And For No Reason At All … Michelle Obama

I kept trying to think of a serious reason why I needed to throw up some pictures of Michelle Obama, but then I reminded myself that I pretty much find any excuse to put some photo of her up in some form daily. So, I’m dropping all pretext of newsworthiness …

She just wore a light blue sweater set and a pair of gray pants I liked with one of those pins, similar to the ones she wore during the Democratic National Convention with her Maria Pinto and Thakoon Panichgul dresses. These were taken at the Working Women’s Forum in Richmond, Va. Wednesday. She looks so natural and effortless and pretty. Le sigh.

16 thoughts on “And For No Reason At All … Michelle Obama

  1. shani-o: I know. I saw the O’Reilly thing. I thought about posting something but every now and then I like to just ignore the fake outrage. They want to be douches and make the perceived “anger” of a candidate’s spouse an issue, fine. Can I make Sarah Palin being a wingnut an issue? Because she’s actually on the ticket and IS a wingnut.

  2. The angry pictures of Michelle are in that same stash with Obama’s secret letters to bin Laden, since, you know, he’s Muslim and isn’t really patriotic and all.But enough cynicism. Let’s just enjoy the fabulousness that is our 5-foot-11 Fairy Godmot– I mean, Michelle Obama. :o)

  3. She ain’t angry. There’s a lot of tough black women around and she’s one of them. I happen to think she’s also very sensitive. Did you see her tear up a few times at the convention? I know women like that. In private, they’re tender and emotional. But don’t make they mad, they’ll tear you a new one.

  4. You gotta love her beautifully tapered fingers as seen in the first photo. I mean, really: she could kick a puppy, or run over an old lady or something and I would still think she was the most perfect woman ever.

  5. I’m in school in North Carolina right now. And of course one of my teachers had tons of tickets for the rally but didn’t tell anyone until the last minute so I couldn’t go.

  6. I think that Michelle’s beautiful, I hate that Faux News continues to try to paint her as an “Angry Black Woman”. She’s going to make a great 1st lady

  7. Michelle is a Queen. She is all that. That black family makes my heart swell everytime I see photos of them. They have done more to uplift the psyches of the black community than I could ever dream possible.

  8. Sigh – the awesomeness that is Michelle O. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do Snob. Don’t worry – we’re all for ya’.- More Michelle. It makes up for seeing less of the weeMichelles now that they are back in school. Such adorableness girlpie, reminds me of my niece and all my little cousins.

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