Katie Couric Beats the Palin Pinata

When CBS News anchor Katie Couric starts getting licks in it’s time to be concerned. I’m not saying Couric is a bad journalist or a featherweight. I didn’t mind her all when she was on the Today Show. And sure, she’s the second-to-weakest link on 60 Minutes. (The weakest would be Anderson Cooper. I still don’t know why he’s there.) But when Katie starts pulling jack moves at the end of the interview pointing out how you are dodging her question, whipping out the “not to belabor the point” at the end, only to watch you slap yourself silly with the fact that you don’t know what you’re talking about you’re in trouble. No wonder Sarah Palin is being sheilded from the press. Sweet Betsy, someone might ask her a real question and expect her to know things like “facts” and “her running-mate’s voting record.” The best she can do is be Talking Points Bot 1.0. All she can do is regurgitate what they made her memorize. Shallow is as deep as this kiddie pool goes.

26 thoughts on “Katie Couric Beats the Palin Pinata

  1. I really don’t like calling anyone an idiot; but my dear does this woman fit the bill. I’d rather lick a subway pole than to hear that scratching and straining voice of terror…

  2. Yeah, I watched this last night along with my boy Olby on Letterman chastising McCain for not showing up. Palin is just dense. She refuses to talk about herself only talking about McCain’s ideas without admitting how Obama-like many of his ideas have become. But she knows she can’t speak about herself because everything she said about herself was a lie. Now that we KNOW it’s a lie, no one’s going to let her get away with it. Then, you ask her about real issues and she proves herself to be a “Category 5 moron” which I think Bill Maher said.

  3. So very cringe worthy. Two sentences in and I was so damn embarrassed for her I had to watch the rest between my fingers (palm to face). So very many things wrong with this person’s selection as a running mate. Loved Campbell Brown’s rant. When are those t-shirts coming out I wonder: “free Sarah Palin” indeed. free her, let’s see what she really is made of so we can all acknowledge the Emperor has no clothes

  4. @2:15: the lick finger and wave in the air…i just cringe…i have no problem calling this person an idiot…that’s exactly what she is…her handlers spent too much time filling her head with whoppers that she can’t keep them all straight…

  5. starrie: When I saw her lick her finger I was all, “What the hell is she doing?” You ask her a question and she starts playing Three Card Monty in front of you. She is such a gimmick that I hope is not working at all.

  6. snob:that palin family has a fetish with licking things…she taught that to hern youngest daughter….i’ll stop now…

  7. Come on guys! Did you except anything more from her? I didn’t but what is troubling to me is this country’s fascination with this woman. I think mostly everyone except for some hardcore Republicans feel she is severely under qualified to be VP. So what makes this woman so interesting? Is it her family situation? Is the fact that she is a woman? Is it her extreme conservative views on social issues? Well whatever it is its working & the American people can’t help but eat it up! She is grabbing all the headlines and doing what the Republican Party wanted her to do. Take the attention away from Obama. Just look at the constant threads & blogs about Sarah Palin! Now I for one am on the complete opposite side on social and economical issues when it comes to her but I don't have the "strong feelings" of distain that so many do. In my eyes, she is just like every other Conservative Republican in office. So instead of giving this woman so much attention, why don’t we as Americans concentrate on the BIG ISSUES and leave this irrelevant person alone to hang herself!

  8. geovanny: I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t think anyone expected her to do well. She’s running as the number two on McCain’s ticket. It would be different if we were beating up on Cindy McCain every day. She’s not running for anything and rarely acts as her husband’s surrogate. But she’s his VP pick. She actually is of importance. Plus, I enjoy poking fun at her just like I do with McCain (who I write about a lot because he’s the nominee). They’re a package deal.No one would talk about her if it weren’t for the fact that she could become vice president of the United States. Who the candidates are and what they stand for are just part of the issues you discuss in a presidential cycle. I think you can follow the stock market drama and make fun of Sarah Palin. At least I can. I’m not John McCain. I don’t need to suspend making fun of people in the midst of a financial crisis.I’m just saying, no one really can ignore her. She’s relevant to the race for the presidency because she was chosen. And her “newness” and the fact that we’re less than 40 days until the election mean the media has a very short window of time to explain who the hell she is. So they have to smash it all in at once. But the coverage isn’t exactly fawning. It’s more like who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose? Why won’t you talk to us? It would be different if you turn on FOX where everyone just sits around and lies to themselves about her awesomeness.Either way. Funny.

  9. i think we sorta have take palin serious…i have no doubts obama will win this election, but the repubs are sneaky…and have you taken a good look at mccain lately…he does not look well…i lived in phoenix for 14 years and he was the senator of arizona and he had much more pep in step than this display i see now…

  10. Wow.It’s painfully obvious that a lobotomy would actually make her smarter.But I finally understand why the born-again cretins spewing hatred and intolerance from their churches love Mrs. Moose Turd so much.If anyone can send this country spiraling into The Rapture it’s President Sarah Palin. (Oh does anybody think that McCain would make it to the end of his term? No way. The power-hungry barracuda would beat him to death with her bible first)Do we really want a sequel to the Dark Ages?

  11. Dont get me started on the FREE Palin garbage coming from Ms. Campbell Soup. SEXISM my ass.It is not because she is a woman that the GOP wont allow the press to ask her questions, its because there’s NO substance behind those damn glasses. She’s like the kids in school who wanted glasses to make them look intellectual. It works for Sarah until she opens her mouth…

  12. When you get served by Katie, you are an idiot. That interview was so bad, I almost felt bad for Palin. I bet she was starting to wished she had blinked when McCain asked her to be his running mate. Goodness this woman truly cannot answer a question to save her life, and what was that finger lick all about? Honey, you are not in the 8th grade anymore.

  13. Palin is such a bootlicker for John McCain. She takes every opportunity to kiss his gluteus maximus whenever she’s answering any type of question. In this situation, the real chumps are the media and American people for putting up with this charade and allowing Palin to regularly duck interviews. Unbelievable.

  14. The republicans should be shot for allowing this idiot to be there number 2 pick. If you cant speal and know what you are talking about, this is not the job for you.

  15. I don’t know what’s funnier — the interview, the post, or the comments. On any account, I’m thoroughly amused.As for the question about why we’re even paying attention to her — yeah, that’s a good question. There are more intelligent (literally) fish to fry. But I think this whole thing is intriguing because it’s all so. Damn. Absurd.You can’t make this stuff up. You really can’t.

  16. And I almost forgot… Katie’s face — “Am I really sitting here talking to this woman?” — priceless.But nothing beats that last line — “I’ll try to find some and I’ll bring them to ya.” (Smile.)*thud*

  17. LOL–the post, the clip, the comments–hilarious!When I first saw this I couldn’t help but find myself in a fit of gut-busting, side-splitting laughter–part total hilarity, part primal fear. [Actually, on this front and with regards to McCain’s shady shenanigans over the past couple of days.]To think that it is very possible (under a number of crazy-extreme circumstances) for her to end up POTUS…Gimme them damned suicide pills now, man…

  18. As a professional woman, I believed Couric’s interview to be quite tame. In watching the interview in its entirety, I was actually mad at Katie for being so light; she is normally pretty feisty! I noticed several instances when Katie was obviously confused by the responses, such as when she said that she and McCain do not support the bailout; or that consumers are to blame along with “predator” lenders (as opposed to predatory). Katie politely did not counterpoint or call her out for her obvious mis-statement. Katie was obviously attempting to come off as tame in this interview and underperfomed, in my view. The final question viewable in the posted inteview was repeated several times to give her an opportunity to regroup and rephrase her mis-statements. And what did we get? “Katie, I’ll find some and get back to you…” (or something ridiculous to that effect). I am a fan Black Snob, but I believed your interpretation of the interview to be off base on this one.

  19. erica: I actually don’t think Katie is a good interviewer, that’s why I said it was pretty bad if Palin could still come off horrible in an interview Couric. It should have been easy for Palin, but she still managed to botch it. So I was overstating Katie’s capabilities, but it was really in an effort to point out how weak Palin was if she still couldn’t come off as believable in Couric’s interview.And I agree that Katie was lackadaisical, but it was in the final question where Katie finally attempted to be assertive. The trick to keep asking someone the same question when they’re being evasive was to get Palin to either filibuster or hang herself. And by chirping out “I’ll get back to you with something,” is another way of getting her to admit she knew nothing. Only Katie did it in her own way, rather than, say, Chris Matthews who would have tried to smash her skull in with the asking of the same question three times. It’s pretty standard. I think Matthews pulls it on someone once a week and with Russert it was almost every interview, only he would try to kill people with their own words.

  20. Black Snob,I will be using your PayPal account to help a sister out. Your blog is wonderful addition to my regular reading on a daily basis. I believe that Katie tossed Gov. Palin a few low balls in order to diffuse the chatter among certain people in certain circles that everyone is out to get Sarah! “Its a witch hunt; stop talking about her family!” Etc., etc. We all know the drill. If Katie had pulled a Chris Matthews, then those moderates and independents may have dug their heels deeper into the dirt for McCain/Palin. Now, the undecideds, independents and moderates have to start asking some tough questions about her as a viable candidate for VP!

  21. Was Palin high during the interview??!! Do we have to worry about a pothead being one cancer diagnosis away from being Commander-in-Chief??!!Bourgietopia

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