Barack Makes A Whoopsie!

From FOX News:

Speaking at a Congressional Black Caucus gala in the District of Columbia, Barack Obama recognized his wife, Michelle, who joined him at the event.

Obama told the pro-Michelle crowd that they would be celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary next week.

“She just about has me trained. Almost. I still do stupid things she tells me sometimes,” he joked.

As it turns out, the Obamas were married in October of 1992, and will be celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary next week.

Last year the then long-shot candidate flew home to Chicago to take his wife out to dinner to celebrate their real 15th anniversary.

13 thoughts on “Barack Makes A Whoopsie!

  1. Good Lord, He will plummet in the Polls after everyone hears about this one….LOl If America is more worried about Obama wedding date then our country big everyday problems then we have really sunk very low as a nation.

  2. He’s just caught in that time-warp McCain is using as his campaign platform. Kind of like jetlag, takes awhile to reorient yourself.

  3. That's funny, and registers with lots of married guys!My aunt (she & my uncle just celebrated their 40th) says she told him she was committed for the first 20 years, after that he was on a month-to-month contract.

  4. It’s easy to lose track of the years. I think it’s more important to get the dates right. If he had forgotten to buy a present because he got the day wrong, then Mrs. Obama has the right to complain and get out the rolling pin and whack him upside the head. It’s in the marriage contract.

  5. OMG! This is the end of the world as we know it! Seriously, women and men will be able to relate to this. Most men, mechanic or presidential candidate, seem unable to get birthdays and anniversaries right. A couple of my male friends call me to be sure of their anniversaries with their wives.

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