Whoops! Nevermind! Celebrity Moment: We’re All Cool Now

It seems I got Melody Thorton confused with Mel B., the mother of one of Eddie’s bajillion children. As you may recall Mel B. aka Scary Spice sued Eddie Murphy because he refused to acknowledge that she had his baby. In the end he relented (because that was sooo his kid). But he’d jerked Mel around, unceremoniously dumping her for Babyface’s ex-wife, Tracey Edmonds. He almost married Edmonds, but that didn’t quite go as planned.

Anyway, bygones appear to be bygones as Eddie surfaced at her birthday party and they happily posed for pictures together. Perhaps Eddie grew a pair and soldiered up for the kid. It’s the right thing to do, so I’m glad Eddie has stopped acting like a spaz over her.

So never mind!

Now if we could only get him to stop making crappy movies.

In other news: here are some more pictures of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon that I forgot to share with you. For those who don’t know, I am forever bewildered at Nick and Mariah’s coupling and can’t stop staring with my WTF face on. At least they, and by they I mean Mariah, are dressed normally.

These pictures are from the Canadian Idol show.

8 thoughts on “Whoops! Nevermind! Celebrity Moment: We’re All Cool Now

  1. studpoet and aja: You know? I just saw the name Melody and went the wrong way with it. I thought she looked “different” but I figured she’d just lost weight or something. And I wouldn’t know a Pussycat Doll if she was walking down the street. I have no clue what the heifers look like.Thanks for the correction!

  2. Danielle, that’s a big oops! I’m really not too hip on current celebrities, but I know Melody Thorton hardly looks anything like Scary Spice, except for the fact they have a lighter hue. That’s almost as bad as white people mistaken black people because “we all look alike.” (Hee,hee) That Eddie is a lucky stiff in either case. He does have his pick of the litter. Yummy. On the subject of Mariah and Nick, you have to recall that Ms. Carey had a few mental issues in the past and they might explain the union. I won’t be surprised if another breakdown is in the works. Also, we might be underestimating little Nicky. Eddie Murphy joked that if a man can make a woman go “wooo” in the bedroom, he basically has won her heart and she’s wrapped around his finger. You go Nick!

  3. Nick and Mariah look good! I think they look lovely together and don’t they seem happy in these pics? Let’s not be so cynical about love, and simply wish them the best.

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