Gawker Wants MSNBC to Stay Nutters

Well. It is more fun to watch. Reasons why? Gawker writer Pareene pens that Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann are smart, the change to David Gregory won’t shut up conservative critics and bitchery makes good TV.


Remember how conservatives have spent 100 years decrying the liberal bias of CNN? The CNN that is now represented by the apolitically moronic Wolf Blitzer and the inoffensive cuddly unicorn Anderson Cooper? Both of whom are useless and boring at covering politics? This won’t shut up any critics, at all. Show some fucking backbone.

… We already called Blitzer a moron, and we meant it. The man’s journalistic expertise is limited to an ability to stand up for a long time and babble at length without too much dead air. Matthews and Olbermann are blowhards and egomaniacs, yes, and they’re far too pleased with themselves when they do something like reference some 70-year-old Capra movie, but they actually know a lot about history and politics.

7 thoughts on “Gawker Wants MSNBC to Stay Nutters

  1. My sentiments exactly.I am protesting MSNBC. That David Gregory guy is BORING.Wolf Blitzer needs to stop copping Donna Brazille hairstyles and sit down in a Lazy Boy somewhere. Fox is openely biased, racist, amd down right unintelligent but they keep on trucking without bowing to critics. I may stop watching cable news altogether. What’s a girl to do?

  2. It’s censorship. Corporate media protecting their corporate interests. I was surprised they did it to two white men quite frankly. These news organizations have no spine or journalistic integrity. I don’t consider Tweety a liberal by any means. The only network that is consistent is Fake Noise – for being soulless. CNN sucks too. I hate Blitzer. Donna Brazile needs her own show. I’d even tolerate Amy Holmes. If they think Olbermann and Matthews are hard to handle they don’t look at the news media in other countries. It’s all Palin’s fault. Just another reason to hate her and what she represents.

  3. I luv the craziness of Keith and Chris. It’s unbelievable how much control the conservatives have over the MSM.But Sean Hannity is OK?The CNN that is now represented by the apolitically moronic Wolf Blitzer and the inoffensive cuddly unicorn Anderson Cooper? *dead*

  4. Its just another way of the "MAN" showing us exactly could happen come Nov 4th if we get to UPPITY. Honestly Olbernmann, Maddow & Matthews would eat Sarah Palin alive and they do not want that to happen, especially if it means showcasing and uplifting the "Black Man" over her. I will just tune into the Olbermann show on the net.

  5. I have a lot of respect for Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, who’s become a Born-Again Democrat lately. God bless him. But let’s be honest, they were a little too partisan to host the political conventions. I prefer a little blandness when it comes to certain political events. In fact, when the CNN crew started fawning over Palin after her acceptance speech, I sent a scathing email to the network. I told them to leave the opinions to the pollsters and paid consultants.

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