Things That Have Nothing to Do With Politics

Angela Simmons at her sister Vanessa Simmons’ birthday party last month.

The ridiculousness of The Retro Kids. (What on earth do they do besides show up at places?)

Tracie Ellis Ross at Vibe Anniversary party.

David Blaine forever looking like an incubus.

Jurnee Smollett in ugly shoes.

Cassie in cute shoes at a Sean Jean party.

The tackiness that is Sean and his mother Janice Combs.

Lil’ Mama dressed like Pollyana.

Smith n’ Sons.

Omarosa. No opinion.

Mmm. Tyson Beckford.

Raz-B of B2K looking ridiculous with his girlfriend.

Terence Howard with the sun in his eyes.

Mya and her love for dogs is like whoa.

The adorable factor of Ming Lee and Aoki Lee Simmons

Crazy shots of Mariah Carey and her … God, it’s so weird to type … HUSBAND Nick Cannon.

Lil Kim and Lisa Raye trying to look sexy at Kim’s birthday party.

Seeing that Megan Good knows Marlon Wayans and that he came to her birthday party.

Feel better, readers. Let the celebrities wash your cares away. One can’t dine on politics alone.

12 thoughts on “Things That Have Nothing to Do With Politics

  1. Love that pic of Mariah and Nick; it was at their wedding reception. they look cute together.Why does Lil mama always wear ugly clothes???Megan Goode’s dress is ugly

  2. how did lisaraye manage to cover up those bite marks?why oh why does diddy let his mother walk out the house like this?meagan good’s dress looks like a birthday cake with too much frosting…

  3. I hear you. I need a break from all the doom and gloom as well. And yes I agree with you Prison Break has jumped the shark! It’s a low-rent 24 even down to the plot. Finding an electronic key card device in 24 hours or you’re toast! LAME!!!

  4. meagan’s dress looks like cigarette girl from the casino meets circus tutu. yuck. jurnee sure has grown up hasn’t she? didn’t recognize her. very pretty, except the shoes. not feeling the v-neck clinging to tyson – too metrosexual. lil’ mama should smile. seriously. she looks like an angry dee from what’s happening in that picture. when did trey smith get grown. sigh. they grow up so fast. and why does terence howard’s hair never fail to make me uncomfortable? at least i look nice today.

  5. correction: that is Angela Simmons in the picture… not the older sis vanessa. Rev run done let his chillens run around wild in LA.

  6. I know I’m kinda late, but I found the answer to the Retro Kids mystery over at UltravioletUnderground. Here’s a link to their YouTube music video, in which they try to resurrect early 90’s dance moves, old school Nintendo, and Max Headroom style video graphics, among other things:<A HREF="


    Is it time to start scouring the thrift stores for vintage Cross Colours? I’ll let you be the judge.

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