PDA: Someone Get These Two A Room!

I used to shout out playfully, but half seriously “Black love is so beautiful!” every time I heard about a black person getting married. I was mocking my own up bringing where my parents inundated my sisters and me with pro-black images to inoculate us from the negativity and self-hatred that exists in Blackworld (and Whiteworld). We were regularly told that we were beautiful, that being black was beautiful and black love was beautiful. Although we agreed, it became a bit comical to us, hence the declaration at every site of “black love” and its innate beauty.

But when it comes to Michelle and Barack Obama, they take “black love is so beautiful” and turn it into a smorgasbord of warm, giggly emotion, leaving millions of black people (and brown and white people) blushing. And it send about a million black men and women pining for that special someone. We don’t see a lot of black PDA outside of teenagers making out during showings of the latest Nick Cannon vehicle. My mother always joked, half-heartedly, that when she went to the mall there would be tons of white couples holding hands as they strolled around. On the rare occasion Daddy went to the mall with her he always walked about 10 feet behind, malingering. My parents love each other, but both are very reserved in that respect.

So, even for me, I guess it’s pretty nice to look at this.

If you can’t get enough of Michelle and Barack being “crazy in love,” The Huffington Post as the slide show for you, seventeen iconic pictures of black love being soooo beautiful it makes you jump up and shout “I want to get married and have a family too!” (Or develop cavities from the sweetness.) Now some of us already wanted that gushy, mushy, lovey, dovey, commit to me forever stuff. And I’m talking about yours truly and a whole lot of other unmarried black men and women. (And I mean A LOT of black women.) But maybe this will get our people to a serious national discussion on marriage. Not just the usual, “black women are too mean” and “black men are trifling garbage.” A discussion on how we need to learn how to love ourselves before we can love someone else and how much more we can accomplish by solidifying these emotional bonds.

I don’t believe in marriage for the sake of marriage (no wedding’s by the pound, please). I want bonds that last, that help produce upstanding citizens. If that bond is a common law bond, I’ll take it. But black people need to devote themselves to someone or some cause or something bigger than themselves because whatever most of us are devoted to now (see, “Cash rules everything around me, CREAM! Get the money. Dollah, dollah bill, ya’ll!“) — it’s not working.

And that’s my public announcement for the day. Black PDA for a better black community! Get some!

Then get the Obamas a room, please!

*Thanks reader, Isonprize, for the tip!

20 thoughts on “PDA: Someone Get These Two A Room!

  1. Hi,I have just read some of your posts. I like the subjects you have chosen to write upon.And yes, the US election is, at least this time, a home issue of discussion in India.If you are interested in reading short stories and other writings by an Indian author, do visit my blogs. Naval Langa

  2. I’m all about the PDA and so is my husband. He actually converted me. There is something about that authentic display of black love in public. Great post!

  3. i love michelle obama because she shows everyone that a black woman really can stand by her man! when do we really get to see black people love each other this much?! never. keep the Black PDA coming!!

  4. I love the way Barak looks at Michelle. Black PDA is missing in action. Even in college it was rare to see a black couple in public.

  5. YES YES YES, Black love is a powerful thing…My parents have been married for 25 years and i have seen them kiss only once, so its great to see it out in the open….OH TO BE LOVED!!!

  6. Barack is an inspiring force and that’s what America is afraid of…that he just might inspire black men to do better, be better, love themselves more, and love their women as well…because the love of your family love is the truest measure of strength and love.

  7. I’m feeling this commentary. Love for us doesn’t always equal displays of affection and it good to see a strong couple such as this buck that trend.

  8. To me these shows of genuine love by the Obama’s are the most threatening thing to White, Asian, Jewish and Hispanic people in America. They are deluged in negative information about African-Americans from birth and especially about families. Their cultures do nothing but celebrate family. to see the Obama’s forces them to confront their prejudices in private. A place where there is no reinforcement for “well you know they’re different.” Now the thing I want to know is where is my invite to the first meal where Michelle throws down on the stove. Cause culture ain’t nothing with out food.

  9. I love that the Obamas are openly and publicly affectionate with each other. In a conversation with a friend this week I realized that I had never seen my parents kiss, hug or hold hands. Not ever. Nor did I see my older sisters and their spouses kiss or hug. The relationships were frought with–well can you even call them relationships? I realized why I have so many issues with men! No good examples of one from my own people.So I love, love, love the Obamas. They are a wonderful example that Black people can be sane, loving spouses and parents. Later for t”the race” needing it–I need it–personally! God does Black America need them!

  10. Now that I think about it, black couple PDA was never really MIA for me growing up. It was never overt and happening 24/7, but I’ve seen my mom and dad kiss and hug each other, and I’ve even seen my grandparents give each other pecks and dance with each other. But nothing has come close to Barack and Michelle. And I love it even more because they AREN’T my parents and grandparents (which gets a little weird). I want what they have so badly; real, sincere, unapologetic, unconditional love, support, and respect. It seems so natural for them, yet unheard of for many of us. And I was looking at some of their pictures earlier today and out of the blue I thought “Michelle is so brown!” To think that a man of any color (especially another brown man) could love an unmistakably brown woman so much.

  11. For the record, I am AA and married. My husband and I regularly hold hands and smooch in public and in front of the kiddos. WE DO EXIST!!!!Keep up the good work snob.

  12. That’s what I’m talking about! I hardliy care one twit about Obama changing the system if he’s elected. I just want him to have a positive effect on race relations. His public display of affection for his wife is a part of that. Sadly, I never found true love until I went outside my race and that’s indeed a shame.

  13. Naval Langa: It’s both flattering and an indication of how crazy the last eight years have been that so many people around the world are interested in our crazy election. draven7: We all find love where we can. If you’re happy that’s what matters.

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