The Sick of Sarah Palin Club: Relief on the way?

Not since I sat through three hours of “Titanic” waiting for the boat to sink have I wanted so desperately for something to end.

Thanks, sadly, to an unstable financial sector, veep candidate Sarah Palin has been nudged aside just a bit so some real news could get covered. But there are other indicators that Palin person will finally be reduced to her more human-like stature. A little less Annie Oakley of the Artic mythology and some regular, greenhorn politicking, lawyering up against ethics investigations and avoiding all contact with the press.

Because, dear Lord, we don’t want to know what could happen if someone asked her a question in a situation where she couldn’t quickly defer to her talking points on a teleprompter.

Along with this I have some portents of what I hope signal the official end of the Moose burger era and a return to rationality to some degree.

Conservatives Turn On McCain-Palin: This Huffington Post story doesn’t take any sort of official poll on the matter, but points to some conservative word jockeys who are a little annoyed with John McCain for blowing his “Country First” credentials by picking a candidate based solely on her ability to jazz up the base, but not on her ability to do anything other than that.

It features this clip from Richard Cohen of The Washington Post:

His opportunistic and irresponsible choice of Sarah Palin as his political heir — the person in whose hands he would leave the country — is a form of personal treason, a betrayal of all he once stood for. Palin, no matter what her other attributes, is shockingly unprepared to become president. McCain knows that. He means to win, which is all right; he means to win at all costs, which is not.

Palin’s Favorability Numbers Eroding: crunches the numbers and thinks Palin’s pluses are going flat. They cite her appearance on ABC in an interview with Charles Gibson and Tina Fey’s adept mimicry on Saturday Night Live as possible factors in the dip.

The Research 2000 poll for Daily Kos now has Palin’s favorability-unfavorability scores at 45-44 — just a +1. Six days ago, when the poll, launched, she was at a 52-35, a +17 …

(T)here is a similar decline in her numbers in the Diageo/Hotline poll. Her favorability numbers in yesterday’s Hotline poll — today’s isn’t out yet — were a 48-36, or a +12. But a week ago, on September 8, she had been at a 48-24, a +24.

I just want it to be done. Is it done already??? Or does it end after her interview with Sean Hannity? If Sean gives her some “grrl” power will she finally recede to the background?

10 thoughts on “The Sick of Sarah Palin Club: Relief on the way?

  1. Oh please. Sean Hannity will be handing her some canapes on a silver platter while asking her how she makes her bouffant so perfect. As he may want his wife to rock that style in bed during role playing.He won’t ask her any tough questions. She’ll be pacified even more so than she was with Charles Gibson. But maybe, just maybe everyone will see that twat for what she is, a waste of legs and ovaries wrapped in a nice skirt with an assnnoying voice.Harsh choice of words but im sick of her, I’m sick of the Resnublicans and I’m sick of the Dumbocrats. Since when has making our country better turned into a game? If I hear Obama, uh uh uh, his way through a conversation I’m going to scream. Where the HELL is Hillary? Is she so vindictive that she’ll hide away grinning at Obama’s light faltering that she’ll allow that twat to get into office, a woman who may someday help decide what Chelsea can and cannot decide to do with her reproductive system? Politics isn’t always nice. We have Democrats running over to the other side and a much quicker pace than we have Republicans coming over to ours. And where is Michelle? Can’t they get her to say a word or two about Ms. Thang? Never thought I’d see the day that Democrat became synonmous with Running Scurred Bitches.

  2. anonymous: I envision the Palin interview to involve Sean brushing her hair and asking her how she makes it so soft, then grooming her like a cat.Or doing the “grrl power” thing where he just tells her how awesome and cool and independent she is.And I think no one’s piling on Palin because they don’t want to make the race about her, which is what John McCain wants them to do. (Especially if it means they can use the negativity to rally the base around her and the McCain-Palin ticket.) The race can’t be about Palin. I still want people in there throwing punches no doubt but she’s the sideshow in this three ring circus of an election.

  3. Hey Snob, just so you know…There is some idle talk of impeaching ‘Sarah AK Pain’–check out some of the AK bloggers, especially

  4. Obama is asking us to just be patient. This whole Palin mess will blow over soon. He knows it. He is continuing to take the high road and just waiting it out. He’s got so much intelligence and class. I really respect him. I knew he was a class act the moment I began reading his first memoir. I’m not freaking out as much as I was. Sarah Palin is an idiot and everyone with any intelligence knows it. Smart Republicans know it.

  5. Hey they are going to roll her out every week during sweeps week like they used to do on TV shows. It’s going to be Palin Sex Tapes, and Palin Miss Alska tapes or Hockey Mom week when the NHL kicks off their season. They are going to put her in NASCAR and maybe even sewing an American Flag.It’s not over yet so buckle up to be more shocked with how far her own party will go to demean women.

  6. I only hope that our long national nightmare that is Susan Palin is over. But I doubt it. To me, she’s the most off-putting politician since Ronald Reagan, who took office when I was in college and still cutting my liberal teeth. Everytime Reagan made a speech on TV, I found him insuffurable and never understood why everybody made a fuss over him. I get the same vibs from Palin. Ironically, though, I don’t dislike George Bush II too much, outside of his disastrous policies. I see him as a frat boy schlemiel whose brain neocons simply hijacked years ago. So far, I haven’t seen in a weakness in Palin that I would make me feel empathy. She just comes across as arrogant and–at the risk of being called a sexist pig–bitchy, and I don’t mean this in a positive way either. Sometimes it’s good to be a biarch, however. They get things done, as they say. Since it’s still a good possibility the Repubs will win in November, I’ll have to find some redeeming quality in her or I’m going to suffer through 8 long years again.

  7. I would love to think that this was over, but I have been incredibly surprised the ability to ignore the issues in this election. I mean come on, this woman is crazy and vastly inexperienced yet people are taking her seriously as a vice presidential candidate. a vp who, if mccain is elected, is virtually certain to become the commander in chief. i do not have faith that the palin hype will subside soon and that really really scars me..

  8. which ass is sean hannity? the one with the bowtie? no matter…i want this palin crap over too…where is hillary and bill? supposedly obama had lunch with bill on friday and i know had a laundry list of demands before he and hill come out swinging…since it’s clear the undecided folks cannot retain info, i think the dems are waiting to the last possible moment before they gut punch mcbush and co…mccain has made his best move with palin and this is all he’s got…

  9. True the undecided make up their mind at the last minute.Obama needs to continue to ignore Palin. She is not at the top of the ticket. Keep hammering on the issues and McCain. The Repubs want the Dems to go after Palin. It’s a distraction.Palins numbers are going to continue to go down as the Independents and Moderate Republicans learn how far right she is.

  10. Maybe we should ignore Palin. But considering she has gotten the Republicans so much attention, new voters and swayed some Dems to come over, we need to knock the witch down a couple of notches.When she becomes insignificant, then we can focus on how much McCain looks like a Mummy with no reasoning as to how he can not run this country into the ground.

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