The Sick of Sarah Palin Club: Alaska Chapter

Recently when Gov. Sarah Palin returned to Alaska after being picked as John McCain’s running mate she was greeted by 1,400 Alaskans who though McCain picked the wrong woman. While most of America was still falling in love with the self-professed “hockey mom” who is just like us, these individuals, mostly women, felt the need to point out that not everyone was head over heels for the Manchurian vice presidential candidate.

These are from the Alaskan Women Reject Sarah Palin Rally that happened over a week ago.

The woman in the hockey jersey and long, braided ponytails was quite inventive, putting her sign “Hockey Mama For Obama” on a hockey stick. I also enjoyed the new take on the McCain-Palin logo, reckless-inexperienced.

This woman’s sign doubles as a weapon. Perhaps she feels the need to be armed with a spiked wooden stake because “Palin is a dangerous northern extremist!” … and a vampire.

This one reminds me of the flag of the US continental army with the rattlesnake and “Don’t tread on me” written on it. Only it’s a black crow telling me to “beware of tricksters.” Kind of creepy, but I like it.

Palin has a pretty devoted following in Alaska so it’s not surprising that a few non-Palin fans feel some folks have spent a little too much time drinking the Palin-aid and trying to convince others it’s refreshing and delicious. Carly Fiorina tried the Kool-Aid and wouldn’t you know it? It came right back up.

Palin, quite famously, fought the government when they were trying to put the polar bear back on the endangered species list. I don’t know if Palin knows this, but we’re largely a nation of animal lovers to the point of lunacy, especially if those animals make cute plush toys. I’d love to here her try to explain why she wants to kill Knut’s relatives. Seriously. Answer that in a way that doesn’t sound heartless to the bear-of-any-kind-lovers in the lower 48. And you don’t want to mess with PETA. Those mo-fos are crazy.

They sent Michael Vick to prison over dog fighting. Granted, he was a despised black man, but former Sen. Bill Frist killed some cats and Judith Nathan Giuliani killed some dogs,
both in the name of some “questionable” science and serious ass covering. While it didn’t “dog” them politically, it would have if either (or their spouse) had ever gotten out of starting gate.

Anyway, Frist’s presidential dreams died with Terri Schiavo.

Agreed. Sarah Palin is a lot like Bush in a skirt. Oo! Ooo! What’s the difference between Gov. Sarah Palin and President George W. Bush? LIPSTICK!

It’s understandable that this kid would point out that Sarah Palin does not speak for him. She doesn’t speak for a lot of women and children based on her policies. I don’t know where to begin almost. I think the most outrageous was how as mayor of Wasilla the city charged rape victims for their testing kits. As if it weren’t hard enough for sexual assault victims to seek help and get justice, now the indignity of being charged for an unspeakable act being perpetrated against them. Palin has backed off from this, even though the state legislature had to create a law to stop the charging. And, shock-shock, Wasilla was the only town doing this.

She should be glad she’s on the bottom of the ticket because if she were up top she’d be hanging out with Rudy “One Delegate” Giuliani.

You’d think that “God’s will is not a foreign policy,” but I’m almost positive “because Jesus told me so” is the Republican Party platform. I still don’t know why the Prince of Peace would want to hang out with some contradictory war hawks (I’m almost positive Jesus is a dove), but whatever. Who want’s to listen to a Jewish carpenter with a “God Complex?”

15 thoughts on “The Sick of Sarah Palin Club: Alaska Chapter

  1. its really reassuring for us in the lower 48 to see these pro-Obama folks. i am embarrassed, i was like half-expecting expecting to see these people knee-deep in snow and maybe a neighborhood of igloos… going to go read a book

  2. The crow symbolizes a trickster in many Native American spiritual beliefs. Quite appropos. Palin embodies all the negative white women I’ve encountered my whole life. The ones who wouldn’t p*ss on you if you were on fire, but are all chummy when everyone else is around. It’s a fakeness that makes my stomach turn. your blog a lot. Nice balance of fact and fun.

  3. greer: Thanks for the tip about the crow. I had a visceral response to it, but I couldn’t figure out why. That explains a lot.And Palin does remind me of the PTA president/Den mother/Texas cheerleader stage mom from hell. I also have a very visceral reaction to her, but I know why.And I’m glad you like the blog. I try to keep it fresh!

  4. I wish the MSM would give these folks some airtime. But then, they would be accused of being partisan, pro-Obama wingnuts who just don’t “smell what the Palin is cookin’ “Just like those investigators with Troopergate. How they went from a bi-partisan committee to a Democratic-style witch hunt against America’s hockey mom is some feat of magic.BTW, congrats on the awards! I gave a girl a vote or two; now if we can translate that into some cha-ching for you, then we are doing good.Deedlelee

  5. I think the crow actually represents what we’ll all–Dems and Repubs–eat in November. Being a pessimist on Obama chances is the only way I know how to deal with let-down. I don’t trust the American people or the polls. I think it’s all a set-up. I feel a lot of people are saying they’ll vote for Obama, then when they get behind the curtain, they’ll pull the lever for McCain. After each election, many people lie about who voted for. Dem voters already had buyer’s regret at the end of the primaries and Obama barely beat Hillary. Well, I’m also supersitious and will root against the team I want to win. I play a sick game of reverse psychology on myself. In the end, however, I’m not disappointed because I had no expectations. I feel sorry for millions of people come Election Day. There’s going to be gnashing of teeth, much than worse than 2000.

  6. Wow I love it!!!The other day I had a light bulb experience regarding this election. I was changing after working out and there is this older lady about 60 or so, we have given the standard smile, but never any conversation.This day she asked me about the election. Immediately I thought oh goodness I am going to be jumped by all these McCain people in here (at this time most of the women in the changing room were older white women) and so I said oh, I just can’t wait for this thing to be over, trying to avoid my support of Obama.I guessed she sensed my unease and immediately she looked at me and smiled and said “You know I am an Obama girl!”My mouth was on the floor at that point I am sure, she began to tell me why Palins son was ging to Iraq; she was like she needs to stop talking about it as if this were some honorable thing because if he didn’t go to the army he was going to jail. Her daughter is a supporter; I learned more about this woman than I ever thought I would.Previously I assumed wrongly that she was just another one of these suburban white women, who didn’t want any interaction will Brown people as my kids would say; just wanted to live her comfortable life.I went on to share with her about my family and that day a relationship was forged.I told my husband I will never make that assumption about a white person again, in my area it is sooooo RED, I couldn’t fathom Obama supporters would be where I am, at least not like her.After reading this post I just wanted to share my experience, so when I see folks like the ones in the pictures I am always amazed by their passion.We have come along way….

  7. Glad you checked out the Alaska bloggers–especially you coverage of all things snobby and uppity!

  8. reason, I can conquer with a similar experience you had. I went to the voter registration desk at my city hall to sign up for working the polls. This 50-ish white woman with bleach blonde hair and a Dolly Parton made-up appearance began to help me. Of course I assume that she saw me as "the enemy", secretly scoffing at my desire to work the polls. As I was putting down my info, she began helping another black woman and said "this election is VERY important, we all have to get out and vote. We begin the absentee early voting in a few weeks, be sure to get here & cast that ballot for CHANGE". She and the black woman exchanged that knowing look. It was an eye-opening experience indeed.

  9. I’m not surprised. I loved their signs–all of them! “Hockey Mama for Obama”… my fave.I’ve had experiences like reasontogether, too. They are eye-opening and dare I say, refreshing as hell! I’m surrounded by white folks (not being facetious) on any given day and I haven’t heard or seen ANY McCain/Palin bumper stickers, haven’t heard anyone utter those two names, etc. I DO see Obama’s name everywhere. Signs in people’s windows, on their lawns, etc.I’m optomistic that Obama has a real chance in November. I’m scared to think of anyone else having a chance, so I don’t. 🙂

  10. “I’m almost positive “because Jesus told me so” is the Republican Party platform. I still don’t know why the Prince of Peace would want to hang out with some contradictory war hawks (I’m almost positive Jesus is a dove), but whatever.”I am so glad you brought this issue to light. I work with a bunch of single-issue voters, and though all of us are Black, I think they want to vote for McCain for that very reason. Perhaps they confuse the words of Dr. Dobson with those of Christ? So sad…But I am glad to see that even in her home state, people are not “drinking the Palin Kool-Aid.”Great blog post, as always.And I agree with those of you who find something fake and unsettling about Palin. She reminds me of a former boss who was all smiles until she fired me out of the blue.

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