The Cruelest Anti-McCain/Palin 527 Ever!

I don’t want McCain-Palin to win, but damn, California Nurses! To straight up put a heart monitor flatline in there? This sooo getting pulled when people start complaining. That said, I will await the Celine Dion, power ballad remix of “One Heart Beat Away.”

15 thoughts on “The Cruelest Anti-McCain/Palin 527 Ever!

  1. I hadn’t seen this ad. It’s absolutely hilarious! And what’s up with music? Sounds like it’s targeting an “urban” market, and that’s like preaching to the choir… no pun intended considering that the song sounds awful “churchy.” I still feel their message though.Cheri

  2. anthony: Well, you know they had to throw up that thing quick and dirty and under budget. Accounting for that, it did pretty good at saying “HE’S GONNA DIE, YA’LL! DON’T PULL THE LEVER FOR MCCAIN!”What did Johnny Mac do to those nurses? LOL!

  3. Whose idea was this? Nurse Ratched? Maybe you have to be cruel to be kind. If it’ll save us from a McCain presidency, keep those commercials coming!

  4. that s**t ain’t even the least bit funny and it’s cruel… the liberals are supposed to be above the fray and more dignified, and for the most part they are, but every now and then something like this happens…you don’t make jokes about somebody dying, that s**t ain’t even funny… no class.

  5. bklynbam: I’m still shocked that I haven’t heard anything. This is waaaay more over the line that the other 527 ad where they had a bunch of doctors talk about McCain’s skin cancer. This ad straight up implies him pulling a William Henry Harrison. Then writes a song about it. WTF?

  6. I don’t think it’s as cruel as the ad that accuses Obama of wanting to teach sex to 5-year-olds.

  7. Drives home the point of how truly terrifying a Palin presidency would be.Not nice to admit but I’ve often hoped McCain would get a touch of painful indigestion and fall over during a stump speech. Nothing serious but enough of a shock of how close Palin is to being our first female president ditz.BourgietopiaBecause “elitist” is the new “uppity”

  8. anonymous-5:57pm – no, that’s more like a commercial that said “Barack Obama: You don’t really want him to get shot, do you?”it’s really tasteless.

  9. The commercial itself isn’t put together well at all. I’m a fast reader, and I had to keep pausing it to read everything. It found it to be a little cheesy. Was it in poor taste? Probably. But I really can’t be mad about that. Republicans have been pulling this crap for years (and with a whole lot less fact, might I add), so I chalk it up to an eye for an eye. The left has USUALLY been above this kind of thing…but that’s also how we ended up with eight years of G-Dub. Four or eight years ago I probably would’ve been disgusted by this, but I’ve been shamefully desensitized by the right-wing attack machine.

  10. but u gotta be better than them… that’s the kind of thinking that leads people with otherwise good intentions to sell their souls in the morally flawed spirit of an-eye-for-an-eye and oneupmanship… good people use their brains and find ways to win doing the right thing… besides, this is actually worse than anything i’ve seen from the republicans… in fact, the only thing i’ve seen in recent memory worse than this, was a propaganda campaign the republicans used *against* john mccain in the 2000 primaries (they said that mcain’s adopted bengali daughter was his black love child, and that was on leaflets — even they didn’t have the nerve to make a television ad)it’s beyond tasteless; it’s straight-up wrong… i hope obama diffuses this thing with an enraged objection and denouncement…

  11. Sorry bklynbam. No u don’t have to be better than them. I have been an independent leaning Republican for a long time. Dems lose because they always bring a butter knife to a gun fight. Gore and Kerry lost (neither of whom I voted for) because they looked weak. We now know that was not the truth, but you can’t let Republicans frame the debate. If you do, you lose. Perception is the truth. I plan to go to Nevada and campaign for Obama this weekend. I usually just write a check, but I feel I have to make up for making the last 8 years possible.

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