Tina Fey’s Palin Is Starting to Creep Me Out

10 thoughts on “Tina Fey’s Palin Is Starting to Creep Me Out

  1. Tina’s got Palin’s number. Her voice and mannerisms are hilarious. I think Palin’s vanity would make her feel flattered that Tina is riping her so well.

  2. One reason Ms Fey accurately mimics Gov Palin is that she is mimicing herself. Upper Darby, Pa, consists of the white middle class that orginally worked in factories and is where Ms Fey grew up. It suffers from the same sort insecurity of not being quite good enough or no one taking you seriously. Much is undoubtedly because it abuts Lower Merion Township-the Main Line Suburb of Philadlephia home of Grace Kelly and immense wealth-the kind of place you always put your nose up to the plate glass of carriage shops as you waited outside for your maid mother to finish the errands of her employer. So to become respectable you take up cheerleading and pageants to accumulate enough money to go to bigger things. you night even have talent enough to be in the theatre department of your high school, like Ms Fey, where all the kids, who don’t want to end up in their bifircuated neighborhood at the end of high school, hang out and be cool.Yep she is just being herself had she not gotten out of Upper Darby.

  3. I gotta agree with “Katie Couric”: Tina Failin is adorable.I also think Robert M hits the nail on the head. I spent my elementary school years in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, in Macomb County, the same sort of place. It’s a factory-worker county right next door to the ultra-wealthy Grosse Pointes. And just look at Macomb County’s <A HREF="http://wonkette.com/403082/americas-hottest-politician-has-fantastic-website“ REL=”nofollow”>commissioner! Look out America!

  4. Ok, I am started to get creeped out too. Primarily because I don’t think this skit is so much satire as it is re-enactment. I mean aren’t those essentially Palin’s exact words? LOL!

  5. While I saw the SNL skit on Saturday and giggled, ac’s comment above made me want to see the actual footage. CBS still has Part I and II on its site! What a delight to see where SNL got its inspiration. They took that too another level but much of her fumbles and mannerisms were on display thanks to Fey.But wait, I’ve got Canadian elections to concern myself with!

  6. CNN actually did a side by side, to show viewers how spot on the Tina Fey interpretation was. I expect Palin’s daughter to go into premature labor come Thursday. Thats the only way she’ll be able to get out of the debate. That or she’ll wear a very low cut top.Idiot.

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