Michelle O. In Boulder, Colo.

Hair perfect, red sweater twinset on, complete with matching brooch, Michelle Obama was fired up and ready to go on the crowd. Hubby Barack was also in Colorado just the other day. Some of his pictures will follow after hers. (Michelle pictures courtesy of Colorado Daily and The Associated Press)

And here are pictures of Barack in Westminster, Colo. Monday. (From The Associated Press)

And here’s Barack staring down a barefoot n’ confused baby. I can understand people wanting to get a picture of their kid with Barack, but I always wonder what this is like from the baby’s perspective.

“First you drag me to this loud rally and then when I finally start to get a nap in you wake me up to meet this big eared joker?”

And Barack goes, “Just play along, kid. This isn’t a picnic for me either, but I need your parents’ votes. Now if you don’t pee on me I promise not to say the phrase ‘I hope this baby’s diaper is ready for a change.'”

He’s a politician, not the Pope, people! Barack Obama cannot bless your baby! (Although he can ask God nicely if He would bless your baby.)

16 thoughts on “Michelle O. In Boulder, Colo.

  1. LOL!!!the last part of your post made cry of laughter.your wit and humor made me a great fan of this blog.until this election I never read “black” blogs, I was missing a treasure 😀

  2. I think someone in the crowd said the baby belonged to him, and Obama’s reply was, “I don’t know who that baby is,” belonging the words of John Edwards when he was caught red-handed. “He looks nothing like me.” Okay, bad joke. I chuckled at yours. I really miss Colorado, my real home. It’s always nice to see pictures of the place.

  3. Typo alert: “belonging” is really “borrowing.” Ay caramba. Comedy and typing is very hard for me. It’s a good thing I don’t have a day job.

  4. That baby is all, wtf?Maybe this is just me, but one of the things I noticed is that the baby appears to be racially mixed (total guess) and the enthusiastic dad/baby wrangler seems to be white. I don’t know, I just felt like it was a little bit of the future of America, right there. I’m probably overthinking it.

  5. Jjai – co sign. Michelle’s hair is looking particularly nice in these photos. It’s got a bit of body going, it’s not quite so – how did you put it BS? – “Flat Iron of God”? (tm – BS).

  6. “He’s a politician, not the Pope, people! Barack Obama cannot bless your baby! “Yes He Can!Also, I died when I read that. Some people need to hear that white smoke is not going to come out of the Capital dome when Obama is elected. People like me…

  7. You are so biased! I just love it! I’m probably the oldest reader of your blog but I enjoy your wit and wacky sense of humor. And, most of the time, I pretty much agree with you. I’ just thrilled to see that we are even having these conversations about the prospect of the Obama family in the white house. I wish my parents had lived to see this day.Keep up the good wordaloha and peace,sandra

  8. Christina: I think the baby is mixed (the hair and the skin tone sort of hint to that). Perhaps she was adopted. Or perhaps it was one of those deals where people from the back pass their babies and their cameras up to the front to get a shot of their baby and Barack.

  9. To Christina and Danielle, I immediately assumed the baby was mixed. Interracial coupling is very common in Colorado, particularly with regard to black men and white women. Although black female/white male marriages aren’t as popular, I think that will change real soon too. Black women are hot and white men are going to stop fighting the feeling and ignore the silly social stigmas that prevent such unions. Too bad it’s going to mean more competition for me. For the sake of peace, I’ll deal with it. Before I left Colorado, I began to see more of these hookups.

  10. the baby pictures were hilarious. I loved Michelle – she looked fabulous in red, and her entire persona – she was really ‘on point’. Obama’s pictures – he was looking so serious and fierce. Love it.

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