Rackin’ Them Up

Is there any magazine that can’t be improved with the fierceness that is Michelle Obama? I think not.

And she looks so wind blown, young and fresh and I love, love the dress. Purple is her winning color. It is the color of royalty after all.

Is anyone keeping track of the number of magazine covers Michelle has had by herself or with Barack and/or the kids versus Cindy McCain and/or anyone?

Snob count:

MichellePeople, Newsweek, Ebony, (Harper’s Bazaar if you want to count Tyra Banks’ homage), Upscale, Jet, Ladies Home Journal, (The New Yorker if you want to be really specific), UsWeekly, Essence, Radar and now More (Not including, trashy tabloids)


I think Cindy’s toast here and Gov. Sarah Palin will become Michelle cover girl competition, stupid bouffant hair and all.

16 thoughts on “Rackin’ Them Up

  1. palin is on a rep lockdown, so she can be forced fed more rep lies…don’t worry, i’m sure she’ll soon be seen on the covers of “guns and ammo”…michelle looks fantastic as always…and ya know what, cindy mccain in not on the cover of magazines because she looks like the crypt keeper…

  2. Cha, she is way beautiful! So much classier! She is modern, fresh, classic. I want to see more of Michelle.

  3. Cindy McCain VS. Michelle Obama is like comparing a Stepford Wife to a real woman. The Republicans can only deal with a wind-up toy female like Cindy. Michelle is the real deal, smart, confident and fly. There really is no comparison.

  4. With thousands of magazines being published, the cover possibilities are endless. Imagine Michelle Obama on the cover “Musky Hunter Magazine.”

  5. Once again she’s wearing her color. But, is it me or did they throw half a pound of powder on her face?She looks like Joan Crawford in “Mommie Dearest”.

  6. Obama showed excellent taste in picking Michelle for a wife. No political couple reminds me of the Kennedys as do the Obamas. I want to see Camelot again, damn it! America, you better not blow this.

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