Michelle and Jill’s National Tour

This video and the following photos of Michelle Obama from Wednesday should put to rest any hairdo fears. It’s the same. She looks fierce. All is awesome as she and Jill Biden travel east to press the flesh and promote the Obama-Biden ticket. These pictures are from their visits to Allentown and Philadelphia, Penn. and pictures from their trip to Charlottesville, VA last week.

Loving the black pants suit with the large buckle belt and black/white flowers on the lapel. Very chic. Jill’s doing pretty good as well in that buttonlicious, military styled red jacket.

At Cedar Crest in Allentown, Penn. Michelle met with military families about the sacrifices they have made in the war effort. Michelle went for a subdued basic black again. I can’t quite tell, but it could be the same suit sans floral pins. Jill is obviously wearing the same jacket, so I’ll assume I’m right unless Michelle is pulling wardrobe changes between events.

And these are the pictures from last week of Michelle in Charlottesville, Va. She’s rocking the sleeveless look again with another floral pin similar to the ones she wore at the Democratic National Convention. She looks very lovely. As always.

And of course, this last picture is a photo of her Michelle with cooking show host Paula Deen. The episode Michelle appeared on ran Sept. 20.

8 thoughts on “Michelle and Jill’s National Tour

  1. See, now they look like they’re playing well together. I can’t begin to see Cindy and Todd on the trail together. Although that does have potential lulz.

  2. Smart move. Southern woman love Paula Deen. She represents those hard to reach working class white folks who wanna play stubborn when voting for Obama.Michelle is a total babe. No disrespect; but I’d smash.

  3. That’s good to know that nothing has changed with regard to Michelle’s hairstyle, Danielle. I’m told that the papazarri is still on DEFCON 1 in the event that things escalate. We need to stay inform and up-to-date on Michelle’s fashion changes. This is more important than some stupid 700 billion dollar bailout bill. Like who cares about that? Just joking, of course. You know Michelle is my honey bunny.

  4. I heard from friends who attended the get together inn SW Philly. Everyone was positive and begrudging liked Jill. But explain to me why you like these flower pins Michelle wears. They remind me of bakelite pins made in art class in second grade. Great to wear on parent/teachers night but they go back into the box after that.

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