Palin Brings Her Dad to Beat Up “Mean” Katie Couric; Instead World’s Most Uncomfortable Interview Ensues

Monday Night Gov. Sarah Palin returned to CBS News with her dad running-mate John McCain for another round with the perkiest network anchor in the biz, Katie Couric. I don’t know if he or she or they helped themselves much. Even though I’ve heard that this dual interview was scheduled long in advance they HAD to know what this would look like.

A parent/teacher’s conference.

Katie: Sarah hasn’t been doing very well with her oral exams. I don’t think she’s been taking her studies serious enough.

John: I assure you I am working very hard with Sarah and her tutors and she is prepared and will be prepared for her big test on Thursday. I promise. She promises. She’s ready.

Sarah: But Dad, if I could just say …

John: Quiet you!

And for bonus points, Couric STILL managing to get the goat of Palin with Palin’s own gaffes, sidesteps and faux pas. She is really making Couric out to be a far better interviewer than she’s ever been. I mean, Couric is not known for bludgeoning or out-smarting her guests. She kills with kindness and Katie’s one more interview of doing the work of The George Will Revolt for them.

And at last check, The George Will Revolt now includes: ringleader George Will, David Brooks, Kathleen Parker, David Frum, Peggy Noonan, Mike Murphy and the son of William F. Buckley, satirist Christopher Buckley, who, like a good satirist, has made fun of this entire sorted affair (but is sympathetic to the poor dear).

Leslie Sanchez, a person who I’m going to bite my tongue and describe as “not stupid,” labeled these individuals as part of the conservative intellectual elite. (Is elite the new “bastard” or N-word now?) So did Bill Bennett. This is laughable considering Sanchez and Bennett aren’t exactly slumming it with the degrees, advanced degrees, fancy white collar jobs and radio shows and such. These individuals aren’t exactly Larry the Cable Guy.

Larry actually has a purpose. He makes people happy. And he’s acting. I’ve interviewed the man before. He just plays an idiot. In the real world he’s a smart, capable entertainer who created a lucrative market for himself — the undeserved subgroup who read Jeff Foxworthy’s “You know You’re A Redneck If …” and clamored for more.

I honestly don’t know what Sanchez and Bennett do for the human race other than play good little soldiers on this Palin thing. And that’s really what this is about. The separation between the conservatives who won’t go along to get along and the troopers. Sanchez is a trooper, as is Bennett, Amy Holmes, Alex Castellanos, Sean Hannity, etc. are all willing to reserve judgment, to bite the tongue, to keep the faith unless the wheels completely fly off.*

Some snap sooner than others (see Murphy, Mike). But he might have stayed on the reservation if he’d realized that camera was still rolling when he and Noonan went all “IT’S OVER! McCain ’08 is DOOOOOMED!” in regards to McCain picking Palin.

It’s only when shit officially hits the fan that out of exasperation (and shame) that they put down those buckets of water they’re carrying and mutter something that sounds like doubt.

Until then — of COURSE Sarah Palin is qualified and I’m a sexist for pointing out her weaknesses!

Sidenote: Couric is STILL releasing more of her interviews with Palin. Hasn’t she put that woman through ENOUGH?!?!?! Couric is a cruel news mistress.

*These individuals should not be included with characters like Pat Buchanan, Bay Buchanan, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly. While all these individuals are right wingers their ego and personal issues supercede party politics. So they’re a little unreliable, and with the exception of maybe the delightfully hateful siblings Buchanan, if it’s between you and their ratings you’re going down mother fucker!

5 thoughts on “Palin Brings Her Dad to Beat Up “Mean” Katie Couric; Instead World’s Most Uncomfortable Interview Ensues

  1. Ay caramba! That was an episode of “The Principal’s Office” on the Tru channel. Poor Sarah looked every bit the slacker cheerleader being came into the office with his uptight dad to discuss her performance. You nailed that one, Danielle. Little Sarah appeared very embarrassed to have her dad take off from work, so he could chew out the principal for unfairly targeting his little princess. McCain: “I know my daughter. She tries very hard. She may not be an A-student, but she studies her books every night and I do my best to keep her from the boys. They’re always following home after school and asking her out on dates, and they never leave her alone. It’s tough being a dad these days. I try to protect her as much as I can, and it’s not easy living in Alaska. A lot of drinking goes on here. Just look at her. She’s a beautiful girl. The guys can’t keep their hands off of her. It’s hard for her to focus on her classes with that much distraction.”

  2. does anyone else think that she’s just punking us? nobody could be this bad. i’m really starting to think that the mccain campaign is telling to be a dumb ass on purpose so she can “surprise” everyone in the debate.

  3. the only thing interesting about the interview with katie is the promo for the “mentalist” with simon baker…i was starting to wonder if palin is a ringer, but then i looked at mccain and his claim of a “gotcha” moment and the pizza parlor snicker…he’s done and she’s just not bright…the second video i stopped about 20 seconds in…her shrilling voice did me in…

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