Designer Panichgul Pleased As Punch of Obama’s Love of His Florals

Love it, hate it, tre chic or couch cover, designer Thakoon Panichgul is thrilled that Michelle Obama loves his designs. And — get this — he wasn’t the one who introduced them to her.

From New York Magazine Online:

At a party in Milan, Robin Givhan ran into Thakoon Panichgul, who was still “giddy” about seeing his dress on Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention, especially because “she bought it herself and wasn’t styled into it.”

Impressive, yet this also explains why the dress fell flat with a few of us. Another viewpoint might have helped here. Where is that Maria Pinto? Doesn’t she have her two cents in this? If Michelle makes it to First Lady, Pinto will be the main designer to benefit.

And I wonder if he had something to do with this latest choice? Panichgul? I’m sure you’re a great guy and a very edgy designer, but don’t you have something that’s both cutting edge and not an attraction for confused bees?

13 thoughts on “Designer Panichgul Pleased As Punch of Obama’s Love of His Florals

  1. I’m not a fashionita by any means, but I believe this is part of the “softening” of Michelle Obama. I hate it and think it reeks, but I am reminded of something I read in Black Enterprise years ago. An man who successfully climbed the executive suite ladder shared that he often wears brown and/or tan suits, even though blue or black is standard. And why does he do that? Because it’s less “threatening.” I thought it was bunk until one day, my cousins were visiting me in DC when I worked on the Hill, and they look the former football players the were (in college) and they were wearing dark suits. They are dark-skinned and tall. We get off the elevator, and this white woman pulls on her kid, saying, “Stand back. These are very important people.” We DIED laughing…I think she thought they were Secret Service–but she was still scared! OMG. It’s a shame, but I think that’s what’s going on with Michelle. It wasn’t my fav, but she STILL worked it. She could wear a burlap sack and still look fierce…!!!

  2. anonymous 4:22 pm: Fashion is its own form of politics. It’s language. Most don’t think of it that way, but it’s true. Often how you look (along with your gender or ethnicity) can determine how you are treated.Like there’s a certain type of a suit on a dark hair middle aged white man that can take him from business man to mafioso really fast. Mafioso or politician. It’s like those people go to the same tailor.

  3. I actually like her dress. I’m sure when she put it on, Barak said, “You look lovely tonight, dear.” She liked it, and so did he, and so did I (trippin’)–and that’s all that matters. I remember when the new Corvettes came out in the early 80s and everbody hated the design, then later everybody loved it. Stay with it, Michelle. You are a maker of fashion.

  4. Dude, floral is so in so I’mma need all ya to get with the program. Michelle looked outstanding in that dress. I want a handbag just like it. Michelle reminds me of my aunt, a distinguished lawyer in D.C. who loves colorful clothing. It appears floral is Michelle’s thing. Think about it, does Michelle strike you as a woman who is told what to wear or does she make her own decisions? Point Made. Love the floral, Blacksnob, embrace the floral. Get with the program. Much love.

  5. anonymous 5:40 P.M.: I will continue to love the Michelle. I will … yeah. I’m sorry. I haven’t rocked a floral pattern since I was 19. The pictures grew on me just because I like looking at pictures or her (obviously). But I WILL NOT LOVE IT AND YOU CAN MAKE ME! 🙂

  6. Robin Givhan finally wrote a piece about Palin’s style. She struggled so very hard to be nice. In the end she even had to ask what everyone else asks:”Palin’s style serves as evidence that a woman can step onto the national political stage without having to manipulate her wardrobe into some torturous costume calibrated to make her look authoritative but not threatening, feminine but not sexy, serious but not dour. Palin proves that a woman can wear red patent-leather shoes and still take questions on foreign policy and the economy. The test, of course, is whether this particular gal knows the answers.”

  7. No Michelle can’t be “told” what to wear; but she can be told “what is expedient” for the election.

  8. You’re right.Where is Pinto when you need her?This dress is an exact replica of a grandmother’s couch.And with matching cushion tassles to boot!Softening or grandmothering? Jill Biden can get away w a softer business look, but Michelle must constantly dress down? Sucks, really sucks.

  9. …but don’t you have something that’s both cutting edge and not an attraction for confused bees?You. Ain’t. Right.

  10. …but don’t you have something that’s both cutting edge and not an attraction for confused bees?Had to change browsers…DAMN. STILL. ain’t. right.

  11. The Daily Show featured old folks’ commentary on the debate, and when Michelle came out, one of women called her a horse. To which the gentleman next to her replied that black women are often ample in the rear.

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