Carly Fiorina Strays From Talking Points, Truth Escapes! Cram It Back In Quick!

Is former Hewlett-Packard CEO and John McCain spokeswoman Carly Fiorina secretly a member of “The Sick of Sarah Palin Club?”

Because she totally went off message Wednesday, first saying on the radio that Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin was not fit to be a CEO of a major corporation then tried to fix that damaging statement by saying that no one running for president or vice president could do the job she could not do as she was fired from Hewlett-Packard.

“Well, I don’t think John McCain could run a major corporation. I don’t think Barack Obama could run a major corporation. I don’t think that Joe Biden could run a major corporation. But on the other hand, a major corporation is not the same as being the president or the vice president of the United States. It is a fallacy to suggest that the country is like a company.”

“She would know,” quipped MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. “She got fired for running that company.” (“Carly Fiorina’s mouth meet Carly Fiorina’s brain,” CNET)

No, but wait! She didn’t mean for that to come across like it did! But now it’s too late. The markets are a mess and she inadvertently reinforced McCain’s gaffe-riddled “the economy is fundamentally strong” and I-don’t-know-much-about-the-economy statements.

From The Boston Herald:

(T)he Obama campaign pounced. “If John McCain’s top economic adviser doesn’t think he can run a corporation, how on Earth can he run the largest economy in the world in the midst of a financial crisis?” spokesman Tommy Vietor asked.

Once so tightly wound that she never went off message, Fiorina’s had some trouble jibbing with the McCain campaign. Up until this point it was for most memorably espousing a different stance on contraceptives from McCain. Fiorina also came across like she was trying to big up herself even though, as I said before, she was totally fired from her job as CEO.

Ms Fiorina’s problems began after a sympathetic radio host heaped flattery on her business record – she rose from a secretarial position to run Hewlett-Packard, before being pushed out – before saying Senator McCain “thinks [Mrs Palin] has the experience to be president”.

He then continued: “Do you think she has the experience to run a major company like Hewlett-Packard?” Ms Fiorina replied: “No, I don’t. That’s not what she is running for.” Later, on television, Ms Fiorina was asked about her comment and said: “Well, I don’t think John McCain could run a major corporation.” (The Independent)

But like Peggy Noonan pronouncing off-camera that it was “over” after McCain picked Palin, when held down and told to stand behind this Palin person more accomplished Republican women find themselves forced to swallow bile and pretend like Palin has something they don’t.

This is almost akin to going on television and explain why your husband’s new mistress is a better wife than you were.

Some facades were going to crack and now we probably won’t see Carly’s for some time. All her upcoming media appearances are canceled and down goes the financial face of John McCain.

13 thoughts on “Carly Fiorina Strays From Talking Points, Truth Escapes! Cram It Back In Quick!

  1. Hi, Snob!Love your site! Great pieces on Hagel and Fiorina, but the paranoid part of me can’t help but wonder if this is all some Rovian plot– now that Palin’s negatives are up, and her true, odious nature– corrupt, heartless, anti-intellectual– is being exposed, maybe they think all these attacks on Palin will allow them to once again paint her as a victim of that big, bad Estabishment? After all, as dumb as it was, the whole “Look at those elitists attacking Sarah!” line did help her numbers early on.Hope I’m wrong– I despise the McCain-Palin ticket, and want to just enjoy the schadenfreude, but given how quickly the media swallows conservative memes, I can’t help but worry.Oh, and could we please have more updates about how Agent Selassie is doing with the Jolie-Pitts, please? (:

  2. brian: Oh, a lot of this is Rovian, with the McCain Campaign’s efforts to turn this “historic election” into American Idol. And the Republicans are very adept spouting whatever needs to be said to get elected. (Hence why Carly’s sudden case of “ego” was so surprising.) But I expect everyone to play their usual roles, media included. We just have to hope the Obama Campaign is prepared for absolutely anything. Like the McCain’s could adopt a kid from Africa. Claim that makes their ticket historic too. The could even name him “Barry,” because that sounds more “American.” All the black! None of the aftertaste!And I am working on another installment on the Jolie-Pitts and the rouge agent in pull-ups. (I’ve stockpiled a bunch of Jolie-Pitt gossip for fodder.) I’m going to try to get it up before the week is out, or by Monday next week.

  3. I like it too when I see the Repub spokespeople trip up and get their comeuppance (I know it’s bad karma). I’ve been fired a couple of times in my life and I used to feel for Fiorina, particularly when she went on the “they did the wrong” circuit after leaving HP. But since becoming a spinmeister for McCain, she’s turned into a she-devil with her angry digs against Obama. Fiorina looks like an old girlfriend of mine, and I thought she had sex appeal, but now she’s officially off my hot MILF list. It’s a sacrifice that I make to the cause. Viva la Revolucion! Nancy Pfotenhauer is another one that I don’t like. That fake smile looks like it’s going to crack sometimes. Have you noticed that many of the top Repubs are hot blonds? Hmmm.

  4. Sorry for my constant blabbering. I get tired of myself sometimes. I’m so full of it. Forgot to mention Peggy Noonan, though, and why I dislike her too. She’s so self-righteous and pompous, and she also acts like there’s a title preceding her name. When she’s yick yacking on TV and dumping on Obama, she does it in the most condescending manner, like she’s so superior. She’s a very vain woman and fortunately she’s having less and less to be conceited about as her patrician looks have faded over the years. I know I shouldn’t enjoy these things, but I do. Please lord, keep me humble, kind and handsome. Amen.

  5. LOL…I know subconscious backstabbing when I see it….Carly was straight up twisting the knife! LOL I guarantee you that Cindy will let one slip before Nov 4th….you can take that to the bank (but not WaMu!)

  6. I still think Fiorina and most of the other republican women are upset that they were passed over for someone attractive and let’s face it, Fiorina looks like a dude in drag. It must leave a bitter taste in their mouths to know that they’ve went to college and worked hard and still get passed over for a woman who wears lipstick outside the lines of her mouth.Sandy

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