Michelle’s Debate Night Dress: Love It Or Hate It?

First off: Those Obamas love to hug each other (As you see in the pictures below). Not complaining. The hugging is awesome.

Second: When you’re as tall and as shapely as Michelle Obama you can practically wear a paper bag and look good, so when she wears something that features a floral pattern that reminds me of my Great-Great Aunt Bert’s plastic covered couch I think, “If I saw that on the rack I would barf.”

But then Michelle wears it and I’m all — I absolutely hate it, but DAMN it looks good on you!

The cut of the dress was marvelous. It flattered her figure amazingly. I couldn’t help but notice her silhouette from the back and thought that is the fugliest but most gorgeously fitted dress I’ve seen her wear thus far.

I hated the weird stripe of material at the vertical seams. I hated the black bow cocked to the side on the front of the dress. But she’s a 5’10” glamazon and she made it work with her matching heels and laser precision, cut-and-styled hair.

Naturally, I’m on the hunt of who the designer was. If you have any tips on who made it, please shoot a Snob an email. So my official verdict, love the dress pattern. Hate the material! She looked good, but … man, no more floral print, please! I beg of you, Michelle!

Michelle-a-holics? What’s your verdict?

39 thoughts on “Michelle’s Debate Night Dress: Love It Or Hate It?

  1. She can wear anything. It softens her look and was gorgeous with her skin and makeup. In the past Michelle has been type cast, for a certain group of people, as elitist and too powerful. Michelle and Obama’s campaign has the image consulting down to a max. Go Michelle; when you get into the white house: wear what you will!

  2. lol @ but it looks good on you!i could deal with the dress but the bow is what kills it 4 me. perhaps the whole thing looked better in person and just photographed terrible

  3. this was a FAIL in my book.Not an EPIC FAIL, but a FAIL nonetheless. I watched it after I did my first Live blog, and the debate party was headed to Applebee’s later and I almost lost my appetite when I saw it. But I will say this, this was the first time, for some weird reason that I noticed how shapely she really was.Perhaps the chicken and fish grease covered kitchen curtain pattern was such a stark contrast to the solid colors that abounded on stage, you couldn’t help but notice her shape.

  4. I can tell this probably looked a whole lot better in person. Her make up was gorgeous though and I am feeling the shoes. The last pic is LMAO for me because Cindy is killing it with the underwear line. Can you say “flat back”?

  5. Sandra,cosgin on the image consulting idea. My thoughts exactly but Snob was right about the fit. The fit was awesome.

  6. i love michelle but when she does prints, it’s usually a fail (the exception being a beautiful print dress she wore to the naacp image awards a couple of years ago). however, i admire her willingness to take risks and i think she’s trying to stand out on purpose which is cool given how boring potential first ladies usually dress. she should stick to solids for the next couple of debates, especially the last one. that being said, obama ’08!

  7. Wasn’t feeling the dress at all. But I do want to comment on the look on his face in the pic where she’s facing him with her back to the camera. That’s the face of a man saying “Hello, partner. Did I make you proud?”. I’m all verklempt over that look in his eyes.

  8. yeah, looks like you added some flickr pics. I loved the one where his eyes are closed at they embrace…ahhhhh

  9. I’ll ditto most of the posters. Poor Cindy McCain just looks pitiful when compared to Michelle…and that’s with Michelle off her game in that fugly patterned dress. But, she can work it even in a burlap sack. What really did it for me is when she and Barack met up, and he was all “Hey. How’s it going?” I just melted all over the place seeing the two of them together, and found myself inexplicably waving at the screen shouting, I loves you! I LOVES you! Then I turned to my utterly bewildered fiance and said, “You better look at me the *exact* same way when we’re their age!”

  10. The dress I believe is another selection from Thakoon Panichogul’s 2008 Fall RTW collection; the bow ( which I like ) appears to be her own embellishment.Personally I don’t think it was a fail. Not everyone can rock prints the way Michelle does and you have to give her kudos for the courage to wear them. She is definitely standing apart from the typical mundane potentential first ladies style of dress.http://www.style.com/slideshows/fashionshows/F2008RTW/THAKOON/RUNWAY/00060m.jpg

  11. vonnie: Thanks! I had a feeling it was another Thakoon, but without evidence I couldn’t print it. Will announce to world now! Thank you!And it’s true. Michelle is not afraid to take a risk and I do love that about her.

  12. You know the only time you ever see Obama truly light up is when he is looking at Michelle. The love between them really comes through in pictures. The dress? I like styles like that but that pattern is really strange. It really does look like the curtains that used to hang in my Granny’s dining room. However on Michelle it makes her look softer, and more accessible, definitely less elite. Yet she still manages to turn a curtain into a fashion statement. If Cindy or Sarah tried this we would all be laughing. Speaking of Cindy, what’s up with the panty lines and butt wrinkles in that red pants suit. Red is too harsh for her but who cares? All the money in the world and she still can’t hang with Michelle’s level of style.

  13. You can easily get sentimental seeing the Obamas romantically embrace each other. Their communication is strictly between themselves and genuine, not for show.

  14. She is truly a stunningly beautiful woman. When they hug you can see how real the love between them is. I agree with you that the floral design has got to go but considering the dress is ugly as hell she pulled it off. Very few women could wear something that ugly and still look good.

  15. Only Michelle could pull that dress off. That print was disappointing but the dress fit perfectly. I was watching the debate with a male friend of mine and once he saw her, he couldn’t stop talking about how right her body was in that dress LOL.

  16. I have to agree with Rayna, I love the way they look at each other, I love the way they touch. May their union remain strong. Love is beautiful

  17. There are not heards to describe how ugly that dress is. it look horrible on the emo model too. It belongs on furniture. It is not designed to move. the bow makes it worse.I am in tune w/ their love for one another but her clothes are so hit and mix.

  18. Ok, hol up. Is that Dr. Ruth sitting next to her in the 2nd and 3rd pic?no.that is Obama UberConfidante Valerie Jarrett, who is also featured in this month’s Vogue.thumbs up from me about the dress

  19. All I can say is “Barack must really love her in some florals”As for the dress pattern? FUGLY! I wouldn’t even choose it for Aunt Bertha’s sofa, much less a dress for the first lady. But of course, Michelle could wear a brown paper bag and look just fine.As for thefit? That’s another story. There is no question that it flattered her figure. So, if they need her to look “softer” it’s working. I hope after he wins, she gets to wear what SHE wants to wear.

  20. I loves me some Michelle…but I don’t think I liked that dress. I’m very willing to concede that in person, it might have looked much better, but in the photos it’s just too…I dunno. Too much.I can’t get over what a tiny waist Michelle has.

  21. Don’t like the bow but like the dress. I wish I could wear florals like that but I’m 5’2. I would look crazy.I also like the dress Valerie Jarrett is wearing. I’ve seen it worn on the red carpet by a few celebs.

  22. Hated it!!! A rare miss for Miss Michelle. But, her she still looks great, hate that floral print, it looks like a couch, and matronly, the cut is good on her.

  23. I know I’m being redundant but the way he looks at her is just so touching and beautiful. There is so much respect and love in his eyes.

  24. My first thoughts were WTH. Even though the dress was ugly, it looked great on her. She’s got a great shape. I think i remember her mostly wearing solids, maybe we need to go back to that.

  25. I hope I’m not the only one who feels that look doesn’t exemplify SOPHISTICATION/CLASS as expected of the potential First Lady. She needs to make up for that one. I’m not a Hillary fan….but she gets it right with the Power Suits!

  26. Anon. 11:54 – I hated Hilary’s ugly drone like personality less pantsuit uniforms. Ughhhhh!!!I love everything about this dress but I’m not into the black bow.Nona

  27. The problem wasn’t the pattern; it was the colors. Michelle is obviously a winter as far as her color pallette, as is true for most African Americans. The browns and beiges of that dress are colors of the fall pallette; think, red heads and auburn haired types. But, no worry. Cindy McCain has even less color sense than Michelle. She seemed to be stuck on orange and green (again, fall pallette colors)during RNC week which made her look absolutely sickly. She should stick to her summer pallette of soft, cool pastels.But, I have to agree, it’s hard for Michelle to look really bad in anything.

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