Trailer for Biggie Biopic “Notorious”

This movie has a January 2009 release which isn’t always the best sign. (Although a February release date is a death knell.) The movie features Angela Bassett as Voletta Wallace, Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace’s mother and Derek Luke as Sean “Diddy” Combs. Newcomer Jamal Woolard plays Biggie. I still have a bad “trainwreck” feeling about this and the trailer does not squash that feeling. The director is George Tillman Jr. who helmed both “Barbershop” films, “Soul Food” and “Roll Bounce.” He might be able to pull it off. Maybe they’ll cut together a better trailer that will make me less skeptical. Although, to be honest, I don’t know why this movie is being made. Bad Boy is one of the producers so this isn’t going to be an objective piece of art by any stretch. Any Biggie fans out there planning to watch this? (Black Voices)

17 thoughts on “Trailer for Biggie Biopic “Notorious”

  1. I’m not even going to bother watching the trailer because I’m not going to go see this garbage. I liked Biggie and all but the man is dead! Let sleeping dogs lie…Am I the only one who is tired of Diddy still trying to make money off Biggie.By the way this is my first time to your spot, great blog!I love your watch lists and most wanted lists in the side bar!

  2. considering ms. wallace really can’t stand “Diddy” or Bad Boy…i’m surprised this movie is being made too. her autobiography is a good and interesting read.

  3. I will be seeing this movie…After reading Faith Evans book i must say that im a little interested in what happened in his life. Im not gonna say i cant wait to see it, but i will surely sneak in the theater sit in the back with my popcorn and indulge in the guilty pleasure of a bad movie.

  4. One thing I often mention to friends about the commercial viability of hip-hop is this: it was born in the NYC/NJ area, where there is black population of over 3 million people.Assuming the cost of this movie is low enough, it could make most if its money back in the NYC area alone, if folks there like it enough (and it isn’t extensively bootlegged, which is a real possibility).Having said that, yeah, it does have the possibility of being a train wreck… I hope these people know what they’re doing.Who’s playing Faith?

  5. Nope, I don’t think I’m going to see it either. A much better subject matter for a movie would have been Biz Markie, who rose to fame with this timely gem: “Oh, baby, you, you got what I need…but you say he’s just a friend and you say he’s just a friend…Oh, baby, you, you got what I need…” I like to see his life story. Biz (he makes Smalls look like R Kelly) took one terribly sung song and turned it into pop gold, and he’s been home counting his money and showing up in bit movie parts ever since. How in the heck did he do that?

  6. I mean…I want to see but I don’t want to pay to see!! Sorry,I know we should support our own but the movies are too expensive these days to be taking chances.Love this blog btw!

  7. Yes, I am going to see the movie as an avid fan of the notorious. If just for purposes of nostalgia, this movie will harken back to the golden age of Hip Hip (circa 1986-1996ish). I watched some of the clips of production on youtube and I am won over…with the exception of the boy from Losing Isaiah play Lil Cease….hmmm. BTW you have enunciated most of my thoughts and or feelings on this blog so I guess I am a snob as well. Great job!

  8. To the phantom poster,A young singer/actress named Antionque Smith plays Faith Evans. Here’s her site: Faith, Smith is a Jersey girl.The young man that portrays Big as a youngster is actually Big’s son (with Faith), C.J.If this film is playing at a cheap matinee when it’s released, I might catch it. Like most rappers, Big’s core fanbase was overwhelmingly white, so it’s Becky and Tommy out there in the heartland who can help “Notorious” become a box office smash. Hell, if they can propel sales of “Life After Death” to 10 million, then they can help carry a movie’s ticket sales, no?

  9. Uh…no. I won’t be spending good money on this film. I suspect the bootleg version will be available here in Detroit around the same time they realease it (I still haven’t figured out how that happens), and I might actually check it out if that’s the case. But, from the trailer, it doesn’t look very good. Besides, I’m not really that interested in Puffy’s interpretation of Biggie’s life.

  10. I am definitely going to see the movie AND pay for it. I lived in NY when Biggie was BIG and I loved that era of Hip Hop and east coast rap during that time. The music alone is enough for me. Black people love to dis all that is black all the time – which is exactly why many blacks will not vote for Obama right now. Damn I feel like listening to Queen Latifah’s “U.I.N.T.Y” right now. So what if it is a bad film? I really haven’t seen a good white, euro or black film in a long while anyway. Face it, most movies suck now a-days and we rush to give them money anyways! I just rewatched Breaking 2 and it was no genius film but it was entertaining, which I hope this film will be. If the 2520’s did a film about the beasite boys they would go to see it regardless of who produced it. Jeez…! Im not saying the movie is for everyone, but if you have to hide in the back to see it, don’t go.

  11. I’m going to save my money and hold a telethon for Angela Basset’s on-life-support acting career. The women graduated from the Yale School of Drama, for god’s sake!!BourgietopiaBecause “elitist” is the new “uppity”

  12. Yes, Bourgietopia, Angela used to be an honest woman. Now she’s sunk to becoming a TV Ho. With her looks and brains, I expected better. “For the love of money, a woman would sell her own precious body.”

  13. mynameismyname: I’m going to have to second myname here. She’s just playing Biggie’s mom, not one of the video hos. And in the Tyler Perry film, as much as I hate Tyler Perry films, she played a struggling mother. The TV show she is on this season is friggin “ER.”I can remember a good spell where she got absolutely no work at all. Her standard has always been that she wanted her dignity in the roles she chooses. Considering how infrequently good parts come up for black women, let alone black women over 40, I don’t think it’s really fair to beat up on her or accuse her of “trying to get paid.” Her integrity remains in tact. She doesn’t play degrading parts and she’s not getting rich off of any of her latest work. I don’t even think she’s ever been in a film that grossed more than $65 million (and I can promise you, she didn’t pull down a huge payday from that).I wish Angela Bassett could get paid … what she’s worth. It’s a crime that there aren’t enough parts for black women, especially considering her talent. But I don’t want to see her do nothing. Because that’s what happens to a lot of black actresses despite their talent.

  14. Anonymous, you know I was joking about Angela. I wish I could be a TV ho, I mean pimp. Are there any openings at NBC for slick talking black con men who have a way with the ladies? You can sign me if there are any.

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