And Finally … Mrs. O — the all-Michelle, all-fashion, all the time blog!

It’s the site I didn’t have the time to create — Mrs. O — a blog completely dedicated to what Michelle is wearing, who made it and where you can buy it. For example, the creators did some sleuthing and found out the dress Michelle rocked in Detroit the other day was from H&M and cost only $34.90. Check out the site and show them some love. (And some linkage!) I plan to become bestest friends with them. Us Michelle-a-holics have to stick together!

9 thoughts on “And Finally … Mrs. O — the all-Michelle, all-fashion, all the time blog!

  1. OH My…I’ve reached heaven: love Mrs. O. Who else can rock a dress like this? Go Mrs. OP.S: a suggestion. Danielle we don’t want you to burn out(you’re too good) with all these blogs. Perhaps with B.S you could have snob alert on every coast and find bloggers as part of your community. And then work the Mrs. O blog.

  2. I’m like fanning myself and clutching my pearls with excitement. Shelly O completely validates my need to wear a black wide belt with everything. My Michelle Rocks shirt is still. not. here.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this site because she is the epitome of style and class. I always have a hard time finding where celebrities buy some of the cutest pieces and this helps!

  4. Michelle looked awesome in that dress! Yep, she ROCKED it!She will also be the best, most stylish, coolest and most awesome first lady ever!I feel almost sorry for her husband having to compete with that.OK, I will quit gushing now and go back to my hole.

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