Michelle, Campaign Warrior Queen … And Barack Too

First off, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden fresh from the debates in Florida on Saturday at Florida A&M University.

Per usual, Michelle is rocking the sleeveless look, but this time in a simple burgundy dress with a blue ribbon sash. She was glowing and her arms looked ripped (as always). Her look was simple, dressy, yet casual. The hair? Still awesome. She’s maintaining it very well.

Jill Biden also looked lovely (and caught a bit of Michelle’s sleeveless bug). She’s a gorgeous woman and looks like a “real” woman. No disrespect to Cindy McCain, but Jill looks warm, fun and friendly. She seems very earthy and sweet. That doesn’t mean that Cindy’s Cruella DeVille, she just sometimes projects an ice queen look when she’s actually not that frigid. Plus, the long hair on Cindy makes her look a tad too “Dina Lohan” as one critic opined. I wish she’d go back to rocking her pixie cut of 2000. It made her look hipper and smart. Now she just looks like Menopause Barbie.

It rained on Barack’s parade at a rally he and Joe Biden held in Virginia, but that didn’t stop him and Michelle from stepping out at the Congressional Black Caucus banquet in Washington, D.C.

I’m on the hunt for a better picture of Michelle’s dress. It looks very interesting and feminine. I’m wondering if the embellishments on the bottom are black flowers against a peach chiffon-like fabric. If anyone has a better photo (or a tip on who made the dress) shoot me an email.

8 thoughts on “Michelle, Campaign Warrior Queen … And Barack Too

  1. Joe Biden also seems madly in love with his wife, who comes across as engaging and beautiful. I can see why he loves her. There’s a rumor that the McCains have a loveless marriage. While they don’t seem too physically affectionate (they don’t smooch or display a lot of lovey dovey), they do act very supportive of one another. Come to think of it, I don’t see the Palins exhibiting too much affection. It wouldn’t surprise me if she got another man on side like some tabloids are saying. I’m such a gossip-hound.

  2. I have to go here. What is w/ Michelle and no lipstick? She does such a beautiful job when she uses it (see photo w/ peach dress on this page) that it makes you wonder why it isn’t part of everyday. She isn’t just Mom running to the grocery store in her sweats anymore. We desperately need to break the addict, ho mantra of BET/MTV and she will be a great role model.

  3. I just came here to ask for the pics from the CBC dinner.I will now ask for the pics from Detroit, and Obama in the rain from Virginia. You rock, Snob. Feeding our Michelle habit.

  4. Aaaaaagh!Michelle should not have left the house! That dress is loungewear! It is simply Not suitable for viewing purposes.Well, okay, she can wear it outside on the lanai….or at the tiki bar =D.Okay, Stop! I can’t take it anymore. She should not have left the house!

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