Read This! Michelle Obama: Commander-In-Sheath

55 Secret Street, blogger and regular Snob commenter, has a new post up highlighting Michelle Obama’s fashion sense and taking it a step further — naming designers and labels (including Tracy Reese, Rachel Roy and J. Crew and more) she’d LOVE to dress the fabulous Mrs. O in as her own black super Barbie. (I’ve had the same dream too, girl.) Check it out and her suggestions. I hope Michelle checks them out too. Some of those outfits 55 Secret Street picked are, to quote Tyra Banks, “fierce!”

Read it! Michelle Obama: Commander In Sheath

2 thoughts on “Read This! Michelle Obama: Commander-In-Sheath

  1. I can’t believe how Mrs. Obama has started a cottage industry based on her fashion tastes. I don’t get the demand for this on a mass consumption level. Then again, I’m not really into rap music but I’m glad black people have found a way to take control and make some money. Who knew?

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