Randomness: Searches on Michelle Obama’s Hair UPDATE!

All day long I’ve had an increase in traffic due to a massive Google search on Michelle Obama’s hair. My friend Janet may have found the reason why:

Nothing to see here, Michelle fans. I’m almost 99.9 percent positive she’s just rocking a ponytail. I should have more concrete proof of her unchanged hair status Wednesday when press pictures of her events from Tuesday and Wednesday morning come out. But I sincerely don’t think the glamazon would do anything drastic to her hair before the election is over. The biggest moves she’s done so far were to drop the Condi Rice flip and start using a new hairstylist.

Below is the original post.


My site has been inundated with searches for Michelle Obama’s hair today, and for the life of me I don’t know why. Normally I’m right on top of any Ms. O fashion and style news, so I was pretty befuddled when I started getting all these search hits. Especially since she’s been rocking the same ‘do since she was touched by the “flat iron of God” during the Democratic National Convention.

Maybe I’ll do my regular Michelle photo search tomorrow and find something different, but from what I can gather, Michelle-a-holics, this is what her hair looked like as of Monday in Madison, Wisconsin.

14 thoughts on “Randomness: Searches on Michelle Obama’s Hair UPDATE!

  1. Nope, it looks like the same hairstyle to me. Keep posted me if you find anything–I’m waiting with bated breath. I’ll alert the media if I notice something afoot myself.

  2. draven7: What? You’re not hooking a Snob up with some sick ass Michelle hair gossip? I thought I finally snagged me an insider! Someone who could just read the labels on the inside of Michelle’s clothes and IM them to me. šŸ˜‰

  3. Okay, Danielle, I’ll give it a try. Reading those thong labels might be a little tricky, though. They usually go where the sun never shines. Hee, hee. Plus, there’s too many secret service agents around to do this type of spying. I’ll have to hide in the closet and wait till she hangs up her clothes and grab them. Oh, joy, this is the best job ever! You don’t have to pay me, if I can keep a few souvenirs.

  4. urban thought: Yes. It’s insane. I average about 1,500 hits a day. Yesterday I got almost 3,000 and the vast majority of it was over her hair. I was like WTF and wondered did I miss something until a friend told me how her hair was pulled back in a video and that might be the reason. But yes, some people are Michelle admirers (like myself and the bulk of my readers) and others are stans.There are a lot of stans.

  5. anonymous 9:46 am: I do love Michelle bundles, but once I coincidentally developed a legion of Michelle fans reading this blog it became my goal to make this place the number one spot for discussing all things Michelle Obama. And this is for fun, superficial discussion. I typically leave the heavy lifting to the wonderful women at <A HREF="http://www.michelleobamawatch.com/“ REL=”nofollow”>Michelle Obama Watch which keeps track of all the serious stuff.

  6. just fyi I saw Michelle Obama this evening in Philly and she definitely did not have a new hairstyle, I think it was just a ponytail in the video. I really enjoy my daily dose of Michelle from your blog

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