Someone Stop the Bleeding

Lawd, have mercy. I didn’t think anything could be worse than the first interview. It’s like Katie’s Mike Wallace here. I actually winced through the uncomfortably long Russia-Alaska-Canada connection. It was beyond absurd. Especially considering the part of “Russia” they are near is the most sparsely populated part — Siberia — home of the arctic tundra, a few prisons and oil pipelines.

She also made a strange reference to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that didin’t make a lick of sense. Then proceed to praise Henry Kissenger then claim Kissenger was not for talking with Iranian officials or President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without conditions only for Couric to correct in the bookend to her interview that Palin didn’t know what she was talking about. Again.

And now it is officially depressing and part of me feels some pity. Katie? Why did you have to be so cruel? Why did you have to ask questions? Why couldn’t you have been more like Sean Hannity and stack your interview with leading, loaded questions about how wrong everyone is and how right she and John McCain are? Why would you just set up the pins so her talking points could come knock them down? No. You had to open your mouth, say things then expect Sarah to say things back. Mean, Katie. Sooo mean.

8 thoughts on “Someone Stop the Bleeding

  1. frankly, i’m surprised palin knows who putin is…she’s about as sharp as a box of hair…and not to be crass, but when i see and hear her speak, my butthole puckers up…

  2. It was almost too painful to watch. I felt, at the same time, so very sorry for her and also incredibly angry that anyone could consider this woman an appropriate selection for a vice presidential nominee. I hate that she tries to act as if all small town people are like her. She gives them a bad name. I am very sure that most small town people can string together a decent sentence. A feat which seems to be a bit beyond her.

  3. Among many other things – she needs a remedial vocab class.I’m sure when the interview was over Katie was like, “what the fuck was that?”I hate McCain for many reasons, but I really hate him for turning the US into a laughing stock by adding a moron on his ticket. How dare he. Dan Quale was a genius compared to this fool.

  4. That interview was so white trash, after sucking the roof of her mouth, I half expected her to whip out a can of Bud, still wrapped in a brown paper bag.Underneath that expensive hair cut, spiffy Japanese glasses, nice make-up job and designer suits is a woman who’s personality belongs inside of a trailer park.Its as if she thinks this is a fucking joke. Excuse the language, but im upset because she sucks, she knows she sucks, that old sob knows she sucks but they’re snug still. Simply because they know there are jackasses out there whom will vote for them, so as not to vote for the “exotic nigger”.

  5. The part that I find amazing is that this woman has a degree in COMMUNICATIONS. Not only can she not answer a question, she obviously has had no voice training and talks at the top of her throat. Anyone who has had Freshman Speech 101 knows better.

  6. the still shot you see before pressing play says so much: the mouth that struggling not to frown but failing. the moist, i’m-so-angry-that-i-can’t-curse-you-out-i-could-cry eyes. she is so on the defensive, struggling hard to keep from busting poor katie upside the head.she’s SO NOT the perfect counterpoint to johnny mac’s ever-ready-to-fight temper.

  7. i felt a little pity, too. i mean, i won’t feel any pity for her if she’s elected to office — then i’ll just be spitting nails. but she is just so WOEFULLY underprepared for this, it’s shocking.

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