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Howdy readers! Have I told you lately that you rock? Things are going great at The Black Snob. Last month I hit over 100,000 visitors. That’s in six months. And I’ve gone from averaging 800 visitors a day to 2,500. So welcome new Snob readers! You’re awesome too!

I’m sick as a dog today. Dang Mama and Papa Snob gave me their virus. We share everything in the Snob Family! But I’m upright and coherent so that counts for something.

I want to actually thank you for reading. I stopped doing writing for almost two years while I was pondering whether I was really meant to be a writer. This blog brought me out of my writer’s block (and my dour mood). And your feedback, good and bad, has really helped buoy my once shattered writer’s ego. I get as much enjoyment out of reading your comments and sharing things with you as I get in writing these stories, so thank you. You, like collecting pictures of the Obama family, are my therapy.

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I’m also on Black Planet, but man, is that place a meat market? All I get are trolls who hit on me. Very annoying.

I update Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Plurk regularly. I’m a little lazy on everything else and due to the trolls, I only check Black Planet once a month.

But still, feel free to hit me up as a friend (not a homey lover friend) on the page.

Ask The Snob Mailbag!

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I still get posed interesting feedback or questions by readers. Here’s some of the most recent mail I’ve received.

Passion for fashion

Question: So, I’ve seen this mauve/pink/purple tweed suit in pix of Michelle Obama all over. Lots of comments on how chic and savvy M is to wear it. Question is, does anyone know who designed the ensemble? I’d love to know.



Dear Maurice,

I could be mistaken, but I believe that tweed suit was designed by Maria Pinto, Michelle’s favorite Chicago-based designer. She did the bulk of the popular “bell sleeved” suits that Michelle wore during the first three months of the primary.

Pinto has a Web site and has gotten A LOT of attention due to Michelle’s fondness for her suits and simple sheaths. Her site lists the places where her high end fashions are available.

The Wrong “Black” Guy

I really can see that the black people in this country want a black president. But couldn’t you have found one that is knowledgeable, intelligent, knows how to get things done and is not a jumping, chanting, waving, wannabe rock star?

There are so many black politicians who would make terrific presidents, Rangel to name one. And I get so upset of the hero worship without looking to what he knows how to do. I think it is a shame, like the Democrats they always seem to pick the wrong choice.

Now McCain is gonna win the election and heap more ruin on this country because the DNC couldn’t find a really truly “best black man/woman” to run.


Palin’s Pregnant Daughter

I think that many of you are missing the issue slightly about Gov. Palin’s pregnant daughter. It may well be very relevant as it relates to her advocacy of abstinence as the only real sex “education” that our children should receive in our public schools. That’s the issue, or one of them — not the daughter or the family’s personal situation or decisions.

Here’s the problem that I suspect a lot of people may not fully understand: in many places where the religious right has taken over and abstinence is the centerpiece of sex ed: a lot of emphasis is placed on the lack of 100 precent reliability of birth control methods. As a result, a lot of teenagers come away thinking something like, “Well, if it doesn’t work all the time, what’s the point of using any sort of birth control?” Daughters of friends of mine have actually stated this to their mothers.

With this mini-background, take a look at what Sam Stein had to say in a Huffington Post article,which juxtaposes the reality of teenage sexual activity with Palin’s approach:

But it’s not just abortion policy that has Democrats up in arms over Palin. In that same 2006 questionnaire, the soon-to-be governor said she would fund abstinence-only education programs in schools. “The explicit sex-ed programs,” she added, “will not find my support.” The stance, which reflected the priorities of the GOP, nevertheless led to an incredulous editorial in the Juneau Empire.

“Abstinence may be a laudable goal, but failing to educate teenagers about how to protect themselves from disease or unintended pregnancy is tragically misguided. According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, abstinence-only programs do not reduce sexual activity, teen pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease. Every day 10,000 U.S. teens contract a sexually transmitted disease, 2,400 get pregnant and 55 contract HIV. Unintended pregnancies happen to Republicans, Democrats and people of all faiths.”

Now, I have no idea, of course, whether this has anything to do with why her daughter engaged in pre-marital sexual relations and ended up pregnant. But I can pretty much guarantee you that if this approach to sex ed continues, we will continue to have large numbers of other teenage girls getting pregnant — and being forced with the very difficult and very emotional decision of whether to have an abortion.

But if Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain have their way, they will make that choice for each of those young girls. And, again, the ugly reality of the world tells us that many of those will resort to “home remedy” abortions or the like with potentially fatal consequences.

The issues that we face, internally and internationally, are not simple and do not lend themselves to simple “solutions” by simplistic, anti-intellectual people.


P.S. With something like 383 more combat missions than McCain, does this mean that I am more than 17 times as “qualified” as he to be our next commander-in-chief?


You make a lot of great points William, and yes, based on McCain’s analysis that his Vietnam experience as a pilot and POW count as proof of his ability to be commander-in-chief, you and countless other military veterans would also qualify, including my Uncle Bubba who served in World War II. My two uncles who served in Vietnam. The various homeless vets who have fallen through the cracks of the shoddy VA system and cartoon character Beetle Bailey.

Thanks for the notes everyone!

The Snob

10 thoughts on “Word From Snob Land!

  1. Love your blog. Did someone have the audacity to say that another black person–like Charles Rangel–would be a better choice for the “first black president”? Say what?This is point of view is small-minded. Rangel did not run!!!! He has made the conscious choice to be a career politician in Washington. There are many black politicians who are confortable with the status quo. Too many (most) don’t have the drive and the AUDACITY to do what Senator Obama is doing. He had the guts to do it and he has defined the debate for the entire campaign. CHANGE!!!!If Tavis Smiley and Rangel and a host of other “seasoned” black politicians and pundits think they can do better than Barack, then they should run for POTUS. If you got the goods to make the world a better place, then have the guts to run. The world is waiting.Senator Obama realizes that our country is running out of time. Thank God someone in this nation had the guts be a visionary during these perilious times!!!THERE IS NOT ONE POLITICIAN–BLACK OR WHITE–WHO IS PERFECT. NONE WALKS ON WATER. BUT WE SHOULD APPLAUD BARACK OBAMA FOR HAVING THE GUTS TO DO IT!

  2. You deserve the awards Snob. Your writing is amazing and your news synthesis is brilliant. How do you absorb so much news and culture on a daily basis, let alone find the time to synthesize it into nuggets of clarity? I hope you get some ads up here so I can click on them and earn you some money- or you somehow make money doing this. Does Farai Chideya and Michel Martin know you yet?

  3. Wow. Someone actually believes that Rangel would be a better president than Obama? That’s quite laughable. And whoever wrote the teen pregnancy piece has a pretty good idea of what will happen if McCain/Palin take office. Studies show that abstinence-only programs don’t work and often exaggerate their statistics. Comprehensive sex education is best. As someone who conducted a lot of research on this topic, the person who wrote this is correct.

  4. feel better snob…i sent a friend request to you on myspace under my user name”letinian”…please be my friend! lol….

  5. I agree with Margaret about McCain winning this election. The Democrats have done it again, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I’ve been around the block and I know what’s coming in November. I can see on the long faces of the Obama camp, and on the smiles of the Republicans. Even Harold Ford (Yes, Danielle, he’s a secret Obama detractor) is sounding quite chipper lately. I can’t take the gloating. It’s the same drill that I know all too well. Baring an October surprise, Obama’s goose is cooked–just like Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore and Kerry. Personally, I think the world is on a final countdown anyway, so I’m not going to worry about it. I’m going to party like it’s 2012. Peace always

  6. I totally disagree Draven.Obama is a destiny type thing and I think that people are really trying to chide him because he’s this close to being POTUS. The excitement over Palin has already waxed and waned…and Joe Biden will tear her a new one. She’s an empty vessel and has nothing to offer Americans in terms of leadership and John McCain’s veep choice will not only backfire; it’ll destroy him.

  7. I hope you’re right, Anonymous. I would love to be wrong on this one. The Republicans are just too devious. The Dems aren’t up to this type of fight. They’re too nice. Voters will pick the mean ticket over the meal ticket all the time.

  8. Just to let you know, my mother really is vibin’ your cartoon drawings that you do. She says it reminds her of her young days when she used to do her drawings. I got a chance to peep some of them and they somewhat remind meof each other.

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