Black Snob on NPR News & Notes!

The Snob is going to be on NPR’s News and Notes’ black bloggers roundtable today! I’ll be on with Claudio Simpkins from Hip Hop Republican and Shawn Williams of Dallas South.

We’ll be talking that new study about whites’ racial attitudes towards blacks, the continuous tragic/comedic drama that is O.J. Simpson, and pay differences when it comes to gender roles and tradition versus non-traditional perceptions of men and women.

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8 thoughts on “Black Snob on NPR News & Notes!

  1. I thought the talk was interesting. You sounded as I had imagined–really intelligent. Your co-guest offered some good insight too. I didn’t understand the results of the survey about men who supported having wives stay at home. I don’t see how this attitude actually causes men to earn more income. I just think men who make more money are in the position to allow their wives to be homemakers. I don’t see cause and effect here, as the host implied. Anyway, that’s small potatoes. Good show!

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