Michelle Obama’s Hair Slide Show

5 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s Hair Slide Show

  1. Although the picture is a little dark, I like the side profile pic the most. Very nice. I also like her hair when she was in the green dress at the DNC.

  2. When I first saw it, I didn’t like the picture from Vogue, but it has definitely grown on me.LMAO at the subtext of the post, Snob. You gotta step up your game – someone’s trying to replace you as Michelle-a-holic #1!LOL

  3. rikyrah: What’s really crazy is I already have all those photos. I was hoping the blogger had something I didn’t, but since I’m too lazy to make a slide show I had to give them a shout. Believe me, if we’re going to walk down that path called “Michelle’s hair” again I’ll be blowing up Zapruder-like footage of every follicle.

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