Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Flippin’ the Bird

That is totally rude. I can see a guy doing this to Gloria Borger or John King (someone please do this to John King) but this is so unnecessary to do to my little Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the TV News. (Source: Bone2Bone*)

For more TJ pictures, click here.

For past Google Stalking TJ Holmes coverage, click here.

*Warning: the site is a little … um, “penis friendly black gay erotica friendly.” (Apparently “penis friendly” wasn’t specific enough! Happy now!) Not that anything’s wrong with that!

12 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Flippin’ the Bird

  1. Hahahahaha. The way that dweeb walked up to the camera reminds me of the clown from “IT” with John Ritter, how he kept jumping from light post to light post until he came out of the picture.Oh gosh. And that site it came from is just so……so darn NASTY.Me Loves It!!!

  2. draven7: Hey! My note came with a “penis friendly” warning. Since the site featured footage of TJ Holmes that should have been a tip that it wasn’t going to be covered in vaginas!

  3. nona: You say gay, I say extremely attractive black man. Tis all I care about. If he’s into the ladies, into the fellas, both or midget transsexuals that does not change the fact that he is ridiculously handsome.

  4. I thought “penis friendly” meant I was going to enjoy it. You should have said, “For males who are at least 80% heterosexual, this is a boner-shrinker site.” I see someone calling your boy a puff.

  5. draven7: I’m sorry. But, hey, gays like penis, ergo “penis friendly.” I’ll be more explicit!And people are always speculating in Holmes’ sexual orientation. I, personally, don’t care, but folks like to throw it out there sometimes.

  6. TJ’s gayness is being mistaken for his vainess. He is a young pretty boy on TV and he lives in Atlanta where I’m sure even if he weren’t a CNN anchor would still get hollered at wherever he went by both sexes! He’s not my cup of tea, Snob but to each her own. I met him at the Unity Conference in Chicago this summer and he is SHORT! He MC’d the NABJ luncheon and can I just say he talked mostly about himself. He knows the masses think he is attractive but I’m so over him. It would be good if you could feature some of his substantive work (I don’t know of any but maybe you do) then maybe we could stomach him better. Love the blog by the way! 😉

  7. Big Ouch on that last comment. I know Danielle said she didn’t care if TJ was into midgets, but she didn’t say anything about him being one. The camera hides well the fact that he’s vertically challenged. I guess we all got our crosses to bear.

  8. ReynaLinares: I enjoy the fact that TJ is good looking, but he’s yet to prove himself to be a journalist of substance. I’m like you, I haven’t seen much in that department. Maybe he’s doing hard-hitting pieces when I’m sleeping. I don’t know. I’m still waiting for a guy who manages to meld hotness and journalism skills with the same veracity and cool as Ed Bradley.

  9. i dunno…my gaydar isn’t twitching on tj holmes, although it has been wrong once or twice…i did laugh out loud on the “special” person in the red that airplaned his way onto the camera…

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