Google Stalking: OMG! TJ Holmes is cheating on me!

27 thoughts on “Google Stalking: OMG! TJ Holmes is cheating on me!

  1. Oooh, I wouldn’t let her get away with that. I bet she’s probably drying his back right now after they got out of the shower together. I’d send her a virtual egg to be cracked on the hood of her car!

  2. snob please! that’s a typo. she meant “girl friend,” as in she’s just a girl that is his friend! (cue alicia keys) “marilee” don’t want it with me! i mean us. :Pseriously, though she was probably just his date.

  3. but now that i think about it, ain’t he mr. “if i have to wear a suit to go on a date with a woman, i probably won’t be seeing her again”? hmm… something in the milk ain’t clean, as fresh would say…

  4. It doesn’t look that serious to me. Look closely at the picture she is smiling more than he is and she is leaning into his chest more than he is leaning into her.I would bet the farm that he is still waiting for you to call him Snob. Why don’t you get your agent to call his agent. 🙂 But only for an interview. Make it seem like it’s only business because men really enjoy doing the chasing. Then in a subtle way let him know your are available.

  5. Town: DumbsvillePopulation: You!LOL, nah I kid, I kid.I gotta say, the picture is horrible, but it looks like she’s black and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see that!Shout-out to all the snowflakes, but c’mon ya’ll shouldn’t get to keep’em all to yourselves.

  6. Well, good riddance. I hope she takes him off the market, so there’s more hot, eligible ladies left for me. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. Farewell, TJ. It was real.

  7. Yep, it’s serious and she is indeed a sister! I have the inside scoop…if I tell ya more, I’ll have to kill ya – LOL. Seriously tho, both r really nice and down to earth people…don’t hate, congratulate!

  8. seriously, i’ve seen this site before and i thought “google-stalking” was kinda weird but kinda funny. my friend just sent me this link and i really wish folks could put a moratorium on the hate and say something positive here. the man looks happy to me and the girl looks pretty damn gorgeous (please don’t be mad at me for keeping it real – cute face, looks toned, nice dress and she’s BLACK!!!)! don’t cut her down, ladies. give it to them and hope that it will work instead of whatever it is you guys are doing. please? i hate to hate on positive people even if it’s supposed to be funny (only the men’s comments made me chuckle). that man is fine as phuck. too bad it’s not one of us, but i’m glad he’s glad 🙂

  9. ugh: I will concur with roslynholcomb. I know I’m joking. It’s all meant in jest and I really didn’t read anything mean other than some other readers being silly which is what we usually do with the TJ Holmes posts. They’re meant to be funny. I don’t think anyone is actually bashing Marilee. Actually, the consensus seems to be “Yeah! She’s a black girl!” And that’s hardly negative. That’s wish fulfillment.

  10. I, for one, don’t have it in me to “hate” TJ. The man is enjoying his good karma and I can appreciate this fact and can wish him well in all seriousness. TJ has a cool life, looking at the surface of things. I hope he continues to have good fortune. Life is too precarious to envy other people’s lives. One never knows what today or tomorrow will bring. When it comes to politics, though, I’m a pitbull without the lipstick, so my comments may seem a little brutal. A lot of it is just hyperbole. I’m only playing a little football and having fun.

  11. Well good for him. He needs someone to keep him entertain. I hope she plays her card right, because I will be first in line to scope him up, if she doesn’t.

  12. i’m pretty sure this is his girlfriend. they were in lenox today looking very happy and holding hands

  13. I’m pretty sure that’s his girlfriend… there are pictures of her at the Africare dinner with him and his mom. And its definitely not his sister.


  15. Go to the Africare website and click on the link for the 2008 dinner. There’s a gallery there, and another link to the photography company’s website where there is a TON of pictures.

  16. On youtube there is a video of a collage of pictures taken at some scholarship event with Susan L. Taylor and TJ(with his fine self!!) was the MC or speaker. Marliee can also be seen with him in these pictures. So…..*sigh* I’m pretty sure that’s his girlfriend. But at least she’s black!!

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