Kanye West Gets Arrested

And on Sept. 11 in an airport nonetheless.

From ConcreteLoop:

Say it ain’t so, my boy Kanye West got arrested at LAX Airport Thursday morning, reports say. Police confirm that he was arrested on charges of battery and vandalism.

TMZ.com reports that West allegedly smashed a photographer’s camera in the American Airlines terminal. A TMZ photographer began filming the incident and when West’s road manager, Don C. grabbed the camera, a struggle followed and his manager threw the camera to the ground.

According to the police report (as reported on People Magazine’s Web site):

“Mr. West was arrested at 7:51 a.m. outside the passenger screening area by airport police on charges of vandalism,” said LAX spokesman Marshall Lowe. “Initial reports say this incident involved a paparazzo and a camera valued at more than $10,000.”

“In addition, Mr. West’s road manager was arrested for vandalism and battery,” Lowe said. “Several witnesses are being interviewed by police. West and his manager are being transported to an LAPD station where they’re expected to be booked.”

I officially pronounce that Kanye West is the Naomi Campbell of rappers. Although, he’d get more style points if he had done this entire beat down with a bedazzled iPhone. And while I feel the urge to mock Kanye because I find his diva antics hilarious, I actually like the man. And because the folks at TMZ are total douchebag trolls I’m gonna have to go Team Kanye on this one. They probably earned that camera slap fest. And they got a story out of it and Kanye will probably end up paying a fine and doing community service and then TMZ will stalk him again and then he will beat up a cameraman again and the circle of life will continue.

9 thoughts on “Kanye West Gets Arrested

  1. Whine and moan is exactly right. My chi-town boy is a bit of a brat, I hate to admit it. He plays right into their hands with his tantrums. So, he didn’t feel like being photographed that day, there were so many better ways he could have handled it.

  2. Kanye West is my play cousin (j/k: I’m really a Kanye stan). I am SHOCKED he hasn’t blogged this yet. I can’t wait to hear the killer song this inspires. Sample sped-up Nina Simone, Kanye! Also eff slash Lupe Fiasco, please.

  3. I’m just upset that he drove off in a SUV with “DIVA” written on the license plate. I mean, really? Is it THAT serious?Other than that, I don’t usually find fault with WhineYe’s behavior. I tend to think that he’s just someone really confident about the work he puts out, and expresses himself as loudly as he can to get that point across.Some call it arrogance. I call it being proud of one’s accomplishments. I too agree that TMZ are full of a bunch of weekly period, PMS’ing men, with no lives, who have nothing better to do other than take pleasure in ruining the quiet time of the stars that they wish they were.

  4. Kanye can come across as a bit of a brat. But how many men Black or White will speak out for the truth no doubt. He says what we WISH we could about Bush, about his microphone prowess {and did deserve to win the award he said he did} or whatever. Please take note: our beloved used-to-be-bad-boy (and once-married to Madge) Sean Penn used kick a little paparazzi ass back in the day. The only reason we did not hear about that often is because there was no internet. Some of you are not old enough to remember that. So take it from me. The saturation of news like this is misleading. But kuddos for Kanye. Eventually someone should get the paparazzi some insurance policy. It should be called “Ass kicked by a celebrity” AKBAC!!!!Get it. I crack myself up sometimes.

  5. Wait this could be a lyric for his next hit. Check it:Yo get the paparazzi a insurance policy. It should be called “Ass kicked by a celebrity” AKBAC!!! On my way to Hawaii,Can’t fly because they always mobbing me.I’m late for Russell’s party and my boy Don is right behind me.Ah yeah!!

  6. Write a song? Please. I think Kanye is going to work with a lawmaker to stop the paps from delivering this “No Knock Warrant” style of intrusion. He’s got Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Shemar Moore and many many others whose trips ranging from going to the gas station to going to the airport, have been intervened on by such vultures, to back him up.

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