veep?” -Doug in Oakland

  7. I was hoping that Gwen would ban the word MAVERICK from the debate, but I guess that would mean Palin would have nothing more to say.And did you see her wink??? It gave me the creeps. She really lives up to the stereotype that Tina Fey and the SNL crew have been playing out in the skits. But my-oh-my, did Grandpa Joe come out swinging tonight or what? Everyone at our viewing party literally started clapping at the end of his closing arguments…that was damn good!

  8. Was anyone else disturbed (or amused) at how she “ran out the clock” at one point by doing her “shout-outs” to friends, family, and elementary school students? Hilarious. I liked that Biden got a little choked up when talking about his family. Sort of puts to rest this idea that somehow she’s the only one who’s had a rough go with her family…

  9. The bar as usual for her was so low that snail could trip over it and not get hurt. If BS were currency she could be bought for what she is really worth and sold for what she thinks she’s worth and solve the Wall St crisis in one fell swoop with change left over to erase the deficit. She was not the train wreck of the Couric and Gibson interviews – but still all fluff and no substance – no real answers – all feel good and filler and the current state of affairs needs substance. Sadly folks are stuck on stupid enough to fall for the fluff- which is why every vote counts – to opt out is a cop out and a vote for the other side. Taking no action is taking action against your own best interests in this case. It was unprofessional of her to be so ‘familiar’ i.e. can I call you ‘Joe’ – respect has to be given to be gotten to his credit Biden did not take the bait. He had a tough job to do which he did well. He was respectful of her using her title even though she was condescending and patronizing and skillfully let her hang herself with her own unprofessionalism and folksy charm. She does not have what it takes if the unthinkable happens and folksy is not going to help.

  10. Biden killed it. I was actually really impressed with him and how he handled Palin. Palin on the other hand, well I guess she did ok except that she was answering her own questions and appearing like she was in space. That folksy charm annoys me to no end, yeah we get it that she is cute for a middle aged white woman but come on, show us that you actually can think?

  11. i really cant take anymore of that folksy snarky bs she pulls. i feel like he was definately holding back the whole time, especially @ the beginning. he kept smiling, almost laughing looking like..c’mon gwen, she CANT be serious! i could tell he was frustrated throughout.unfortunately it wasnt the straight smackdown i was hoping/praying for..but he handled her for sure.

  12. This what the MSM and the republicans do: they lower the bar for republican candidates so we end up with light weights like Bush and Palin and McSame.Alternatively, they raise the bar for democrats so we end up with intelligent nominees like Clinton, Gore, Kerry and Obama and of course the MSM brands them “elitists”. The only thing different this time around is that Obama raised the bar for himself so he is branded a “super elitist” negro.To much of the American population has bought into the lies of MSM and republicans.Hence,this is why they praise Palin in the debate. The bar is too low.If America continues to elect lightweight, unintelligent people in the oval office, we will remain the laughing stock of the world and NATO will not be able to save us from self destruction.But I have a hunch that America will do the right thing this time: Elect Obama/Biden.

  13. AHAHA! I’m with blackgirlinmaine! The cutesy, folksy stuff is annoying. I’m a karate mom (akin to Sarah’s hockey mom or whatever nonsense she was on about last night) and she annoyed me to the bitter end with all her “goshdarnits” and winking. What in the world? If she’s trying to represent the everymom, please take me off that list. She doesn’t represent me or any of my other mommy friends. I think she’s a pretty buffoon that was used as a pawn to pull in the lady voters that were for Clinton. Doesn’t look like it’s working so well though. @draven… what are your concerns about us possibly having a black president? I’m not concerned about that as much as I’m concerned about how he’d turn America around. It took a long time to get into this mess (thanks, Dubya! šŸ˜‰ ) and it’s going to take a long time to get out of it. THAT’S my only concern. I think Obama/Biden is a good ticket and I’m all the way on the train! WOOTWOOT! LOL!

  14. OH! @astroblack: I’m with you there! I’d love to see Biden and McStain go at it. That would be riveting. Obama is a wonderful orator, but his debating is sleepy.

  15. Good debate, very entertaining, and by Palins standards, and expectations, she did alright.But Mad Dog won this, no doubt.

  16. She stated in one of her remarks that she wasn’t going to answer the questions “the way that any of you might like but I’m going to speak to the American Public”. It was a good move on her part and most people won’t see through it. But if you ask my opinion, she’s definitely a player in the game right.

  17. I don’t think she did well at all. She wants to be vice president of the United States how can get away with her peformance at the debate. I have been unemployed for months I am sound way more competent than Palin when I go on interviews and I still can’t get hired to do even data entry.I just don’t get it.

  18. How are you going to deal with foreign heads of state if you never answer their questions directly?If you’re so comfy being yourself, why did you say, “I don’t want to argue about the causes, what I want to argue about is how are we going to get there to positively affect the impacts.”(!!!) WTH?? What kind of English is this? ~I admit that Joe Biden showing more emotion than you did about the possibility of his son not coming back, is not something you could have gotten away with, without being labelled “female”. And your performance certainly improved as of late, but Biden was still more “presidential”, more trustworthy. ~In general, I was bored. What is Tina Fey to do Saturday?

  19. I’m annoyed at how before the debate, the flapping traps on cable TV acknowledged the fine line Sen. Biden had to walk, how he couldn’t be perceived as condescending or patronizing. Then immediately afterwards, these same pundidiots were wondering why Biden didn’t attack, that he missed a chance to deliver a knockout punch.

  20. @rayna- I was definitely taken aback by Palin’s “shout-outs” and surprised that hasn’t been mentioned more. She has ruined that expression and I think that SCAN must convene an emergency meeting to coin a new Ebonic phrase to replace “shout-out” now that Sarah has sullied it forever.Her general attempt to appeal to what I like to call the Earl and Randy vote (after 2 of the main characters of My Name is Earl) really made my skin crawl. I started thinking about the movie Idiocracy which shows a future America run by idiots, where the House of Representatives is replaced by the House of Representin’. I am afraid this is the kind of world we’ll end up eventually living in if the anti-intellectualism of so many people causes them to vote for her and McCain.@professional-you said:”I have been unemployed for months I am sound way more competent than Palin when I go on interviews and I still can’t get hired to do even data entry. I just don’t get it.”I feel you. I’ve gone through the same thing trying to get a job in interior design. To me, Palin is a shining example of white privilege in America. Must be nice to be a white girl who everyone wants to sleep with…

  21. Well, Maglet, I know Obama would do a good job as president because he’s highly educated and intelligent. My only beef is that as a person who follows the Kabbalah and other spiritual sources, I know we’ve entered a very difficult period on a global scale. No matter who’s in office, there are going to be major problems. Economists are saying we’re are heading for a steep recession next year regardless of what actions are taken. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t want a black man being blamed for the upheaval that’s coming. If this is really “the time of trouble,” I suppose I don’t have to worry about who’s blaming who. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

  22. I hear you, draven. You make a lot of sense. Wait… we're not in a recession already? If this isn't one, I'd HATE to see what a real one looks like! Ack.GoshdarnitALASKAgollygeeHOCKEYMOMwilikersONEOFYOU… <—– see how stupid that sounds, but the Repub. VP kept on letting stuff like this slip out! My head's still steaming from that… sorry. Hehehehehe!

  23. Excuse me, Maglet. I was buying into McCain’s spiel about the fundamentals of the economy being sound. We’re knee deep in it–a recession that is. Peace and light always.

  24. I could not watch the debate and not cringe. Or not have the impulse to track down McCain and slap the dentures out of his cadaverous mouth for potentially putting our country in peril by picking an idiot GOP fuckdoll as his running mate. Palin’s stream of consciousness ramblings on the subjects of global warming, the role of the VP, the economy, and her own weakness were maddening. Ifill should have let Palin know she would tolerate no insolence on her moderator watch and Palin would answer the questions asked of her, not the ones she wants to answer. And beauty pagent cutesiness doesn’t cut it here in the big leagues of presidential elections either.The woman is one aggressive melanoma away from being President!! BourgietopiaBecause “elitist” is the new “uppity”

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