Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

Rep. Barney Frank is not feeling the Republican response to why the bailout bill failed Monday. The Republicans came twelve people short in a vote where the Democrats brought two-thirds of their team.

Give me those twelve people’s names, and I will go talk uncharacteristically nicely to them, and tell them what wonderful people they are, and maybe they’ll think about the country.

Insiders say the Republican leadership made the mistake of going to the floor of the House not knowing if they had enough votes.

9 thoughts on “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

  1. It’s in my self-interest for the bill to fail. I’m not worried about a job, just inflation, so it doesn’t bother me that Wall Streeters aren’t getting another sweetheart deal. For the working Joes in an insecure job market, I feel your pain. Unless Congress does something, they’ll be eating bitter herbs.

  2. I heart Barney Frank. He said what a lot of people were thinking and couldn’t figure out how to say.I’m not especially concerned that the bill failed. I feel for the regular people who are losing their jobs and homes. But this bill wasn’t about them. I’m praying that things are finally going to have to change, that the days of crass American exuberance are over. One can hope.

  3. i’m looking for a job and it ain’t easy out there…but i wanted the this bailout to fail too…from what i understand, the bailout still favored wallstreet and the ordinary working person…plus i haven’t been convinced on how they arrived at the $700B in the first place…

  4. starrie: The crazy thing is that $700 billion is a GUESS. The number is based on nothing. The government doesn’t have a clue how much those mortgage-backed securities are worth.

  5. Insiders say the Republican leadership made the mistake of going to the floor of the House not knowing if they had enough votes.“The Democratic leadership (Pelosi et al.) made the same mistake.The Demrat leadership also made the mistake of assuming popular resistance against the bailout bill (letters and phone calls have been running 30 to 1 against it) made no never mind. The Demrats will pay for that mistake come November.Yet another astonishing twist in the tortuous path this election season has taken —Friends, I hope we don’t get burned too badly by these idiots in Congress. I’m one of those “working joes” “Draven7” refers to.

  6. s Rachel Maddow asked today ” Who is the Republican leadership?” cause the top three all said it was a done deal. Are you still a leader if you turn around and nobody is following you?

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