Doomed Romance: Part-time Lover

They say a bird in hand is better than two in the bush, but that never stopped a lover from pushing a romance, a sexual infatuation that was doomed to fail.

Mama said that everything that feels good to you is good for you, but you choose to feel good, for that moment, anyway, in arms that were never yours to begin with, savoring a kiss meant for someone else.

That’s the story of our latest tale of romance gone wrong between a woman and her “best friend with benefits.


I loved Jay, way more than I should. Come to think of it, I still do love him. Just from a distance.

He was my bad boy. I had been with my high school sweetheart, and we were going through one of our phases. We broke up. The very next day, I met Jay. He made me laugh, and he had that certain je nais se quoi. He screamed sexuality.

I could feel the electricity coming off him.

He had beautiful thick wavy hair, killer dimples and he was a football player — which was a plus because I liked athletes and often dated them. He was interested in little me as a conquest. He also had a fiancée. I didn’t know about her at the time, and quite frankly I didn’t care who he had or what he had. I wanted him. For the first time in my life I decided to take charge. I went for it and him. It was good and he was off the charts. His motto was make every stroke count. And I did.

Things got to be a little too hot and heavy, and I want to cool things off for a while. I went back to my high school sweetheart, but I was still seeing Jay on the side. Finally I got back in touch with my inner good girl. I decided to make him my New Year’s resolution, but unfortunately I had let the genie out of the bottle. He and I were destined to try our little fling again. I lasted from January 1 to November 8. I just couldn’t leave well enough a lone. This led to the demise of my relationship with my high school sweetheart. Deep down he knew I had stepped out on him.

Me and jay would go on to do the friends with benefits thing for more than a year, and eventually I got back with my high school sweetheart. Eventually Jay called me to tell me that he was getting married, and could he singing “Rock me tonight for old time sake.” He said he wanted to be with me because I wouldn’t tell — unlike all the women he slept with in the bridal party. At any rate I turned him down, and he said he knew that I wanted him. I had to let him know that He was just a phase to me, and that the sex wasn’t what I thought it was. He was a selfish bastard and it began to show. He was angry with me. He called me back to let me know who he was marrying. It was a girl that stayed across the hall from me in the dorm. I was her mentor at one point. She relished telling me that she was marrying him. He was upset for me wishing him well, and I went on to marry my high school sweetheart.

A man that finds a wife finds a good thing. A woman that finds a man not so much.

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