Detroit Gives You Red Wiiiiiiiiings!

The Obama-Biden ticket visited “Title Town,” Detroit, MI and Former Mayor/convicted criminal (Wait, is he a convict yet?) Kwame Kilpatrick was kept 1,500 yards away from them at all times.

And Michelle was ready to do some glad-handin’ and grinnin’! Who’s husband is up in the polls! Hers is! Woot! Woot!

And hey kids! It’s Grandpa Joe! I have to imagine that as zany (and slightly unstable, but in a lovable sort of way) as Joe Biden is as a politician he has to make an extremely fun, insane grandpa. Imagine the stories he tells the lil’est Bidens how he wrote “Profiles In Courage” and that time he and FDR arm wrestled over who would get win a date with Eleanor, and then later took down Imperial Japan with the power of “filibustering.” And then Jill walks in with her hands on her hips and goes, “Now Joe! You’re not telling the kids you single-handedly freed the Pacific again?

Oh, crazy Grandpa Joe! The things you must say!

Barack: Hey Michelle, you know who’s cute?
Michelle: Who?
Barack: You are.


“And when we send all the bastards to hell they can tell Satan that Mad Dog Joe Biden sent’cha!”

And now for the presentation of the jerseys. Once again, Kwame Kilpatrick was NOT there to hand them out, thank you, Jesus. I’m starting to think it was the Obama campaign who made him step down just so they could campaign in Detroit and not be asked about him or see him or even consider the fact that he once prowled these streets, flacking for Hillary Clinton while sleeping with women who weren’t his wife, while firing the detective investigating him, while just being gross. Detroit should lobby for a Papal visit. They need an exorcism to make sure they get that Kilpatrick smell out.

Oh well. Guess Hopey McChange will have to do for now!

I just hope Title Town’s tenacity for wins rubs off on Team Obama. He’s gonna need it! That McCain is crazier than Mad Dog Joe. Joe is his own, one-man diversion. McCain’s got more stunts than Snoop’s got blunts. It’s a mad, mad campaign.

19 thoughts on “Detroit Gives You Red Wiiiiiiiiings!

  1. Seeing those lovebirds, Barak and Michelle, kissing and whispering sweet nothings into the each other’s ears, is making me feel deprived. “It makes me feel so dirty when they start talking cute. I want to tell her that I love her but the point is rather moot. I wish that I had Barak’s girl.” I gotta call up Eharmony and get me my soulmate too. Now stop picking on Old Crazy Joe, Danielle. He’s not giving them hell. He’s just telling them the truth, and they’re thinking it’s hell.

  2. Can we talk about the real issues here-what do you think of Michelle’s dress? If I saw it in a store I would probably pass on it but per usual for MO she’s rockin it. I wish I could wear practically anything and look damn good in it. That’s my goal for now on.

  3. draven7: You will not deny me my love of poking fun at Mad Dog Joe Biden. I love Mad Dog and as long as he keeps making brilliant sense and following that up with making no sense at the same time I will mock him. I will mock him with good humor and RELISH!sa: Michelle’s dress looked like something my mom would have worn back in late 80s/early 90s. It was a super “mom-ish” dress. But she’s tall, fit and shapely, and yeah, she can throw on anything and look good. I wish I could do it too.

  4. i just love this couple…michelle can wear a potato sack…with a belt of course…;) and barack will still cuddle up with her….

  5. Aaaaaaaah..michelle & Barack are so cute! I love seeing pictures of them together.."And hey kids! It's Grandpa Joe!" And then Jill walks in with her hands on her hips and goes, "Now Joe! You're not telling the kids you single-handedly freed the Pacific again?"Snob you had me ROFL with that..I needed that laugh..-MeanRose

  6. You just keep on loving crazy Uncle Joe, Danielle, and remember to invite him over on Christmas and ignore him when he starts reminiscing about how the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor and how we jumped the A-bomb on Moscow.

  7. As always, I loke these pics. That pic of Michelle on the stairs is hilarious.snob, I submit Kerry Washington for your latest subject. I saw some pics of her at the CBC gala where she was honored for her political activism and she supports Obama. She looked fabulous per usual.As for pop culture, she is a young fashionista. And, hey her education and background could be construed as pretentious.She is my style icon. I understand if you have to stay focused on Michelle. I will just stalk the black gossip sites for my Kerry fix.BTW, Draven your commentary is great.

  8. love the pics. and I love Jill and Joe Biden too. Heck, they look that they’re just having fun.Joe as the ‘Crazy Grandpa’, I can see it.

  9. Hi,Um, well, Jill’s outfit is more suitable. Michelle’s tank top with flat shoes just doesn’t hold water. Yes, it’s better than her hubby’s outfit, but, hell, he’s running for prez. Maybe if her flat shoes didn’t come across as so dime store…The real question is about your crush on Mr. Bellamy. I’m tryin’, but, really, there ain’t no feelin’. And ‘Bootylicious’? Talk about stealing. ~Joe Biden does look old, but he’s a better partner than Sarah Palin. McCain should have picked Carly Fiorina or Meg Whitman. Not because I agree w their policies, but because, at least, they can answer the DAMN questions. Plus, he already relates to the average joe so, having a hard nose businesswoman beside him to pick up what he desperately lacks, would have worked really well. They would have been a force to reckoned with, but now, he’s just a laughing stock. More and more Conservatives than just George Will will begin Palin-bashing.

  10. moody: I totally DO NOT find Bill attractive, but I find him trying to act like he’s attractive HILARIOUS! Which is why he’s under “And For No Reason At All …” Which has also featured young Tevin Campbell, Urkel, Grimace and now Bill Bellamy.

  11. Does Michelle ever have an off day? She always looks so good. She even managed to pull of that dress that looked like a sofa on debate night.

  12. i’m just gonna come out and say it: the obamas are a damn good-looking couple. michelle always looks so classy and fashionable. whoever said her shoes were dime-store quality is obviously not up with the latest trends these days. michelle’s black ballet flats are so cute and practical, especially for a tall woman who is on the go!!

  13. Grimace!?! hahahaaaaa.whew.danielle, you had me at ‘crazy grandpa/mad dog joe’good, i may have replaced oprah with michelle obama as my new future BFF. with or without ill-advised floral prints.

  14. If I were in Detroit this weekend I would have ripped that outfit and those shoes right off of Jill Biden.She is so stylish. She and Ms. M make a great one-two fashion punch.

  15. Joe Biden must ahve a thing for young black girls b/c this past saturday when he was in Greensboro, NC. I went to the rally. And as he was coming through the crowd I told him his ife was beautiful and he gave me a kiss on the forhead.

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