Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving The View? No! That’ll Only Give Me Sherrie to Make Fun of!

From OMG!’s Goddess Celebrity Moms blog:

“The View’s” Elisabeth Hasselbeck is reportedly “really upset” about the recent political discussions (i.e. the upcoming presidential election) that have been taking place on her daytime gab fest. As the lone Republican on the talk panel — not to mention the youngest — she just can’t seem to win against her loud, liberal counterparts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg.

While tensions are high on set, a “View” staff member told the Chicago Sun-Times that things aren’t as bad as they were during the Rosie O’Donnell era. Still, it’s bad enough that Barbara Walters has set up a “cooling off” meeting for her ladies.

Rumor has it that Elisabeth may even be leaving “The View” to host her own program on the FOX News Channel, where she can be with her own “kind” … and not have to face off with Joy and Whoopi on a daily basis! That sort of makes me sad. Although I think Hasselbeck often comes across as being out of touch, uninformed, and immature, I must admit that the outspoken 31-year-old makes for some good television

Personally, I can’t stand Elisabeth when I actually sit through forced viewings of “The View.” But if Miz Liz is down because she’s the only conservative on the show, I have to admit, they did put her in a damned awkward situation. I’m no conservative, but would it have killed them to have hired another center-right person with an insane personality? You know? Instead of Sherrie Shepherd who is certifiable? I mean, Hasselbeck is just alone out there and half the time she doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about. The woman needs some back-up.

And you know who I’m about to suggest.

Amy Holmes. Hire Amy Holmes, dammit! I don’t agree with her either, but I actually like Amy and she’s more coherent and able to get a point across than Elisabeth. She could fill in those Grand Canyon sized gaps Liz leaves when trying to make a futile point against the more dominate Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. Plus, this would also make it a fair fight.

And if you don’t want the severe bitchatude of Holmes. Can I suggest Michelle Bernard, the more palatable (but not as insane) black center-right punditress? Once again, she can actually formulate a decent answer and she’s interesting.

And both Holmes and Bernard are good looking, so seriously, what’s the problem? They’re just slumming it in pundit land anyway. Or if you don’t want another conservative, how about a Libertarian? An independent? A communist? Something. Variety is the spice of life, Barbara Walters! Keep your show peppered with more diverse insane people. But not Sherrie insane. That shizz is just embarrassing.

Sidenote: According to Defamer.com they “girled” Whoopi up on the show for a week. I don’t know how to feel about this. I mean, she liked dressing butch. That was her thing, but she looks nice all tarted up, so good for her. I think.

This week on The View, Whoopi Goldberg has been cajoled into throwing caution to the wind and “dressing like a girl” (as Joy Behar so delicately put it). Yes, you read that correctly. Whoopi, whose style has been fondly described by our own Molls as “lesbian train conductor” chic, is trading in her Crocs and oversized collared shirts for Eileen Fisher dresses and patent red leather heels. Sure, she looks good. But her patronizing co-hosts are acting like a proud mother whose little Sally shed all that “baby fat” after being force-fed Nutrisystem for five months. “Look at you, girl, you’re wearing a skirt!” cries Babs. “You’re so sexy and hot, girl,” chimes in Sherri. Gee, you can see Whoopi thinking, did I look that bad?

Goldberg returned to pants this week.

17 thoughts on “Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving The View? No! That’ll Only Give Me Sherrie to Make Fun of!

  1. 1) I hope that Elizabeth leaves. she’s an idiot. Yes, she makes for good television and she is the perfect example of how many white women get out of corners–by crying and acting like the victim. They can’t help it because its been shown to work. I see this kind of shiz every day in my line of work. 2) Yes, if they are going to have someone who’s conservative or at the very least moderate they need to have someone who can actually argue their points. 3) I wish they would get rid of Sherri. She is as much of an idiot as Elizabeth. The difference is that most of the time Elizabeth comes off as niave; Sherri just sounds like shes dumber than a box of rocks.4) I’m pissed about the whole dress thing. I hate when straight women, in particular, try and “change” butch looking/dressing women (and these women could be straight or gay). Its like listen, “I don’t wear skirts because I look like a f**kin man in a skirt! And they aren’t comfortable! You can wear the skirts and stiletto’s til the cows come home, I will admire you and give you compliments but don’t force me into your standard of ‘womanhood’ please!” I’m kinda pissed that Whoopi went along with it. ugh! And that they felt they had the “right” to even suggest it.

  2. I don’t think Elizabeth is an idiot as studpoet does,Sherri is a whole different story, but I do think this whole I am a republican so when I speak I can only speak the party line like a friggin robot is getting tedious. I would love for her to have a original thought and for once just be able to back up her own shit. I love it when I am by myself and I can plead my own case and stand my own ground, but then As a black gay man I have had to do that my whole life. Maybe she should go back to survivor, probably the first time she ever face any adversity in hew whole life.

  3. I’m getting my jollies today. That was funny, Studpoet. I’m more than happy if Hasselbeck leaves the show since she’s nothing more than a patsy and mouthpiece for the Hannity/O’Reilly crowd. She’s irritating and doesn’t offer much in the way of stimulating discussion. I wish they would get rid of Sherpherd too because whenever she opens her mouth, all doubts about her being a fool are removed. I can’t say who I would recommend as a GOP sidekick on The View. Most Repubs rattle my cage, with the exception of Pat Buchanan, who I find smart and funny. I wouldn’t watch The View again if Amy Holmes is recruited. Talk about the devil in a red dress. Yikes! Bernard looks and acts like someone I dated, and I can never peg her and she leaves me baffled on many occasions. Maybe they should just put in another loudmouth Mama on the show like Rosanne Barr. Train wrecks are fun to watch.

  4. I can’t stand that show. It makes me ill. Hasselback can hit the bricks. She’ll be more @ home at Faux news anyway if the rumors are true.

  5. I WAS going to say what studpoet said. So, um, ditto on every single point. But seriously: who the hell watches that show anymore, anway? And why would anyone go to the View as a source for credible political opinions of either side?

  6. Wow, the more I surf the web the more I see that a lot of people dislike Elisabeth! From the You Tube clips I have seen I found Elisabeth entertaining and I gave her a lot of props for standing up for her beliefs. She is the only Conservative Republican on that show and that can’t be easy. Yet time after time again she stands her ground when a hot button issue comes up. I would love to see how a Democrat would act if they roles where reserved on that show. Now I am a full blooded Democrat and I think Elisabeth is wrong on a lot issue but I do respect her. When did having a difference in opinion make you an idiot? I can’t count the times I heard, both Republicans & Democrats call each names like some school kids on the playground. I think being Pro-Life is wrong because it is too cut and dry but I understand and respect the argument. I fell giving taxes breaks to big business is wrong because they don’t pump that money back into the economy with jobs going overseas but I understand and respect the argument. Politics, Religion & Social Issues comes down to interpretation. So who is truly right and who is truly wrong? Amy Holmes is HOT! I don’t really watch “The View” but if Amy was on it I think I could make an expectation…

  7. Geovanny, personally, I respect everyone’s view. When I get irritated or angry at someone’s comments, deep down I know I’m only reacting to my ego. I don’t really judge people on their views because I’m spiritually connected. I know their opinions are not who they truly are. To use a cliche, we’re all spiritual beings living a physical existence on this planet. I reinforce this belief in my mind every day. I know I’m a black American male living in the southern US, but that’s not who I really am. I’m none of these things. Yes, I’m a moonbeam and I’m proud of it. Holmes portrays herself as a snooty bitch who mainly likes Jewish guys. But that’s not who she really is either. All the world’s a stage, as Shakespeare said. We’re just playing our roles and speaking our lines. I’m not too caught up in the day-to-day drama of life. Politics is just a game of football to me. In the end, it ain’t going to make much difference. Changing yourself on the inside is the thing. If I’m misleading you or giving you the wrong impression, I apologize. Stay positive, peace and light always.

  8. again i marvel how “the view” manages to stay on the air…anywho, bye elizabeth…make your way to fox…

  9. I LOVE AMY HOLMES! I think she would be great. I think its important to show the partisan crazies on both sides. To that end Elizabeth serves a puropse. I am from Texas and know people just like her. To them, Palin and the whole Republican direction makes sense somehow. As a black moderate who has voted (R) more than I have voted (D), I just can’t stand the intellectual dishonesty of the Republican party right now. It’s truly amazing! I also hope Joe comes through tomorrow and shows the world how silly of a pick Palin is.

  10. I would totally watch the View or get TiVo if Amy Holmes was on there. I just LOVE to hate her. I feel so conflicted. I am proud of the intelligent Black woman she is yet embarrased by her beliefs.

  11. Speaking of Amy Holmes, I’m still waiting for either BET or TvOne to get a point-counterpoint with her and Jamal Simmons.And Elisabeth was one of Mike Huckabee’s first guests on his show–which looked a HAWWWWT mess with all the white church folk politely clapping. I mean, the stand-up bit from the teleprompter turned me off. PArt of Huckabee’s appeal to me was his ability to deliver a joke extemporaneously.But yeah, it’s always funny to see Sherri with her “deer in the headlights” look when Joy and Whoopi are going at Miz Liz. Although I think Barbara was righ when she asked Liz “Why do you have to defend her everytime?”

  12. Not a fan of Amy Holmes, but if she got the gig, I’d tune in. I’m so over watching Elizabeth. The whole White Girl Cry thing wears on my nerves.

  13. I most certainly DO NOT THINK ELIZABETH should leave.Without Elizabeth….there would be no debate. Debate is healthy and you learn something.I had a very difficult time understanding why the “day AFTER the biggest debate of the year..the VP debate between Biden and Palin” and NOT ONE WORD was mentioned on The View..the day after.Politics was not even talked about. Joy once said the name “Sarah Palin” in telling a guest she resembled Sarah Palin and that was the extent of it.I wonder if it got so hot before that it made the news that Elizabeth was possibly leaving that Bill and Barbara had them cool it.It certainly made for a VERY BORING SHOW !!!!I love Whoppi, Joy, Elizabeth and I liked Sherry more before she announced she’d had many abortions and claims to be very religious and personally cannot stand Barbara Walters. It is so good that she only “visits” a few days a week. When she is there is has to be the center of attention and it is obvious that she embarrasses herself…just look at the faces of Whoppi, Elizabeth, Joy and Sherry…they are quiet but very embarrassed FOR HER !!!!She needs to hang it up…and walk away gracefully. She’s already pushed her book down everyone’s throat and yeah…it was easy to see that the panel got very sick of BEING TOLD they had to talk about Barbara’s book, Audition, yet another day.Pretty bad..indeed.

  14. I imagine Whoopi going home after each taping, pouring a huge tumbler of whiskey, staring at her FOUR-sweep awards (one of the very few entertainers to get all four), and cursing that her career has sunk to the level of The View.Sherri is pickanniny stupid. Whenever she opens her mouth, I flash on Prissy from “Gone With The Wind”.Elizabeth should leave the show. I have nothing against good, healthy debate. I just wish The View would hire an INTELLIGENT Republican to make the GOP case. Elizabeth is a step away from a drooling idiot.Michelle Bernard is too classy for The View. However . . . when McCain/Palin lose the election, maybe Sarah could take Elizabeth’s place at The View table.Bourgietopia

  15. Um, no offence, but I’m not sure what Whoopi’s outfit has to do with Liz et al. Sorry, did I miss the transition? ~You’re right.A black Republican woman WOULD make me actually want to watch that horrid show again. As it stands right now, I never remember Sherry Who’s name. And Lizzie has needed a partner-in-crime for a long, long time. Looking forward to it.

  16. gillian: It totally says “sidenote” there. Both entries are “The View” related and I didn’t feel like writing two separate posts!But, yes, a competent center-right person is needed. Someone who can articulate their view and have something to back it up with. It’s not like there’s a lack of these women, but perhaps Barbara Walters wants the right to look incoherent and immature. I mean, OK, that’s fine if you want trainwreck TV, but if you put someone in there that knows their shit that could be must-see-TV.

  17. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Elizabeth for standing up for her beliefs & what she knows is right! Thank heavens there are a few out there who do. I won't even watch the VIEW right now (and I love that show believe me!) because all the do is bash her & argue & there's just too much tension. God bless her!! Don't give up Elizabeth. We're all pulling for you.

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