Lather, Rinse, Repeat

The bar was set so low Gov. Sarah Palin didn’t have to do much to pass, but she’s going to need a more than cram session with party operatives to ace the final. (Photo: Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin and ABC News’ Charlie Rose, Reuters)

Every answer was answered quickly and assertively as if every word was parsed, perfected and practiced over and over and over again.

I could hear Gov. Sarah Palin’s Republican coaches echoing in her ear:

We are friends with Israel and I don’t think that we should second-guess the measures that Israel has to take to defend themselves and for their security.”

Who cares that in the real world Israel would never do anything that big without letting us know first, without us being complicit in either the knowledge of the act in presage or in helping execute a strike. We interfere directly with Israel’s interests all the time, from pushing for elections in the territories leading to the election of Hamas, to arming Hamas’ opposition Fatah even though both organizations hate Israel. (One just didn’t want to recognize them as a state.)

There wasn’t a lot of depth in her answers. The Alaska is close to Russia foreign policy defense, repeated by so many Republican operatives with straight faces, is starting to border on comical. How is that even a serious answer? To quote Barack Obama:

“They must think you’re stupid!”

And throughout the interview I wondered if she thought I was stupid. If she thought I couldn’t hear the coaching and see the gears turning in her head. That I could tell the places where she fumbled because she couldn’t go deeper than paper thin. That she retreated to her garrisons of “energy” and “talking points” whenever things got too complicated. That she was quick to answer but easy to trap and ABC News’ Charlie Gibson tried when asking her about the “Bush Doctrine” (a foreign policy view which morphed over time) or having her clarify if she saw the war on terrorism in the Middle East was a “holy” war, a mission from God, as she alluded to in a testimony she gave at her home church.

It will be interesting how she will handle future interviews. Despite what the operatives squawk, Palin was not vetted and because the press and public knew so little about her there was going to be a gauntlet she would have to run. Avoiding gaffes and traps and verbal slip ups and casualties of personal failings. One false move and all her hard work could be derailed.

She can’t do worse than her superior, John McCain, who often falters under questioning, even more so than the president. George W. Bush is not exactly known as an adept speaker, but he’s usual good at avoiding traps by either being flip or refusing to answer the question.

McCain can only ramble, making mistakes and misspeaking but usually escaping unscathed due to his decades in the public view. Palin doesn’t have that to fall on. She can’t just blurt “war hero” as a cry of “uncle” causing the other side to relent. The Republican Party has suddenly become righteous about sexism charging headfirst into “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” territory with Palin. They cry sexism over every criticism even though they and Palin once described women who point out prejudice and privilege are “whining.”

Maybe the chorus of hockey moms crying “she’s just like us” because she the Brett Favre of vice presidential candidates, can protect her. That they can shelter her with the belief she’s just a “regular dude (or dudette in this case).” She married young, she’s a working mom and her teenage daughter is pregnant.

She’s just like us.

I find this mantra both silly and scary because why would you want someone like you to be president? You want your president to be better than you. Your vice president to be better than you. To be “elites.” The creme of the brulee. For them both to be smarter and more savvy and more cunning than you because they’re going to be leader of the free world.

Not the head of your bowling league team.

Being a regular dudette is not a threshold you have to cross to be a candidate for the number two spot on a presidential ticket. I want to know if you’ve got game. If you can bring it. If you are rock solid. If you can take it — the criticism, the heat, the pressure, the pain, the politics, because it never lets up. Because if you win you enter a whole new world of internal and external pressures that never takes a holiday, even when you do.

I know I couldn’t take it. Could you? Can Sarah Palin?

She hasn’t proved that to me. Not yet. But the test has only begun and next time it won’t be open book.

15 thoughts on “Lather, Rinse, Repeat

  1. McCain is not getting in office. We still have time to stop the insanity. Palin is the Trojan Horse – or as Ariana Huffington so aptly said, the Trojan Moose! Democracy for America has phone banking and canvassing training scheduled on Blog Talk radio next Wednesday at 830pm EST. I urge everyone to take 1 hour out of your week to put some effort into the Obama campaign. It’s really up to us and how much we’re willingly to do to see an end the Bush Doctrine and those that would follow it. Also double-check your voter registration and sign up to be a Poll Worker. Set up a ride share on craigslist so people can assist those that may have difficulty getting to the polls. We just need to stay focused and be great foot soldiers. That was a soft interview where she had all the questions beforehand. It was open book and the teacher coached her for the right multiple choice selection. What an insult!

  2. Did anyone notice Bill Clinton’s expression yesterday when he said “I predict that Barack Obama will win and win pretty handily”? He had that old familiar twinkle, smirk, and Santa Claus-esque KNOWING look. That look told me that no amount of lipstick-ery will deflect the inevitable. See you all in January!

  3. I find this mantra both silly and scary because why would you want someone like you to be president?YES. Why would anyone in their right mind want a President or Vice President “just like them?” The Rove machine still has this entire country hypnotized in their way of thinking. I want my President to be smarter than me, a better speaker than me, have more of a world view than me. I don’t want to be able to have a beer or go bowling any of that other crap. It scares the crap out of me that there are people that want that. How stupid of a nation are we?

  4. Oh, No! The crying liberals are at it again! They are elitists!! They are Un-American, and Sexist! They called our lovely pagent queen a PIG! Bad black man! bad! Who does that community activist think he is? Their game is getting so stale. It seriously scares me to see people lapping it up, STILL!Damn, i’m only 24 and I can’t take another month of it… how does this work? We aren’t this stupid? Right?I guess we’ll see soon enough.

  5. i couldn’t bring myself to watch sarah palin shrill on about her “qualifications”….however, everyone says the questions were pretty soft, so i can bet the questions were pre approved before palin did her interview…i did see via youtube mccain squirming in seat on “the view”…i do not begin to understand why “the view” exists, but the ladies had more balls with their questions than most of the msm…

  6. I find this mantra both silly and scary because why would you want someone like you to be president? You want your president to be better than you. Your vice president to be better than you. To be “elites.” The creme of the brulee. For them both to be smarter and more savvy and more cunning than you because they’re going to be leader of the free world.Not the head of your bowling league team. Nice, I agree with you. Jon Stewart does too… 5 months ago. JON STEWART: YOU KNOW, I HEAR WHAT YOU’RE ALL SAYING BUT DOESN’T ELITE MEAN GOOD? IS THAT NOT SOMETHING WE’RE LOOKING FOR IN A PRESIDENT ANYMORE?YOU KNOW WHAT, CANDIDATES? I KNOW ELITE IS A BAD WORD IN POLITICS.YOU WANT TO GO BOWLING AND THROW BACK A FEW BEERS. BUT THE JOB YOU’RE APPLYING FOR, IF YOU GET IT AND IT GOES WELL, THEY MIGHT CARVE YOUR HEAD INTO A MOUNTAIN. IF YOU DON’T ACTUALLY THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN US, THEN WHAT THE (BLEEP) ARE YOU DOING?

  7. look im goin to need to figure out a way to hear what Caribou Barbie saying w/o actually hearing that voice. i have no idea why that accent gets to me but it does. and that interview was a joke.ratings, ratings, RATINGS. havent been able to trust Gibson since the fiasco wit him and George Steponmyface.i need to get my OBAMABIDEN bumper sticker asap. been hearing stories of people getting honked and cussed out though. i dare a bitch to do something……

  8. Funny the right is saying Gibson mistreated her. I don’t think she had the questions ahead of time. If she did she wouldn’t have looked like a deer in headlights when he asked her about the Bush Doctrine.

  9. Obama is down in the polls because of a hockey mom. If Americans are stupid enough to put McCain and Palin in the White House, any faith I had in this country will be forever gone. I’ll probably become an apathetic woman who never votes again – or I’ll just cross the broder and live somewhere else.

  10. People are going to vote on personal factors rather than the issues. Most American never heard of the Bush doctrine (me included) and don’t give a dang about it. Liberals kept waiting with bated breath for Palin to make a gaffe and gross blunder to seal her fate, but it’s not going to happen. Voters don’t want their presidents and veeps to be too smart these days, that would make them snooty. This is the new anti-intellectualism that’s taking root in politics. The only thing that’s going to bring down Palin is a scandal. Unless there’s some provocative photos out there or a salacious story floating around, a lot of women are going to identify with Palin and vote her in.

  11. My new favorite quote is ‘ I can see the Operating Room, does that make me a surgeon?’ Honestly, right now I am applying for med school and they make you jump all sorts of hoops to ensure that you are qualified to make life and death decisions that affect other human beings. Shouldn’t an even more rigorous process be done for potus and vpotus. Even Reagan who was the Republican god didn’t just flippantly say ‘Let’s watch those Russians and we have to fight them then so be it’. Is she FUCKING crazy. The only other country with equivalent nuclear capability in the world is FUCKING Russia. And that Putin AINT PLAYING. Forget all those jokes about Obama being the Manchurain candidate. Firckin Palin is a plant from all of Americas enemies to fuck America up.

  12. “My president can down some liquor just like me?” – WTF?!I don’t want a president who’s like me either. It scares me to think that ppl can be this dumb.

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