Obama a no show, but Tina “Palin” Fey appears on SNL; Anderson Cooper loves tight black shirts and more

Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin’s ultimate doppelganger popped up on Saturday Night Live Saturday and she was even better than I could have ever imagined.

Tina Fey, I take back anything bad I’ve ever said about you and I salute you. Good show, madame. Good show.

I couldn’t have been more pleased.

So many of us who saw this were right. Fey and Sarah Palin could be long lost siblings. With the stupid bouffant hair and the right pair of glasses, she was the epitome of Palin perfection, even her northern Midwestern accent was on point and Chicago Tribune writer Maureen Ryan concurred.

As the program came on, there was Fey in a bright red blazer. She was the spitting image of Palin (or wait, is Palin the spitting image of Fey?). Even Fey’s flat Palin-esque accent was perfect; Fey had obviously closely studied the interviews that Palin gave to ABC on Thursday and Friday …

As (Amy Poehler as Clinton) spoke, Fey-as-Palin struck sexy poses and pretended to fire a shotgun. “What an amazing time we live in,” she said. “To think that just two years ago, I was a small town mayor of Alaska’s crystal meth capitol.”

I loved the route SNL took with it, contrasting Palin’s relative newness, inexperience and fraudulent yet “Manchurian Candidate” feeling with a scorned Hillary Clinton who viewed as an undeserving profiteer of her tough loss in the Democratic Primaries. (A pregnant Amy Poheler looked way more like Clinton than usual because of her puffy face and additional poundage.)

My favorite part was when they compared their battles with sexism, where Hillary had to deal with a lot of negativity and vilifying because of who she was and what she represented (I believe the terms “bitch” and “grating” were thrown around a lot), while Palin is being objectified for her sexuality and good looks, with the bulk of her criticism coming from tangible, suspect issues demonstrating she was not vetted by the McCain campaign.

As for Barack Obama’s scheduled appearance, it was canceled at the last minute due to the campaign’s sensitivity over the Galveston/Houston area being battered by Hurricane Ike. And was that a freaky hurricane to watch? I mostly watched CNN’s coverage reporters getting beat up by wind, rain and the ocean and, oddly, of Anderson Cooper removing, then putting back on then removing then putting back on his red CNN parka.

Per usual, Andy was wearing a fitted-to-obscenely-tight black shirt.

And it was surreal with Houston being a ghost town with the exception of crazy folk who showed up in a chicken costume or pretending to swim behind Anderson as he attempted to report the news.

The way CNN and Cooper himself handle his causal, metrosexual, withholding, but nervous newsman style, I have to say, Anderson seems to be the only anchor on TV who actually displays sex appeal overtly on television. (Rick Sanchez tries, but he’s the Rob Riggle of CNN.) This critique doesn’t mean Cooper’s the only sexy person. Gosh, no. As readers may have noticed, I dubbed Sir TJ Holmes of CNN Weekend the sexiest teleprompter reader, but TJ never wears a muscle shirt when he’s covering some flood or tornado in northern Arkansas.

Although I wouldn’t mind that. Not at all.

Seeing Anderson Cooper in a black muscle shirt is almost the equivalent of a hot news woman baring cleavage or wearing tighter, more alluring outfits while reporting, like the women who do the news on Univision and Telemundo. The Spanish speaking airwaves are filled with voluptuous figures with huge chi-chis, sometimes baring cleavage and oozing sex appeal. FOX News does a lesser, slightly more buttoned up version of this, but CNN and MSNBC are all complicit in hiring young hot people to deliver the news (as chronicled in one of my favorite “The Daily Show” sketches of 2008, “NILF: News I’d Like to Fuck.”)

If those shirts get any tighter during natural disasters I fear CNN will start playing Scorpions’Rock You Like A Hurricane” when AC360 comes on.

The weirdness was further contrasted when Dan Rather was brought on via satellite for an interview about storm coverage (since Rather pioneered live hurricane reporting). Rather, of whom I’ve never seen as “sexy,” still has that perfect anchor man voice and devil-may-care panache. Despite being the crappiest of the three major network anchors in the 80s and 90s (he was always coming in third to Peter Jennings and the iconic Tom Brokaw), I love Rather, largely because of his “Ratherisms,” notoriety for spitting out some crazy Texas turn of phrase and his occasional loss of composure, often like he was breaking the “fourth wall” of reporting by going into something bizarre, like ending his newscasts with the word “courage” or saying “somewhere in the Bible it says … keep hope alive” when the Coast Guard was out trying to find John F. Kennedy Jr. after he flew off and got himself killed, further fueling my speculation that his uncle, Sen. Ted Kennedy, is the highlander.

Well … it’s either him or West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd, newsman Mike Wallace, news satirist and columnist Andy Rooney or talk show host Larry King.

I’m still betting it’s either Byrd or Wallace.

There can only be one!

18 thoughts on “Obama a no show, but Tina “Palin” Fey appears on SNL; Anderson Cooper loves tight black shirts and more

  1. right on point Tina Fey.kinda mad me feel bad to Hilary, though, all the ish she went through and now Sarah is “claiming” to be the victim.

  2. Palin almost scares me more than Cheney does.Anderson really knows how to rock a tight black tee.Rick Sanchez=Rob Riggle, perfect!

  3. artchess: I was jokingly referring to my misunderstanding of her “Bitch is the new black” joke which I did not get or appreciate at the time. Other than that she’s rather inoffensive to me and can be funny, although I’m not a big fan.

  4. Bwah! I was hoping someone else had noticed AC’s extra-smedium tee! He is determined to retain the “Too Sexy To Be Doing This” title, isn’t he? Between that and the fact that he spent his show in waist-deep water nervously watching poisonous snakes and dead rats float by, the whole show yesterday was a big puddle of ??? to me.

  5. Don’t hate on the too-tight Tee! I was watching because Anderson pulled out the guns to keep my interest in CNN’s coverage. I know my milkshake won’t bring Andy to the yard, but I sure would like to go to his!

  6. tina rocked it as palin. i really thought for a minute it was palin. this is probably one of the best SNL skits ive seen, cause im not all into the show.

  7. Palin’s voice deserves to be parodied. It’s truly annoying and she’s in desperate need of a coach. While she’s obviously an attractive woman, she does absolutely nothing for my libido. I would much rather check out the NILF chicks and Hillary Clinton. Even Nancy Pelosi is sexier than Palin to me.

  8. I heard on the radio this morning that Palin “chuckled” at Fey’s SNL skit, and that she actually dressed up as her for Halloween once…so I’m thinking what did she do, wear her hair down???Anderson is my boo. lol! He’s always got that intense “Im mad concerned about this situation- look”

  9. I wonder if SNL will have an effect on media coverage like the previous skits regarding the treatment of Obama/Clinton during the primaries.I have not seen TJ in any “mother nature” coverage lately. Snob, maybe he is made of 100% brown suga and can’t get wet!

  10. HIGHLANDER!!! Okay this is so unrelated to the bulk of your post, but whenever I find other black folks that were/are fans of Highlander (I used to be in LOVE with Adrian Paul), or at least know what it is I get really excited. I can count on one hand the number of people I know personally that know the show, three of them are related to me.On another note, I love your blog. It’s smart, very funny, and, as of late, the first place I come to get reassurance that it’s not just me thinking that there are segments of the population that have lost their effin minds. Keep it up!

  11. Imgregory..Did you just say Highlander! There can only be one! LOl..About 2 years ago I collected all of the TV seasons of Highlander. 🙂 Ok back on topic..I was anticipating Tina to play Palin and she rocked it. -MeanRose

  12. @ anonymous 8:13–one of the funniest moments in Saturday’s CNN coverage to me was during the morning show when Betty Ngyuen, who was out in Houston getting rained on, said to TJ, “We need to get YOU out here in one of these red rain coats to help us cover this.” Dude straight up SNICKERED at her, like “chick, please! I ain’t trying to get catch pneumonia and get my pretty mug all sliced up by flying tree branches and whatnot.”

  13. i’m just here to proclaim my undying, everlasting, unwavering love and lust for anderson cooper. if he really is in the closet, i hope he stays his ass in there because i do not need him screwing up my work-day fantasizing, because then id have to do actual work and im REALLY not having that.

  14. Andy’s not in the closet, he just hasn’t announced his orientation on CNN’s Breaking News or AC360. If it’s any consolation, he likes brothas and latinos. If you want news or gossip about all things AC, read Gawker, they have a hard-on for that silver fox.

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