The Snob and Dallas South Chattin’ It Up On NPR!

Wednesday I went on NPR’s News and Notes for their bloggers’ roundtable with Shawn Williams of Dallas South and we had a lovely time. It was there we discussed racism and voting; the OJ Simpson tragicomedy that we both agreed is pretty much a non-story this time around. (No sex. No Othello/Desdemona race angle. No angry Goldmans. No news.); and how a man’s views on gender roles can affect his pay.

I’m still not quite sure how that last one works, but the study said what the study said. Go figure!

If you didn’t hear it live, take a listen now!

One thought on “The Snob and Dallas South Chattin’ It Up On NPR!

  1. Very interesting interview. I almost wished I could get in on it. I actually have a comment on each of the 3 topics. The first has to do with the comment that was read to you guys about how black people can vote for a black candidate and a white person that doesnt is considered racist. I thought that “point” was ABSOLUTELY invalid. I actually hate when people express that opinion b/c it invalidates black people’s ability to properly choose a candidate to represent the interests of this country/state/city/whathaveyou.On the OJ topic, I agree with you guys that this isnt “news” but I would go as far as to say that people dont CARE at all. They might be interested but they dont actually care. Many of us, especially in So Cal, cared last time b/c racial harmony in the LA area was incredibly tense. I’d go further but I’d get even more longwinded.Lastly, I thought the part about men with the women-belong-in-the-home mentality might have a simpler explanation. From my experience, some men, who didnt have that mentality before, inherit it when they make enough money to support the family themselves. Another aspect might be that others who have that mentality may be older and make more money simply b/c they’ve been working longer.

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