Songs For Your Moms: Wayne Brady Goes R&B

Wayne Brady has always been a bit of a conundrum to me.

On one hand he is extremely talented and funny. On the other he can be cloying, annoying and corny. A lot of that has to do with the persona that works best for him on television, but he’s obviously a gifted man with his ability to do improv and the hilarity that was his carjacking, pimping skit he did for Chappelle’s Show a few years back. It demonstrated that Brady was self-aware and knew that the sight of him cursing and threatening prostitutes would be both jarring and ridiculously satirical. Next to “Black Bush” and “Rick James,” it was one of my favorite skits.

That being said, Brady has just released an R&B album. He’s a decent singer and dancer — I’m shocked he hasn’t been on Dancing With the Stars yet. White people love the shit out of him. He reminds me a bit of Johnny Gill, minus all sexual tension. Nice and neutered.

The song he’s released, “Ordinary,” is very, very ordinary. It’s a generic pop/R&B song with no creativity or modern touches. It sounds like something from the mid-90s that Brian McKnight would have passed on.

Brian McKnight isn’t exactly Mr. Sex Appeal, but he knows how to pick and write a good love ballad and/or slow jam as the anti-R. Kelly.

Other songs have more promise, like the somewhat Motown influenced but modern “I Ain’t Movin” and “You and Me,” but they’re still a little lacking in umph. (You can hear the samples on his Web site.)

I probably won’t buy the album. (What am I saying with the “probably?” I totally won’t buy this.) I like my music with either complexity and inventiveness or I want it to be the slickest and sickest of commercialized pop. “Ordinary” is neither. Senor Baby Wipes, actor Terrence Howard, recently released an album and while he clearly needs a singing coach to improving his breathing control, it’s sonically interesting. I actually downloaded a few tracks. I’m not saying Brady needs to go all fey on an album with string arrangements, flutes and childrens’ choruses, but I think he could have gone a lot slicker and sicker than this. Why waste such good pipes on the pedestrian? His album should be all over-produced power ballads and funky, uptempo dance numbers for your moms.

Not ordinary.

9 thoughts on “Songs For Your Moms: Wayne Brady Goes R&B

  1. “He reminds me a bit of Johnny Gill, minus all sexual tension. Nice and neutered.”Wow. That line was hilarious.I’ll give this album a look, just because I’m a Brady fan. I’m not expecting it to be very entertaining, but it’ll probably be a bit interesting.Hopefully.

  2. I took a listen to Brady’s music. It’s very generic stuff, not bad however. The first song reminded me of Jermaine Jackson, although I wouldn’t buy the CD. In fact, I rarely buy music these days anyway. The music industry has passed me by, leaving me stuck in a time warp, somewhere between 1972 to 1987. Peace and love always

  3. I laughed all the way through Mr. Baby Wipes album the first time and then it grew on me on second listen. I kept it. It is at the very least – interesting. The vocals though… LOL.As for Wayne Brady, I’m going to commandeer and listen for the lunchin factor. LoL.

  4. jazzy: I don't blame you. It's forgivable if an R&B guy isn't the best looker if he has the pipes and persona to sell it, but trying to get your romance on with some Wayne Brady in the background will make it feel like someone let your brother Jaleel White dressed as Urkel into the room to watch you as you and your date try to make-out. Not saying Brady = Urkel. But I needed the most awkward visual possible.

  5. Nice and neutered. Damn Snob that was cold! As for Slickback Ivanhoe I won’t be buying his album either. It’s enough that I have to see him on film.

  6. faith: Hey. All I’m saying is I felt nothing while listening to his music. He could have been singing about tax returns. Or Geometry. And Senor Baby Wipes IS everywhere, isn’t he? I’ll have to look at him again when I buy my Iron Man DVD. But I find him hilarious more than anything else.

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