Michelle another best dressed list — with Fergie?

People Magazine has placed Michelle Obama and Fergie Ferg at the top of their best dressed list. While I’m (of course) not surprised that Michelle got the nod, I’m going to have to question to the integrity of People’s “hot or not” fashion evaluation system.

Rounding out the top 10 — and making a campaign statement for fashion — was Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, who was given high marks for a look that was “classic and confident.”

“She has a look. She works it with confidence, and she knows what looks good on her,” said People’s Style Editor Clarissa Cruz.

But Obama played down the notion that her sense of style might be anything close to couture, telling People: “Some of my favorite summer dresses are from Gap and H&M.”

Others who made the cut include: Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Heidi Klum.

OK. That stellar list of fashionistas makes me, once again, really question Fergie’s inclusion on this list. Do they not have eyes?

Oh, and for those of you playing at home, Michelle continues to rack up the fashion accolades (even when she has the occasional off day) while for her rival future First Lady Cindy McCain is getting …. hmmm, sounds like crickets. At least some invertebrate find her fashion hot.

10 thoughts on “Michelle another best dressed list — with Fergie?

  1. Kudos to Michelle. Ms. President can really do no wrong in the dress department. He body is like a perfect mannequin.Rihanna also deserves the accolade. For whatever she can’t do in the dancing/singing department she has surely made up for in the fashion dept. Chick stays on her game looking good.Her and Michelle make it seem so natural.

  2. HUH????????????? Surly this is a joke on PEOPLE magazine’s part? The last few times I have seen “Fergie” she has looked like she’s been ridden hard and hung up wet!!! She looks more and more greasy and grimy. Best dressed? I think not!

  3. something really bothers me about fergie although i can never quite put my faynga on it..and of course, michelle is very deserving

  4. This has got to be an error. What style does Fergie have? She looks like she smells bad if you ask me – just all… raggedy. And do something with that hair for God’s sake. Damn!

  5. Fergie is definitely a WTMFF were the fashion panel thinking when they put her on the list. Two other head scratches, IMO, were Eva Mendes and Rihanna (she’s never met a buckle or leather strap that can’t be made into a garment).Snob, you forgot Sarah Jessica Parker, always a fashion crowd pleaser.Bourgiestan

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