Say What? Cindy Dresses Better Than Michelle? Methinks Not!

But then I’m biased.

From Shiny Style:

Cindy McCain overtook Michelle Obama as the more stylish potential First Lady in a poll conducted by E-Poll Market Research. Thirty-six percent of respondents said McCain was stylish, while only 28 percent said the same about Michelle Obama.

Jackie Kennedy came in first, naturally, with 48 percent, and Hillary Clinton was at number 10 with only 7 percent of people saying she had style.

I could go into all the ways this is all kinds of wrong — like how Cindy has no imagination and doesn’t take many risks. Or how her rotating banal to Star Trek looking outfits at the Republican National Convention did nothing for her (although I thought her extensions looked good on the last night of the convention).

Or how Michelle gets rave reviews for so many fashionistas that insane supermodel Tyra Banks played dress up as Michelle for Harper’s Bazaar. Or that Vanity Fair put her on the best dressed list two years in a row. While Cindy gets rave reviews from … um … I don’t know. (Little help, anyone?) I think there was some compliments when she slipped on the size zero jeans for Vanity Fair or Vogue or whatever. Who cares? She put on some damn jeans. The only Americans who do that are everyone!

I could go into how wrong it is, (like how Cindy looks and dresses like a retro Barbie doll) but I’m going to let you do the heavy lifting on this one, fellow Michellistas.

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33 thoughts on “Say What? Cindy Dresses Better Than Michelle? Methinks Not!

  1. Michelle has a much better sense of style. All Cindy has are expensive outfits. After Michelle becomes First Lady she’ll have couture as well.

  2. Playing dress up in cookie cutter granimals for adults and calling it style is easy – taking an outfit and making it your own with imagination, grace and flair and owning the audience now that is style- Michelle has it so over Cindy.

  3. Not only has Michelle a unique and very refreshing sense of style, but her cloths look better on her. Michelle Obama’s feminine poise makes it hard for one to take their eyes off of her. She’s grace, intelligent and enchanting. It’s not that I don’t care for Cindy McCain, I’m sure she is a pleasant lady, but Michelle Obama is in another league altogether.Camelot all over again but with a slightly different face on it…………

  4. Cindy McCain is proof that money can’t buy style, but it can buy an a whole lotta aluminum foil outfits in a wide variety of colors, like lemon-lime and fanta orange.

  5. Mrs. McCain is as sharp as a dull butter knife.Style is more than the ability to buy the St. John fall catalog – it’s knowing how to put the pieces together, how to accesorize and when and where to wear them. Mrs. McCain does not have that innate sense while, clearly, Mrs. Obama does.

  6. “…Cindy looks and dresses like a retro Barbie doll”Why, of course she does! Isn’t Barbie the reprensentation of (White) beauty in America? If your’e trying to appeal to old White folks, how else would you expect her to dress. Heck, they’re even “dressing down” the former beauty queen V.P. candidate to make her look more frumpy/appealing to their constituants. I’d take Laura Bush over Cindy!

  7. Cindy McCain reminds me of the Ice Queen from the Chronicles of Narnia. Her skin looks like powdered milk. As far as style goes, expensive garments do not equal taste. Michelle slays her in the style dept. Michelle reminds me of the sista who can make you want to go and cop the outfit she’s wearing that she got from Tar-jay.

  8. michelle can makes stylish headlines by simply wearing a $150 dress and belt…how much money does cindy mccain spend on her clothes to prove to americans that she’s just like us…

  9. Cindy relies on her clothes to define the statement she makes i.e. her clothes define who she is – they say I have money and know how to spend it. The clothes wear her and are largely interchangeable cookie cutter style – i.e. garanimals. One from column A one from Column B. Ms. Obama on the other hand wears her clothes and controls the message rather than the clothes being the message. People focus on the messenger and the message rather than the clothes with Ms Obama. Michelle clearly says there is more to me than the clothes. To be fair to Cindy when you have nothing of substance to say you and are an empty suit you have to let your clothes speak for you.Michelle embodies style and substance – substance with style trumps a well dressed empty shell any day.SMH

  10. More stylish? I think not.Cindy needs to learn that incessantly wearing bright Trekkie-esque outfits will not help stop her from looking like Death-Warmed-Up Barbie.

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  12. Absolutely love this blog! There is a certain ease about Michelle and how she wears her clothes. I like Cindy’s clothes and she wears them well, but Michelle is different realm. Also, this notion is scary to most people who are not accustomed (or ignore on a regular basis) to seeing a confident, classy and pretty black woman. I tell all of my friends that this election has been eye-opening for some and mythbusting for a large percentage of the US population. To refer to a black woman as “lady” is too much for some people. To reconcile all previous negative stereotypes about sisters with more accurate ones will be a real struggle. Keep up the good work Michelle!

  13. Michelle is by far the most classy, and she would make the best First Lady. Cindy dresses on the vampy side occasionally, with the plunging necklines, tight leather jackets and teased-up hair. Sometimes her colors and styles are too young for her age, giving her that MILF look that I like. She can keep her politics, but she does have a little bit of slutty sex appeal. Cindy’s probably nastier than Michelle where it counts, and that’s okay in my book.

  14. Cindy McCain’s style represents the Rachel Zoeification of fashion:If it’s expensive and has a designer label, then it must be stylish.This kind of dressing means that the wearer isn’t confident enough to let her personal style come through and prefers to have a label make them feel authentic.Michelle’s style is breathtaking because everything she wears seems to embody her authentic self in her various roles as woman, mother, sister, daughter and political confidante.The people who voted for Cindy Lou are simply more enamored with money and designer names than authenticity and heart.Obama/Biden ’08Let’s do this.

  15. rikyrah: I managed to get a chance to see it for free this morning and I wanted to walk out, but I was invited by a friend and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I could go into great detail why I didn’t like it but here’s the short version:@ hackneyed plot reused and recycled by countless soap operas and old Falcon’s Crest/Melrose Place episodes@ horrid, horrid dialog@ repetitive dialog and action@ no character development@ dialog was used to push plot points and make up for lack of character development@ We have a “hot” affair that is never really seen, explained, understood, rationalized or justified. There is no seduction. There is no explanation of how things got to be the way they are, just the titles “Four Years Later.” Perhaps Perry was just reluctant to show any real passion on screen, even of the fully clothed kind.And the affair is a HUGE part of the movie, but is largely pointless because there is not character development. Cole Hauser and Sanaa Lathan are cookie cutter cut-outs of soap characters. All their machinations are not explained. Perry seemed more interested in getting as many references to alcohol and brand name clothes than showing what made Lathan’s character wanted to be with her husband in the first place and why she strayed.She’s just a portrayed as a selfish bitch and near the end, Perry gives a hackneyed, tacked on explanation why.It was just baaaaad for me. And painful to sit through as I could predict every move of the plot. It was devoid of originality or imagination.I could go on for days.

  16. Ok if I may…………say what you will, Cindy does have a sense of style, sorry. Fortunately for her her $$$ allows her to indulge herself. Ummm the comment about she looking a mess…NOT! Sorry guys her handler(s), whom ever they may be are making their money. She look incredible most of the time. The 1st lady Michelle, needs a fashion intervention. Doll, you DON’T wear a bow on you behind or flat unattactive pewter shoes the night your husband accepts the Democatic nomination for the Presidency of the United States of America!!!! And for the record…..I am so tired of hearing my people of color make excuses for the way she dresses by saying she is keeping it real and dressing as if she was one of us. I don’t want MY 1st Lady dressing like me! She can go to the bank on Sunday! She can go to fashion week and sit of the front row. She doesn’t have to decided if she wants those shoes or if she should pay the electric bill!!!! SHE IS NOT LIKE ME!!!!! The world is watching her every move and she, if she chooses it or not, is a representative of all women of color. Dog gone it I want her to make Cindy McCain and all of the other supposed fashionistas sit down and shut up when she walks in a a room! Not only from her intelligent conversation but from her fabulous clothing. There I said it, I’m proud. 🙂

  17. I actually agree that Michelle’s style is less than stellar since her hubby got the nom. I suspect it’s that white people dont want them ‘uppity negroes’ being better than them thing. They have started dressing her like JCpenney style. I know she knows better but you cant be a powerful Black woman without scaring people away so we will be suffering through the ugly broaches and flower print until they get in the White House

  18. Michelle has worn some nice pieces, but I agree they often dress her down. Think about it: if she was in top form it’d be striking! She is statuesque! I find it crazy that Michelle, the younger woman, is often outdone in the “hawt” department by Cindy. Yes, we want dignity but no one should be worried that your husband is pulling an Elliot/Bill/??? either because you’re just that “motherly”.

  19. When you say “they” you are referring to???????????? I think Michelle does her own thing as in selects the clothing herself. Dahling that’s what handlers are for. I am quite sure there are a number of handlers who would at this juncture help her with clothing selection pro bono. No? Calling all handlers, calling all handlers. 🙂

  20. i agree michelle can do better with the dressing if she wanted to, but keep in mind those scared folks that have bought into the obamas being “elitists”…they will faint from the vapors when michelle goes haute couture on them…

  21. What I love that in addition to dressing herself nicely; she makes sure that the wee-Michelles are dressed just as nice.I dress my girls in a similar fashion and I love her style.Actually I found the site that sells similar pearls that she wears and I hope to indulge myself in them soon…

  22. What web site is Michelle’s pearls are on? I thought the “media” claimed that they were not real? Oh and I LOVE “faint from the vapors” 🙂 Scream theater. LOL I personally think the Obama’s are of the elite. He is after all one of only how many BLACK senators? ELITE! I LOVE it.

  23. Let’s see…Michelle Obama: Puts the “O.” in Jackie O.Cindy McCain: Puts the “Mad” in Dolley Madison.

  24. Cindy McCain kind of reminds me of Cruella Deville with the fur coat removed. (But I don’t think she would ever kill a puppy.)

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