And the Designer of Michelle’s Debate Night Dress Is …?

Thakoon Panichgul! The same New York-based designer who made the dress Michelle Obama wore after her husband’s acceptance speech during the Democratic National Convention in Denver. The dress is part of Panichgul’s 2008 Fall ready-to-wear collection. (So happy the more shapely Michelle did not coordinate the dress with gray leggings, black lace-up heels and gloves. That model looks like an emo Jackie O.)

As I said before, I’m not a huge fan of the pattern, but she made it work. The black bow is obviously an accessory she chose to go with to give it a little something extra.

Thank you, reader Vonnie, for the tip!

9 thoughts on “And the Designer of Michelle’s Debate Night Dress Is …?

  1. My stan status for Michelle will not let me tell/accept how I truly feel about this dress. She made up for it on the trail today and I will continue to stan. Keep the pics coming!!

  2. the fit of michelle’s dress is great, but don’t care for the print either…and seriously, who told cindy mccain that red is her color?

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