Naomi, Serena and Michelle

If I could get all these women in the same room plus Gina Torres, Venus Williams, Vanessa Williams and Aisha Tyler I would totally die from “shero” overload. Here are some of the latest pictures of three of my favorite internationally known sistas. Takin’ the world by storm one glamorous catwalk, tennis court and podium at a time.

I am not ashamed to say that I love Naomi Campbell even though she’s obviously bipolar and has/had a bit of a drug problem. I realize she is a cell phone assassin, the Nokia Ninja, creator of the Blackberry Beatdown technique. But for some reason the fact that she got in a fight with London cops at Heathrow over airplane staff being “racist” to a gorgeous, wealthy black supermodel endears her to me more. It was crazy, but all I could do was applaud. Apparently the fashion world agrees.

Most models Naomi’s age have retired, but she’s still in demand and fly as ever. When you’re that beautiful almost everything is forgivable. Almost.

These pictures are from the ISSA fashion show during London’s Fashion Week.

Naomi Campbell used a cell phone and no one caught one to the head. That’s a good day in Naomi’s world.

Ridiculous. That’s her being fierce at 38, folks. Thirty-eight and one of the few women from the era of the supermodel in the 1990s who’s still stomping down the catwalk. To quote RuPaul, “You better work!”

Who’s that girl? Any fashionista readers know who this model is? She was almost as fierce as Naomi.

Naomi and mystery black girl model take the final walk with designer Daniella Issa Helayel.

US Open champion Serena Williams made an appearance Thursday at an event honoring the 60th anniversary of Israel’s independence. I don’t know how I feel about the dress. On one hand, I kind of love it because it has this throw back appeal, a mix of the 1920s and 30s for inspiration with the black lace and umpire waist. But then on the other hand, it sort of makes her look a little boxy. That, and I think her hairdo is a tad too matronly. She’s a young fashionable thing. I would have liked to see something a little more dramatic, but I suppose it’s conservative hair to go with the semi-conservative umpire mini dress.

And now for my favorite, incredible, unstoppable black woman, la femme Obama, Michelle O.

Another lovely sweater set and long, draping pearls. She looks positively enchanting at this Women for Obama gathering in Greensboro, NC. The hair is still looking flawless and … oddly, she still doesn’t look very angry. No chants of “kill whitey” or anything remotely similar to that. And I just have to mention, what black person actually uses the word “whitey?” Outside of George Jefferson, I’ve never heard it used. The only term I’ve ever heard to describe white people was “peckerwood,” which is pretty popular with black Arkansans of a certain age. Otherwise, no matter how mad most black folks were/are I’ve largely just heard a generalized complaint about “white folk.” Nothing fancy.

There are other pejoratives I know of, but “whitey” is not among them. Very lame rumor, people. Do some research before you make up a malicious lie. Like, ask a black person. You know? If you, like, actually know one.

That said. Michelle stays fly.

Change we need, indeed.

14 thoughts on “Naomi, Serena and Michelle

  1. "The only term I've ever heard to describe white people was "peckerwood," which is pretty popular with black Arkansans of a certain age."Ok, I had to LOL at this one. I'm an Arkansan, and the first time I heard the term "peckerwood" was when my grandfather was going off on this white guy that cut him off while driving. Come to think of it, I actually haven't heard it used outside of Arkansas. BTW, I'm in St. Louis too. S&S

  2. Serena’s hair and make-up are on point but that dress is not really becoming at all IMO. Naomi, Naomi, what is there to say, she is crazy as all get out but that is a fierce sista. Still rocking the runway at 38!

  3. I really dig Naomi and it doesn’t bother me that she’s crazy because I bet she’s a wild woman, if you know what I mean (wink). My only concern is that she seems to exclusively date white men, and wonder if it’s just a money thing. If she’s only likes white men per se, I’m glad she’s crazy. It serves her right to lose her mind. Michelle is definitely the one to marry. Naomi is a day-tripper.

  4. I don’t think the style of Serena’s dress is bad, but I think she would look better in bright colors. If it was magenta instead of white that dress would pop. Or if it was in royal blue with the black lace edged in gold or something. Or even white with silver lace or just about any bold color with the black lace? The white/black combo isn’t doing it for me.

  5. Um I really admire Serena but I didn’t think that dress flatters her at all. She needs to ditch the black eyebrows too. Naomi is still #1 for a reason. At last we see a return of some Black models to the runway.

  6. Um, I’m from East Texas originally, and peckerwood is still used pretty commonly by the older black folks in the deep-in-da-woods towns near the Arkansas(!) border. It was probably the first racial slur for whites I ever heard. One of the funniest things about the whole “whitey” ridiculousness was the datedness of it. Whitey? Is this some 70’s movie starring Pam Grier fighting back against the “Man” flooding her neighborhood with drugs? Good lord, this woman is a Princeton grad and she’s gonna use the term “whitey”? If it hadn’t had such viral legs in this backward and racist country, it would be too stupid even for the people who cooked it up!

  7. peckerwood?No.cracker?yepNaomi is crazy, but fierceDon’t like Serena’s dress, but still love her.And Michelle rocks…but, you already know that..LOL

  8. Peckerwood, ofay, cracker, casper, honkey, blue-eyed devil are the most commonly heard slurs for white people that I heard growing up in Chicago. I’m with you Danielle, I’ve only heard whitey used in blacksplotation movies most often penned by white people. Yes, I can’t help but adore Naomi. No matter what she does. She’s fierce and she’s angry but she has a lot to be angry about. She caught hell growing up in mostly white London schools and it didn’t get any better when she got into fashion. More poer to her.

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